X Profile Field & Field Conditions Plugins – Export data(fields) to new site.

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    fgvdgdfgfdgfdgfd on #35695

    Is there anyway to export the fields that I created in X-Profile plugin & conditions plugin made to a new WordPress installation?

    I am having problems with my WordPress site and want to do a complete install, however I don’t want to type out all the conditions and fields again.

    Also,I will probably use the same fields on a couple more of my sites.


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    Brajesh Singh on #35708

    HI Mike,
    BuddyPress does not have a way to export xprofile fields. If you can use the same set of xprofile fields, the conditions should work.

    To keep the fields/conditions, you will need to bring the database tables for xprofile fields and xprofile field meta to the new site.


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