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    gatelli on #4973

    actually I don’t talk about the LOAD MORE but the LOAD NEWEST button (top of the activity list). The LOAD MORE (bottom) is working well and I modified the filters in activity loop in order to have the right activities loading. The LOAD MORE button is always displayed, and the loaded activities are displayed by ajax (working well when clicked)
    My problem is the LOAD NEWEST button which is not displayed until a new activity is saved (this is checked every 15s by an ajax call I think). The trick is that the ajax call only append in activity pages (activity page, members or group activity). If I put my activity shortcode in a widget inside an activity page, the LOAD NEWEST appears on top of your plugin, so it’s working well. But outside of these activty pages, it’s not.
    So the goal is to find where in BP the test for “are we on activity page ?” is done, in order to load the js file too in my single page…
    I hope I’m clear enough…