Activity Comment Notifier: Improved performance and Fixing the Bugs

Hi All,

This is a short post. I just updated the Activity comment Notifier plugin. This release is improved and will not cause stress on database as in earlier release. I have cut down the no. of queries significantly. Now it's almost 2.Β  Also, I have added support for the forum post/forum topic comment notification clearing. One other significant change is, earlier when you clicked on the notification for activity comment on new blog post(new blog comment/new forum topic/new forum post), the link pointed to the single item(Single post/Single topic) and you could not see the comment posted by others. That applied to new blog post/new blog comment/new forum topic/new topic post.

In current release, I have fixed that. Now even in case of blog post/comment/forum topic/forum post, you will be taken to the single activity item, where you can see what others have commented. Better than earlier, right! Further, It saves, a lot more processing.


  • Fixes for activity comment clearing on new forum post/new forum topic
  • All the notification links point to activity permalink page,Β  It allows to view activity comment on new blog post/new blog comment/new forum topic/new forum post too which were not earlier.

Download &Install:-


I have disabled the action from previous version, which used to run on single post/single topic.Β  Please let meΒ  know your views on this version, if you liked it or should I revert back to older one where permalinks pointed to blog posts/comments(I think, It was meaning less as you could never see the actual comment in previous version for some specific types of activity)?

PS: To all of you reading the post, yes the other updates are coming too. I will be a little slow as just recovered from the health issues, but I am trying my best to put the updates one by one.

15 Responses to Activity Comment Notifier: Improved performance and Fixing the Bugs

  • Thanks for the fix Brajesh, It's working perfectly.
    You are doing a tremendous job. Take your time recovering. We're all glad to have you back. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thanks for the comment. Glad it is working finally πŸ™‚

  • Thanks a lot Brajesh. I have tried countless times to get in touch via email as I may soon need a custom Buddypress Project to be executed by you. Possible?

    • Hi Gossy,
      Thanks for the comment. Sorry, I could not reply back. Getting back to you today. Though, I do not provide custom services at the moment, i will be happy to discuss and help as much as possible.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Great work you are doing here, very appreciated. I'm using the activity comment notifier and it's handy, gratitude.

    My question is relating to blog post comments. For some reason they do not show up in the notifications. Should blog post comments on your own post show up in the activity comment notifier? If so, how do I activate this since they are not showing up in my install. There should be a notification if someone comments on the members blog post, or on a blog post the member commented on. Is this a standard notification in BP? Is blog post comment notifications something that is a part of this plugin?

    Thanks for your help,

    • Hi Michael,
      sorry for the later reply.
      No, the comments on Blog posts will not be shown in the notification as It is not considered related to the parent blog post item.

      I will try to work on this feature in future.

      • Hi Brajesh, thanks a lot for your plugin, i'm testing it and is great, i'll put it in live blog next week. Anyway, i'm repling here because i'm looking for a feature like G Uk. requested. I mean notification for blog comments reply. Do you are evaluating to add this feature?

        Thanks again for your plugins!

  • Also, what would it take to have it optionally send a mail notification and to have the member be able to determine whether they wish to receive notifications by email in /settings/notifications/ ?


    • Certainly a very good Idea. I am updating this plugin on weekend with this feature. Thank you for bringing this idea πŸ™‚

  • was this ever updated to send out emails to remind for those of us who don't use the buddypress bar??

    • Not yet, but You can guess from my recent activity that I am updating each and every plugin. So, I hope to give it a shot before this weekend πŸ™‚

      • Does it work with your ajax facebook-like popup notifier? Does it show a message ?

        • Yes, It does work with that plugin. I think, I even mentioned it on the release post of that plugin πŸ™‚

  • @sbrajesh looks like the comment notifier plugin is running into a problem with bp 1.5…. the notification shows up fine… but the "link" where we go after clicking on the notification seems to be wrong…

    any help would be much appreciated..

    as always… thanks for the awesome job you're doing..


    • Hi Siddharth,
      Can you please get a copy from the trunk and test. I removed a couple of deprecated functions and It is working fine. Also, can you please post the details in forum if it does not solve the issue.