[Resolved] wp_ULike and MediaPress

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    Richard Foley on #17080

    hi Brajesh,

    I’m trying to get a like system for mediapress, etc. here.

    This is a real problem for users using buddypress and mediapress and any like system. Because the different elements don’t work with one another well. I’m not sure what the best solution is, but I’m braindumping here, maybe you’ll have an idea.

    When wp_ulike likes an activity feed for a photo post, the photo post has no associated like button/feedback. On the photo this can be fixed by echoing a ‘[wp_ulike] shortcode. However the 2 likes are unrelated, as the activity doesn’t know about the photo, and the photo doesn’t know about the activity.

    As I understand it, you’re building a media_like plugin, and this would fix the problem for mediapress. However, the same problem would remain for liking blogs, or events, or polls, etc. I’m thinking it might make sense to somehow link the two currently unrelated things activity+object.

    1. One approach might be an action which picked up the like request for (say) a photo, and found the related activity entry. However this seems as though, at first sight, the queries would very quickly spiral out of control with more activity entries over time.

    2. Another approach would be to intercept the activity-like call and add the appropriate object-like at the same time. This would involve a far smaller query set.

    3. Alternatively a background process could be running which would periodically “meld” the various likes between activities and various objects. I realise this would be less mediapress specific, but this might have the advantage of being able to handle various other objects such as blogs and events etc. as well as media.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on the topic.

    Original post: https://buddydev.com/mediapress-like-unlike-button-for-photos-videos-etc-with-wp-ulike-plugin/

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    Richard Foley on #17099

    hi Brajesh,

    further to this, a couple of questions before I implement my own solution out of frustration.

    1. Do you have an ETA on your own media-like plugin?

    2. Will your media-like plugin include thumbs-up/down?

    3. Will your media-like plugin fetch existing media counts and merge them to the mpp-add-media activity post.

    4. And vice-versa (mpp-add-media activity counts merge to media file).

    6. Etc. 🙂

    It’d be important (for me) to have any additional media-like plugin “appear” to be not too different from the existing wp_ulike plugin. Otherwise users will become even more confused than usual…

    Feedback welcome here.

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    Brajesh Singh on #17100

    Hi Richard,
    Thank you for the questions.

    1.We will be releasing it around 4-8 weeks after the MediaPress 1.5 . Considering that 1.5 is scheduled for 15th November, It will be around the end of the year.

    2. Yes, technically, it is not very different(just a few small change).

    3. It will do that for any new like on activity but may not for preexisting likes(Say when you activated it, a media already had 3 likes ). We are still working out our plans for older media which have likes. We may go for sync.

    4. Yes.

    The reason we are not doing it currently is efficiency in filtering the top/most liked lists with media visibility/component/type. Filtering with Visibility, component and type is not very efficient. If you don’t care about these filters, you can still implement an efficient solution.

    We are changing schema for visibility, type, component in 1.5 and after that, It should be a simple join.


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    Richard Foley on #17104

    yep, I see your reasoning. Given that my existing (u)likes are also in (to mediapress) unknown tables, if existing (u)likes were to be brought across, then this might be a moderately simple SQL operation. Although on each site, it would be different plugins/tables, so we can’t expect mediapress to handle that in any case.

    Ok, thanks for the feedback, this is helpful to locally plan ahead.

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    Brajesh Singh on #17108

    Thank you.

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