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    Josh Jonas on #33879

    I’ve fixed it, i had misconfigured the membership to set two member types without knowing.

    Thanks for the support though, you’re great guy!

    Keep up the good work! <3

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    Josh Jonas on #33866

    Hello Brajesh,

    I do not want to have more than one member type per user, in fact, that’s the problem!

    When i edit an existing user profile to change the membership status, the plugin Xprofile Custom Field Types assigns both existing member types to the user, when originally there was only one member type assigned to it. That’s why i signed up here to see if you could fix it.

    “I do not see any reason for the access denied issue caused by code form the blog post.”

    Let me explain the issue. What the code from your blog post does is show only the opposite gender of the current user so for example if a male is browsing the directory, it’ll only show females and viceversa.

    Now, what it also does is restrict males from entering other male’s profiles.

    Lets say i edit a female profile and the plugin (God knows why) assigns the user the member types “male” and “female” at the same time, so when the male goes to open the female profile, gets access denied because… he isn’t suppoused to be able to look into other male’s profiles!

    Isn’t there some kind of code i could place in bp-custom.php that would lock the current member type from being editable or restrict only one member type per user? Preferably the first one becaue if the plugin changes a male to female and i do not realize then the male would be looking to males at the directory and that is not my aim with buddypress.

    Should you need me to clarify any futrher, please do let me know.

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply!