WordPress newbie need some guidance on a custom work

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    Vincent on #43891

    I am using Learndash + Buddyboss to build a online course website. What I want to achieve is to make a user’s enrolled courses visible to the public. By default, it is private and only the user himself can see it.

    The live URL of my website is s.fbny.org. A user’s profile page is something like https://s.fbny.org/members/craigfee/, if I am logged in that users, I can go to https://s.fbny.org/members/craigfee/courses and see a list of his course, as shown in the screenshot here: https://imgur.com/hKjRCmh. But if I am logged in as other user, I will be redirected to https://s.fbny.org/members/craigfee/ and see an error message saying ” you don’t have access to this page”

    I have been trying to read the code but it is a little hard for me because of the redirection. I think there two keys here which are not quite related to buddyboss but rather require deeper understanding of wordpress’s mechanism.

    1) find out which function redirects me from https://s.fbny.org/members/craigfee/courses to https://s.fbny.org/members/craigfee/ and based on what condition.

    2) get to understand how wordpress process the url (https://s.fbny.org/members/craigfee/course) and route to corresponding files.

    Can anyone give some suggestion regarding where I should start? thank you! I wish I could ask a more specific question, but since my knowledge of wordpress is quite limited, this is as far as I can go at this time.


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    Brajesh Singh on #43908

    Hi Vincent,
    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    I am very sorry, we lack experience with Learndash LMS.

    Please contact BuddyBoss support of Learndash support to help you.

    The URL that you are referring to is being handled by BuddyBoss(not WordPress, it will give 404 without BuddyBoss).
    Here is a link showing their handling(it is borrowed from BuddyPress).


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