YouTube and Tiktok Embeds on Mobile

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    Lisa Lagrou on #43576

    The YouTube and Tiktok embeds on mobile are too wide for the screen, not responsive. They look fine on desktop and tablet, but too wide for phones.

    How do I fix this? Or can you fix this?

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    Lisa Lagrou on #43578

    O wait! I think I fixed it. By deleting the blockquote styling, deleting the left border, and left padding and having it use the default activity theme and having the avatar on top of the post instead of on the side. You guys should test these on mobile as most people use mobile to access social media now.

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    Brajesh Singh on #43580

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for the post and the replies.

    The theme supports responsive embeds. Can you please share the code you used for embedding(Youtube embed as tiktok is not accessible in India)? In order to embed, you only need to paste the video url in the activity/post.


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