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    seancockrell on #8336

    // Generated by the MediaPress Debug tool //

    Multisite: No

    SITE_URL: https://pecanpeakranch.com/pprdogs
    HOME_URL: https://pecanpeakranch.com/pprdogs

    WordPress Version: 4.7.3
    Permalink Structure: /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

    Active Theme: Twenty Seventeen Child Theme 1.0.0
    Parent Theme: Twenty Seventeen Child Theme 1.0.0

    Registered Post Stati: publish, future, draft, pending, private, trash, auto-draft, inherit

    // Browser Details //
    Browser Name: Chrome
    Browser Version: 56.0.2924.87
    Browser User Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/56.0.2924.87 Safari/537.36
    Platform: Windows
    // End Browser Section //

    PHP Version: 5.6.30
    PHP Extensions: Core,date,ereg,libxml,openssl,pcre,sqlite3,zlib,bcmath,bz2,calendar,ctype,curl,dba,dom,enchant,hash,fileinfo,filter,ftp,gd,gettext,SPL,iconv,session,intl,json,ldap,mbstring,mcrypt,standard,mysql,mysqli,pcntl,mysqlnd,PDO,pdo_mysql,pdo_pgsql,pdo_sqlite,pgsql,Phar,posix,pspell,readline,Reflection,imap,shmop,SimpleXML,soap,sockets,exif,sysvmsg,sysvsem,tidy,tokenizer,wddx,xml,xmlreader,xmlrpc,xmlwriter,xsl,zip,cgi-fcgi,bz2_filter,mailparse,memcache,memcached,mhash,ionCube Loader
    GD enabled: Yes

    //GD Info
    GD Version: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
    FreeType Support: 1
    FreeType Linkage: with freetype
    T1Lib Support: 1
    GIF Read Support: 1
    GIF Create Support: 1
    JPEG Support: 1
    PNG Support: 1
    WBMP Support: 1
    XPM Support: 1
    XBM Support: 1
    WebP Support:
    JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support:
    // End GD Info

    MySQL Version: 5.6.28-76.1-log
    Web Server Info: Apache

    WordPress Memory Limit: 128M
    PHP Safe Mode: No
    PHP Memory Limit: 768M
    PHP Upload Max Size: 128M
    PHP Post Max Size: 128M
    PHP Upload Max Filesize: 128M
    PHP Time Limit: 120
    PHP Max Input Vars: 3000
    PHP Arg Separator: &
    PHP Allow URL File Open: Yes
    WP_DEBUG: Disabled
    SCRIPT_DEBUG: Disabled

    // Table Prefix //
    Table Prefix: pprd_

    Show On Front: page
    Page On Front: (#0)
    Page For Posts: (#0)

    Session: Disabled
    Session Name: PHPSESSID
    Cookie Path: /
    Save Path: /tmp
    Use Cookies: On
    Use Only Cookies: Off

    FSOCKOPEN: Your server supports fsockopen.
    cURL: Your server supports cURL.
    SOAP Client: Your server has the SOAP Client enabled.
    SUHOSIN: Your server does not have SUHOSIN installed.


    Akismet Anti-Spam: 3.3
    Allow Multiple Accounts: 3.0.4
    BuddyPress: 2.8.2
    BuddyPress Members only: 1.7.1
    Custom Login Page Customizer: 1.1.0
    Jetpack by WordPress.com: 4.7.1
    Loginizer: 1.3.4
    MediaPress: 1.0.9
    SG Optimizer: 3.2.3
    User Switching: 1.0.9
    White Label CMS: 1.6.1
    WPBakery Visual Composer: 5.0.1
    WP Super Cache: 1.4.9

    // MediaPress Settings //

    active_components: members
    default_status: private
    active_statuses: private
    active_types: photo,doc
    extensions: jpeg,jpg,gif,png,mp4,flv,mpeg,mp3,wmv,midi,zip,gz,doc,pdf,docx,xls,jpeg,jpg,gif,png
    mpp_upload_space: 20
    mpp_upload_space_groups: 10
    show_upload_quota: 1
    default_storage: local
    enable_debug: 0
    has_gallery_directory: 0
    has_media_directory: 0
    activity_upload: 0
    activity_photo_default_view: default
    activity_doc_default_view: default
    show_orphaned_media: 0
    delete_orphaned_media: 0
    activity_media_display_limit: 6
    members_active_types: photo,doc
    members_enable_type_filters: 1
    members_photo_gallery_default_view: default
    members_doc_gallery_default_view: default
    galleries_per_page: 20
    media_per_page: 20
    media_columns: 4
    gallery_columns: 4
    show_gallery_description: 0
    show_media_description: 0
    enable_audio_playlist: 1
    enable_video_playlist: 1
    enable_media_comment: 0
    enable_gallery_comment: 0
    load_lightbox: 1
    enable_activity_lightbox: 1
    enable_gallery_lightbox: 1

    // End of MediaPress Settings //

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    seancockrell on #8331

    Thank you! I checked this and there are not any white spaces and the JPG files are still being rejected in the Document Gallery. The error message shows what extensions have been entered exactly as entered with no white spaces. I’m thinking that this is not the cause. Do you agree?