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BP Mag theme and its child themes have been discontinued. It has been around for more than 5 Years and have served its purpose well. In order to focus on modern web and new technology, we have retired BP Mag theme and all of its child themes

BP Mag classic is a Premium Theme for BuddyPress based sites. It is built over the solid framework of BP Mag. So, by default, it inherits all the benefits of BP Mag Framework.

Bp Mag Classic theme brings back the vertical navigation for BuddyPress component(Example profile/groups/achievements/events/Links etc)

Demo: BP Mag Classic Profile page

Basic features:-

  • You get 6 layout options
    • Fixed width layout
    • Fluid width layout
    • Content/Sidebar orientation
    • Sidebar Content Orientation
    • No Sidebar(single column option)
    • Combine the last 3 options with the first 2 and you get at least 6 combination. Please check this page for more details on the layout.
  • Vertical Navigation on all the BuddyPress Components
    • Vertical User Navigation
    • Vertical Group Navigation
    • Vertical Event Navigation(If you are using EventPress or Jet event system for BuddyPress)
    • Vertical BP Links navigation
    • Vertical Achievements Navigation
    • and the list continues for all the supported components
  • Flexible Admin Option
    • Up to 2 top multilevel drop down menus(You can show/hide both)
    • You can opt for WordPress 3.x custom menu or Build the menu from Categories/pages or use BuddyPress default navigation
    • logo upload from backend
    • color/background change from backend
    • Customizing footer from backend.
    • and a few more options
  • All BP Mag Features
  • and finally some funky css3 effects which will get better with each release

There is basically one difference between bp-mag and Bp mag classic, The BP mag classic has a vertical navigation while BP Mag has the horizontal navigation.

Demo: http://bpthemes.buddydev.com/bpmag/classic/members/sbrajesh/

Now let us see some screenshots in action:-

Profile page:-

Fixed width 2 column(Content/Sidebar layout):-

Fixed Width 2 Column Sidebar/Content layout

Fluid Width Content/Sidebar Layout:-

The same applies to other components as well. Let us see a couple of examples:-

Group Page:-

Content/Sidebar Layout

Sidebar/Content layout:-

In case you are using Paul's Achievements

And for jet Events Users:-

There are many other component Like BuddyPress links etc supported by Bp Mag. Please check all the supported major BuddyPress components which require theming here. Those all will have vertical navigation with Bp mag classic.
Hope you will like.