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    Clayton Gonzalez on #33146

    I have looked everywhere and can not find the zip for this? Are others able to try the beta version of pro? If so how do I go about getting the download. I have buddyblog already but I deactivated it. 2 reasons I am hoping maybe I can get cleared up here.

    I see in the tags here that custom post type will be supported. So PODS created custom post types I could assign to buddyblog users, and hopefully you will add the ability for different member types to be able to have their own archives page.. I would like the ability to have organizations blog post go to a specific taxonomy and normal members out of the box hopefully or maybe a widget that will allow you to do that. (I think I can figure that out on my own, if its not something that will be out of the box)

    However one thing I can not figure out for the life of me is why the add feature image on buddyblog is broken.

    Buddyboss newest update
    Buddyboss pro
    infusion soft
    newest wordpress update.

    I do not know if it’s having issues with gutenburg or classic editor as I have both installed.

    Have you had any recent buddyboss platform pro users running buddyboss theme and child theme say the same thing, and if so what was the common issue they had? I looked for answers and could not find any recent post about it.