Want to use the BuddyPress Profile Tabs plugin to dynamically display content

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    Jeff Hester on #39720

    I’ve got the Profile Tabs Pro plugin, and I’d like to use it with BuddyBoss and (ideally) the Elementor Pro posts widget. I want to create a custom query that will show all “hike logs” (a CPT we have) for the currently displayed user on a tab on their user profile.

    We have this working with custom code already, but I want to use Elementor’s post widget to control how it looks (we use it elsewhere on the site).

    Any suggestions for making this work?

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    Brajesh Singh on #39740

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for using the plugin.

    I am not sure if I am missing it but the BuddyBoss does not seem to allow using Elementor on their profile pages(please link me to docs if they do).

    When you create a tab, It is a just another component of BuddyPress/BuddyBoss and will behave the same way.
    Using dynamic content is easy via shortcodes. Using with elementor inside the content area of the tab is a special case.

    Elementor allow you to create template and then use those templates using shortcode, so you may do that but it is not something we use or recommend.


    BuddyPress User profile Tabs provides you the following token to duynamically replace user id


    You can use these tockens in the shortcode instead of user id.

    Eg. if you have shortcode like [some-code user_id=”3″]
    you can re-write that as

    [some-code user_id="#displayed_user_id#"]

    and it will use the current displayed user id.


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