xprofiles and bp profile search returning all results on no match

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    Richard Strong on #37517


    I’ve had xprofile and bp profile search installed for some time and never had any issue with them.

    However, previously I had issue with Paid Memberships Pro returning all results when there was no match. A PHP fix was implemented which fixed this.

    But this seems to have reoccured. However, when I enter a name with no match it returns no results. It seems the problem only occurs when I use the forms that rely on custom fields provided by BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types 1.1.9.

    I’ve contacted the BP Profile Search developer but wanted to contact you as the problem seems to be with custom field types.

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    Richard Strong on #37518

    I had a look again at this and while the above is still true, it’s also searching through all users in addition. That’s not an issue with xprofile but I just thought I’d mention it.

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    Richard Strong on #37519

    I seemed to have fixed this by renaming one specific field. It was the first entry in the first custom field. Selecting that and searching seems to have broken the search. But now it returns no result as expected.

    I don’t know which plugin was at fault there but it seems to be working correctly at this stage.

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    Ravi on #37535

    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for the acknowledgment. It is good to know that problem is resolved on your own.


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