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    Hari Health Care on #27003

    Thanks man for your great nature plus attitude.

    I find as per your instruction and Deactivate all plugins and find Youzer plugin which is conflict. I done basic troubleshoot by deactivating it and activating it again and whenever it’s activated it’s putting my page on endless loading….

    So, I informed youzer team then they immediately solve my problem.

    I especially appreciate your nature of motivating others specially – by your last line of reply “If you can find out which one is conflicting, I may be able to help resolve it. If you can try and find that, Please let me know and I will assist.” which assure that your backbone support is with us always.

    At the end sorry for disturbing you by reporting my problem without verifying that youzer platform create a problem and I reporting you. Sorry for that…

    Also heads off to you man, by saying that latest trading in India new web series through tvfplay 11:50 LINK “https://youtu.be/JbBsqmKclXE?t=710” “The world is not run by the politicians, filmmakers, cricketers, but by peoples sitting and working in cubicles.”

    Thanks and Regards

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    Hari Health Care on #26991

    Hey !

    I have recently updated so many plugins and themes to it’s major release. Also I can’t ignore some of them’s update because of security, performance and new features. So, I can’t rollback.

    I also tried so many things before I knew about your plugin like custom code, another plugin and so many stuffs but your plugin gave me all the things manage very greatly like look, margin, compatibility, cpu load on server, script management, etc… etc… very gratefully. So, please think for your all needy customers like me….

    My site’s most used feature is depending in your this plugin only to show my doctors list, patient list, pharmacist list, support staff list and many more role wise list and your list also suitable for my another youzer plugin also for a better look it’s automatic supported.

    So, please please please kindly do something needful for me by providing your updates please or if it’s really impossible than please help me with some another hack which gives me fully role wise list with look/appearance get automatically current buddy press youzer plugin. Here I can upload doctor list is very greatly done by your plugin. link-https://ibb.co/28ndYtz


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    Hari Health Care on #26988

    Hi !

    As per your above guidelines it’s works correctly for me to show role wise users lists using directory url. But now it’s stopped working. I do all plugin uninstalled excepts bp member type generator and buddy press with basic theme but not solved my problem.