Using edit group link code with Nouveau

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    calu on #43239

    Hi there, I wan’t to use this code to add edit group links, but this is for Legacy.

    ´profile-loop.php´ for BuddyPress bp-legacy with edit group link


    All though it is actually working with Nouveau, I would like to add it to Nouveau’s ´profile-loop.php´ but I don’t know where to put in the code.

    Can you help?

    Is it possible to add eg a pencil SVG icon in this line, instead of plain text ´Edit´

    ´printf( ” Edit %s”, bp_get_the_profile_group_name() );´


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    Ravi on #43279

    Hello Casten,

    Thank you for posting here. Please try the following code:

    add_filter( 'bp_get_the_profile_group_name', function ( $name ) {
    	if ( ! bp_is_my_profile() && ! is_super_admin() ) {
    		return $name;
    	global $group;
    	if ( bp_is_user_profile() && ! bp_is_user_profile_edit() ) {
    		$edit_link = bp_displayed_user_domain() . bp_get_profile_slug() . '/edit/group/' . $group->id;
    		$name      = sprintf( '<a href="%s">%s</a>', $edit_link, $name );
    	return $name;
    } );

    Please give a try


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