Using xProfile Fields in BuddyBlog Pro

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    Shaston FYI on #45293


    I apologise if this is been asked before.

    Is there a way to add a member’s xProfile field to their BuddyBlog Pro posts?

    For example, if a member has an xProfile image field called Logo in their profile, can this be added as a shortcode in BuddyBlog Pro Pre-or-Post extra post meta display?

    If that’s not possible, is there a custom field in BuddyBlog Pro which will can an xProfile field so that a shortcode can then be used for displaying the member’s xProfile Logo in a BuddyBlog Pro post meta display?

    I hope this makes sense, sorry if it doesn’t !

    Many thanks.


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    Brajesh Singh on #45299

    Hi Rich,
    Thank you for the question.

    You can use any shortcode in BuddyBlog extra post meta section.

    I am assuming your concern is whether the plugin will be able to use the post author id for fetching the data or not?

    Do you already have a profile shortcode? If yes, Please let me know and we can add a way for it to dynamically pick the data for author.


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