Why not one Gallery (Folder) for files as expected by sitewide

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    Jaroslaw Istok on #8579


    I expected to have one gallery by option sitewide but every upload creates another one with the same name ;o(. Slo with Plugin mpp-global-shared-gallery. A one gallery or Folder with files within, nothing more, uploaded from activity stream on buddypress.

    The icons without filenames are titled Wall doc Gallery
    view upload delete.

    Also when not logged in as admin user see first nothing only after dropdown to Documents appear this galleries.

    I just wanted a simple gallery where everyone by buddypress can upload a document. I tried Rtmedia, Buddydrive and was happy to find mediapress but with similar result.

    Did I make something wrong? I would share a link but private as the site is not yet public.

    Any Idea?

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    Brajesh Singh on #8580

    Hi Jaroslaw,
    Thank you for posting.

    In case of MediaPress, by default each user have their own gallery for each type of media(wall gallery).

    Are you using the shortcode to create sitewide gallery? Uploads from activity stream goes to personal gallery and not to sitewide gallery.

    if it is happening for a user( say a user uploads 2 photos and there are 3 gallerires created, then it is an issue).

    Now, If I look at your question, It seems you want a single shared gallery for all users to upload? It is possible using our Global Shared gallery addon and filtering on wall gallery to avoid create one for each. Please let me know if this is what you want?

    Thank you

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    Jaroslaw Istok on #8583

    Yes it is exactly want I want. With addon You mean Plugin mpp-global-shared-gallery? Or what than if not? Thx for helping!

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    Jaroslaw Istok on #8624
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