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    Peter Fae on #30554

    Changing the root blog doesn’t do anything.

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    Peter Fae on #30553

    Thank you sir. You are most compassionate to assist with your knowledge. What happens when I move a buddypress that has *already* been installed in one location over to another? Does it simply “pick up” with network posts and activity updates in the new location and no longer counts the previous?

    Meaning – I have a number of updates & posts from the network which was installed on Site A. When I move BP to Site B, what happens to this? What happens to the user base? What happens to the media and other associations?

    Meaning – This is not a clean install. It’s a movement from Site A to Site B. So i’d love to understand the basics of the movement.


    Also, in the case-use example of creating multiple buddypress networks within the multisite, if I have the blog ID (example – the site ID of my sub-site) are you saying that I can have the content of that blog show up on a *specific* network?

    Example – I have Buddypress Install A on Site A. I have content on sub-site B. I track sub-site B’s posts to Buddypress Install A on Site A. The posts from sub-site B show up on the Activity Feed on Site A.

    Similarly, would I be able to create a Buddypress Install on Site C and have the blog posts from sub-site D,E,F,etc. show on Buddypress install C? Would the invocation of the ‘‘bp_blogs_is_blog_trackable’ work with that?

    For my purposes, it seems that it may be easier and more inclusive if I set the Buddypress root blog to the secondary site network-wide and use the current root blog as a gateway to that sub-site.

    (and no, I have not yet changed the root blog and was waiting on your excellence of knowledge regarding)

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    Peter Fae on #30544

    It seems like … is this still valid? ( https://codex.buddypress.org/getting-started/installation-in-wordpress-multisite/ )

    Part of the issue is usage. When BP is network-enabled, posts throughout the network appear in the activity feed, which I like. This showcases the posts from the Author’s sub-sites in the publishing network which leads Readers to them through the activity feed.

    However, I notice that when I disable network-wide and activate buddypress on an individual site, it only lists the activity from that site (which makes sense). This issue then is that the posts from my Authors aren’t showing up on the feed.

    I wonder if there’s a way to specifically link certain sub-sites to a particular network activity, i.e. my Author’s blogs to a “publishing-specific” BP feed.

    In that use-case, I envision that one could have users and their sub-sites linked to a particular network on a particular BP on the multisite (with your plugin for multiple networks).

    If that’s not possible (or not requiring major custom work), it would be beautiful to be able to move the currently existing buddypress off the root site to a sub-site, as this would let me make it a buddypress-specific site. In this context, posts from all across the network could flow in. As said, i’ve had issues trying to move things in the past, there seemed to be something about ‘initial install’ that I didn’t quite understand.

    Design-wise, this would definitely serve my purposing as my preference is to have the main site be a publishing house front and dedicate an entire sub-site to the buddypress experience for my Readers.

    We’re just opening the space, so the previous data doesn’t have to be associated with a new site, meaning the few members of our team could just deliver more content and nothing much would be lost (not yet fully open). Wondering how this comes together, and you are *clearly* an expert 🙂

    (thank you so much. deeply. it’s very significant to our whole project and I haven’t quite understood it until recently)

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    Peter Fae on #30540

    Well, that was a doozy. What you suggested didn’t do anything but I had an intuition to check in with WPENGINE where we’re hosted. After a bunch of investigation (including checking my wp-config and deleting the bp-custom.php files on the server, we discovered something in mu-plugins that said this –>)

    [Sat Jun 06 18:06:26.540445 2020] [php7:error] [pid 2668] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function bp_loggedin_user_domain() in /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-content/mu-plugins/mu.php:12\nStack trace:\n#0 /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(287): {closure}(”)\n#1 /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(311): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array)\n#2 /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-includes/plugin.php(478): WP_Hook->do_action(Array)\n#3 /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-includes/general-template.php(2884): do_action(‘wp_head’)\n#4 /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-content/themes/pro/framework/legacy/cranium/headers/views/global/_header.php(15): wp_head()\n#5 /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-content/themes/pro/framework/functions/frontend/view-routing.php(182): include(‘/nas/content/li…’)\n#6 /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-content/themes/pro/framework/functions/frontend/view-routing.php(55): X_View_Router::render(‘/nas/content/li…’, Array, true)\n#7 /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-content/themes/p in /nas/content/live/intothemythica/wp-content/mu-plugins/mu.php on line 12, referer:

    when we removed it, things started working again.

    It was so strange, before, when I was logged in and BP was activated, WSOD. Alternatively, when I was not logged in and buddypress was activated, site worked fine. It was related to login.

    *breathes*. Okay.

    Brajesh you are so helpful. Thank you so much for offering support. You’ve been the most noble and service-compassion driven of the buddypress people i’ve spoken to.

    I respect your expertise deeply. Would you please tell me what that code was doing which was causing the error?

    Also, as I mentioned i’m wanting to create multiple networks within the space and planning on implementing the Multiple Buddypress networks plugin that you created. I’ve opened a ticket in question on this. I would very much appreciate the assistance on that as well just as a ‘pre-sale’ to getting that and working things out as I do not understand BP as well as You *bows*

    other ticket –>https://buddydev.com/support/forums/topic/multiple-bp-networks-on-multisite/

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    Peter Fae on #30510

    I have done the technique where one moves all active plugins into a temporary directory and have left only buddypress activated and I still get the error.

    Would you suggest me going into the sub-sites and personally deactivating the plugins there? I thought moving through out of the folder directory is the most efficient.

    (thank you for your quick response. I would very much like to activate the Multiple Buddypress plugin and explore more of Buddydev this has to get dealt with first 🙂 )