11 Responses to Allow Users to select a blog theme while signing up/creating a blog on your buddypress powered social network

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  • Great plugin Brajesh, did not see this earlier! I will make a post about it on BP-Tricks.com!

  • I cannot seem to get this plugin to work. I have uploaded it and have activated it. I have also downloaded several themes. I do not see the option to create a blog on the accounts page, or the registration page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Poets,
      1. Are you using wordpress multisite, if yes, please enable creation of blogs from Dashboard->SuperAdmin->Options->Registration Settings
      2. If you are on wp3.0/3.0.1 multisite, this plugin will not function properly as wp 3.0.1 multisite has a bug http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/14718, please see that ticket for the solution.

      That should make it work .

      • Hello – thanks for the reply. Is wordpress multisite a plugin? If so which one. How to i enable wordpress multisite so i am able to see Dashboard> super admin > options Registration settings.

        thank you very much for the help.

      • This can also be used to allow members to select the theme for the whole site, and not just the blog, right?

        • Hi Mike,
          No, It only allows users to select a theme for their own blog at the time of the blog creation.

  • Can I use this plug-in with just a WP network (MU) site and not a buddy press site?

    • Hi Eddie,
      As I replied you on mail, just noting here for others.
      Yes, this plugin can be used without BuddyPress. It does work on the standard wordpress multisite install.