Allow users to deactivate/reactivate accounts on WordPress & BuddyPress based social network

Do you want to allow users to deactivate their account and reactivate it? BuddyPress Deactivate Account plugin allows you to let your users deactivate/reactivate their account on a BuddyPress based social network.

When an account is deactivated:-

  • The deactivated User's activities/comments/replies are hidden from activity
  • The deactivated user is hidden from members list, search list, friends list etc.
  • No one can send a message, reply to the messages by the deactivated users
  • Deactivated users will still be able to login but can not take any other action unless they activate their account.

If you feel I have missed some feature, please do let me know and I will be happy to add.




Download & Installation:-


This is a premium plugin and I hope you will like it.

15 Responses to Allow users to deactivate/reactivate accounts on WordPress & BuddyPress based social network

  • Hi Brajesh,
    is this plugin changing the content of the wp_users / user_status field ?!?

    • Hi Hans,
      No, It does change the status in wp_users table. It uses meta key to accomplish it. There are various issues with changing user_status and It does not hide the activity, so I went through the other way.

  • Seems to work well. It would be nice if whether an account was active were visible and editable by admin users in the WordPress admin dashboard on the User page perhaps.

    • HI Jamie,
      Thank you for using the plugin and the suggestion. It is a very good idea to allow admins to set the status from the backend itself. I will have it included by tomorrow 🙂

    • Hi Jamie,
      I have updated the plugin. Version 1.0.1 allows admins to update user account status from Dashboard->User edit profile page. It is under All User->Edit User->Extended Profile. Look in the right sidebar metabox for Account Deactivation box.

      Hope that helps.

      Thank you

  • Long time since this plugin was last updated. Is this still compatible with wordpress (specifically WordPress Multisite)?


    • Hi Joans,
      Thank you for asking.
      I can confirm that this plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.5.2 & BuddyPress 2.6.0 RC1(including 2.5.3)

      Hope that helps.

  • Like this plug. Is there a way to add a filter in future update on the "Users" page on the back end where we can create a list of all the user accounts that are "deactivated"?

  • I currently use Gravity Forms for registration with the payment addon. How can i make it so that when the user wants to reactivate the account the required to make the payment for the membership?

    • Thank you for asking Riccardo.
      This plugin has a well defined API for activating/deactivating user account. You can easily integrate with any event to trigger activation/deactivation. It will need a little bit of custom code.
      Please see the plugin page for the details of API.


  • Hi, dear Brajesh Singh

    PHP Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'BP_Account_Deactivator_Action_Hooks' does not have a method 'single_member_button' in /home1/mytheme/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 286

    what's this, i got tons of them in "error_log"…

    • Hi Tangape,
      is there a chance that you are using a plugin release from 2017? It was added and fixed in October 2017.

      Can you please check and let me know?

      Thank you

  • Hi, Brajesh Singh, thank you for getting back to me so fast, I did using the latest version of your plugins.