Using Font Awsome in Tabs Creator Pro and other design matters

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    calu on #17331

    Hi, I can see you have added icons to the tabs in an example on the plugin page, but can’t find any description on how and were to put in the Font Awsome code?

    I came across this option ‘Item CSS ID’ but can’t find any documentation on this either?

    On mobile, the newly added tabs are not ordered in rows and columns anymore. I know this also depends of the theme. I had hoped that the BuddyPress Tabs Positions option also had option for not only position order, but also tools for rearranging and repositioning the hole line of tabs.

    Here is how it look:
    Without new tabs

    With the new tabs


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    Brajesh Singh on #17332

    Hi Carsten,

    The plugin does not support icons. It is theme supported. If you are using a premium theme, most of them supports it. Please do check the feature list of the plugin. We have all supported features mentioned there.

    You can add icon on your own, the plugin will not be able to do it. We have to separate between the functionality and the appearance and themes are most suitable for managing appearance.

    As of navigation, It is again a theme issue and the plugin can not help you.

    If you are looking for a free theme with pro features, in next 3 weeks, we are going to release a lite version of Community Builder 2.0 for free and you may want to give that a try. Please do note that the 2.0 is nothing like 1.x series.


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    calu on #17334

    thanks, I will have a look at that theme.

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