Wasabi support for mediapress and all wordpress uploads.

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    Mayzfieldtv on #29642

    I heard that you are building an S3 cloud storage plugin for wordpress. I would love to use it because the other cloud plugins are overly expensive and they don’t have good support.

    1.) Can you make it compatible with Wasabi storage? I know they are compatible with Amazon s3 code, but I think it would be better to make it specifically for Wasabi because they are very low cost.

    2.) When people upload files, will the mediapress transcoder work with your cloud plugin to encode the videos before they are uploaded to the cloud?

    3.) Will your cloud plugin delete the file from the server so I can just use a 10 GB VPS and host terabytes of videos in the cloud?

    4.) Will there be an option to transfer all my existing wordpress media to the cloud and also transfer all cloud media back into wordpress in case I decide in the future to go back to local storage?

    Thank you so much.

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    Brajesh Singh on #29679

    Thank you for the suggestion. Wasabi looks promising and we will explore adding it. Currently, we have the google cloud storage working and other will follow before a public release.

    To answer your questions:-

    1. We will explore and I will definitely be interested in it.

    2. The future goals are different. We hope to workout a microservice for remote encoding of media. Site admins can install it on same server or different. This needs commitment and due to time availability, It is under planning phase.
    We haven’t tried local transcoder with this plugin but we can certainly make it compatible.

    3. Yes, it does.

    4. Yes, we have the option to move existing media from local to cloud. We haven’t implemented pulling from cloud to local. It will certainly come but not in the initial release.


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