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    Peter T on #5556

    Hi Brajesh!
    And Thank you 🙂

    Yes! It’s hierarchy but in this manner ..

    Site (HeadOrganisation)
    -District 1
    –Club 1.1
    –Club 1.2
    –Club 1.3
    -Distrikt 2
    –Club 2.1
    –Club 2.2
    –Club 2.3

    and so on …

    Members of Club 2.1 are members of District 2 and HeadOrganisation

    Members shuold have possibility to be member of sevral Clubs, but only have one club as primary club.

    If member of Club 2.1 and Club 1.3, you will be member of both District 1 and 2, but only have the same District as Primary as your Primary Club.

    A Club should have a possibility to be member of two districts but have to choose a primary district, the clubmembers will automaticly be primary members of the same district if it’s theirs primary club.

    It’s a little twisted but I hope you get it.

    And I hope that I can achieve all that with WP Multi Network?