[Resolved] What are real examples of BuddyPress and BuddyDev plugins on a WP Multisite?

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    WordPress Superheroes on #10609

    Under what condition would someone want to have BuddyPress on a Multisite?
    It seems like a lot of divided communities, and if there are some, can I see a real world example of this?

    I’m fascinated by understanding possibilities of building a Social Network with WordPress and MediaPress.

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    Brajesh Singh on #10640

    Sorry, we won’t be able to disclose the clients sites but I can tell you about one specific case.

    The client wanted to do a clone of Nextdoor(in some other context), BuddyPress multi network with the Multisite was the best suited solution for that purpose to validate the idea.

    In general, I suggest to avoid multisite if it is not necessary. Don’t use it just because you can. scalability will be one of the issues with WP/BP.

    To be honest, I suggest my clients to use BuddyPress for closed knit micro communities(most of the time) and some of the time for validating ideas.

    If you are planning for huge userbase and social/community is your main focus, My suggestion will be to go for a custom solution instead of relaying BuddyPress or any other ready to use solution.


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    Thank you for this really well thought-out response.
    I greatly appreciate how you’ve explored this idea and approached it from a position of website performance planning.

    Having used BuddyPress to build for a client website vision in the past, we had an experience that this worked well for prototyping and validating a client idea.

    After a couple month of development in BuddyPress, we ended up putting aside the entire Social Network functionality.
    We learning a lot from this development time.

    Thank you for explaining that BuddyPress is great for micro-communities. When looking for a more robust solution, this development experience in BuddyPress taught us to use existing frameworks like Facebook, where this particular client now has a 1000+ members in a Private Group.

    Brajesh, Thank you for this thoughtful response.
    Your experience and expertise in WordPress shines through.

    If only we knew then… what we know now about how to really speed up a WordPress website.
    We’ve had 400% to 800% increases on a lot of sites.

    I’d really like to try our team at speeding up a BuddyPress website.
    I think there is a lot more possible here using our current techniques.

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    Brajesh Singh on #10804

    Thank you for the detailed response.

    To be honest, when I mean micro community, I mean in the scale of 100 K not in hundreds. With very basic optimisation(like disabling heartbeat, using proper object caching) a single node can handle many thousand of users.

    The number of users is never an issue, It is the number of concurrent users active that matter the most.

    If only a few hundred are online at a time, any decent hosting (even a 10$ do droplet will suffice). There are many WordPress plugin which are much more resource intensive than BuddyPress.

    In my experience, BuddyPress is not the real problem, It is the way it is used for Building sites. I have seen themes doing stuff and causing 400 queries on directory per page load.

    I am sure, you do understand and are capable of doing these optimisations. I and my team too specialise in scaling and performance driven community development with BuddyPress and we sure hope to publish our experience in future 🙂

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