Allow Users to Upload avatars when Signing Up on your BuddyPress based Social Network

Do you want to allow your users to upload their profile pic while registering for your BuddyPress based social network? If yes, BudyPress Signup Avatar is the plugin you will need.

If you remember, Users were able to upload avatar after completing signup in BuddyPress 1.2 or before, but it was dropped in BuddyPress 1.5. I got many requests in past to bring this functionality back as a plugin. Finally, I managed some time and here we have the plugin today available for you 🙂


Avatar upload form:-

Avatar resizing/Cropping:-

And here is the screenshot of the final step.

To be honest, It was not much work. Almost everything was present there in the BuddyPress core.  I just had to do some small manipulations.



Note:-  I have tested it with BuddyPress 1.8.1 but it should work with BuddyPress 1.5 and above without any issue.


If the avatar upload form is not shown after signup complete step, please make sure your registration/register.php as the following action


Please do let me know in comments if you are going to use this plugin or you need any help.

30 Responses to Allow Users to Upload avatars when Signing Up on your BuddyPress based Social Network

  • Works terrific @sbrajesh ! Well done!

  • Hi Brajesh

    I can't wait to try this. A suggestion – perhaps you could make the registration process look like two steps. Step 1 would be enter name, username and email etc then click next to go on to step two which is the upload avatar part. After successful crop the details are submitted with an activate your account email being sent at this point.

    • Hi Henry,
      Thank you for the comment and suggestion.

      The avatar upload step is an optional step and has been like this since the inception of BuddyPress. That's why I did not tweak it much. I personally believe forcing user to upload avatar is not a very good idea. still, if you really need this and I get a few more votes on that Idea, I will be happy to explore a little more 🙂

      • Hi Brajesh thanks for your reply. I agree fully. I've been trying to think of a way around the problem of forcing users to upload a photo. I posted an idea in reply to bphelp below. See my reply to bphelp about incorporating a skip button. Twitter use a skip button in their multi step sign up process and it works very well.

  • @sbrajesh @henry
    I agree with Brajesh that forcing a user to upload an avatar is a bad idea. However because I have seen many other people on buddypress.org support forums as well as Henry that would want this as a requirement, maybe Brajesh could release it as a separate plugin and name it something like "Force Avatar Uploads On Registration." Either way thanks again Brajesh!

    • Hi Brajesh

      I agree, forcing users to upload a photo could stop certain users from completing the sign up process. They could abandon the process at the second step (upload avatar step).

      Perhaps a way around this problem would be to make step 2 optional? A skip button could be added to the second step (avatar upload step) that could be clicked. Clicking skip would let the user avoid uploading a photo and complete the process.

      • Hi Henry,
        You are right about skip step. So, That simply means hiding the text that says registration complete on avatar upload step, right? It is not making nay change in the workflow though. It can be simply achieved via some clever css/js I believe.

        • Hi Brajesh

          "So, That simply means hiding the text that says registration complete on avatar upload step, right?"

          That would be the easiest approach and yes some CSS statements such as .text { display:none } would work. However, the workflow could be "cleaned" up slightly to improve the process.

          1. Currently the user is getting an email asking to activate their account half way through the process (straight after step 1 has been completed)

          Should this email be sent after the process has completed? e.g. after the user has completed step 2 by either clicking on "skip" or successfully uploading their photo.

    • Oops should have also said Hi to bphelp 🙂

      • Hi @henry !
        That sounds like a cool idea!

    • Hi Ben,
      Thanks for confirming my view and the suggestion. That force plugin idea might come handy in some case 🙂

      • @sbrajesh
        Your welcome, I just think having the option of uploading an avatar and forcing a user to upload an avatar to complete registration should either be two separate plugins or integrate it into one plugin and provide an option via the dashboard to as whether the avatar upload is a requirement for successful registration completion or not. Thanks Brajesh!

  • Hi, Braesh, in my installation, avatar upload page shows up after "Complete registration" button is pressed. I choose an image to upload, but then, avatar cropping page does not show up. Can it be because of not using buddy prese theme?

  • Hmm, in addition, avatar cropping stopped appearing in buddypress menu (profile/change-avatar). After I disabled this plugin, it works again.

  • Brajesh,

    I am completely unable to access this forum thread that I, in fact, started earlier. The support ticket/thread was still in progress, but I have lost complete access.

    When attempting to go to the thread, it's hidden and I receive message "You do not have permission to view this forum.". Also, I can't access/start any threads in membership forums now, because it says, "Only BuddyDev Premium Club members can create topics in this forum."

    You had kindly granted me premium membership at no cost, because I am a student attempting to build one of my first website/start-up with no room in budget for more memberships (after hosting, etc.).

    I believe that the reason that I can't access support forums anymore is because my membership has expired, but it has only been about 2-3 months (not sure exactly). Would you please help me by extending my premium membership? Once my website is publicly released and I have budget, I promise I will purchase a membership fair-and-square. Please help me out by doing this; for, it is very hard to accommodate with all expenses of starting a website as a high school student.

    Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,
    On my website, When user upload avatar after register the system take webpage back to register page and nothing happen.

    WordPress Version 3.6.1
    Buddypress Version 1.8.1

    Any suggest please.

  • @sbrajesh & @romanovskis – I can confirm the issue/bug with Avatar upload not completing. I'm sure it worked a few days ago…but haven't tested account creation for a few days. Tried it today and after clicking upload on the Avatar page, the page redirects back to the registration page. No upload and no cropping ability.

    Let me know if I can be of further assitance in resolving this issue. Thanks.

  • After registration and selecting avatar (cropping done well and saved.) it says that your new avatar was uploaded successfully but when I login to the account that avatar isn't there. I tested more than 3 times.

  • What a great plugin! Will most certainly deliver a MUCH better avatar upload ratio for new members!

    Just a heads up, though… It only works with the BuddyPress theme and not with the original WordPress themes Twenty Twelve or Twenty Thirteen. Which is sort of a letdown and may create problems with third party themes as well.

    The member can register and get confirmation about the activation email. The upload avatar request is then displayed. A local file can be selected. But as soon as the user hits the UPLOAD IMAGE button it breaks. Tested with latest versions of Windows based IE, FF and Chrome with the same exact results.

    I only wish I knew now to code and I would attribute directly to the GIT.


    • Hi Steve,
      Thank you for the detailed issue report. I am certainly going to look after it. earlier I could not understand the problem. Will update here in a day or two.


  • Hi
    What a great plugin.
    I have installed it on the staging side of the site and once the image loads, it goes back to the registration page
    It doesnt go to the resize avatar nor does it confirm the image upload
    Thanks a ton and have a happy new year!

    • Hi Nuno,
      Thank you for the comment. I am aware of the issue with theme compatibility. Will fix tonight and let you know.


    • The most recent updated plugin will work with any theme. Please upgrade to version 1.0.1

  • Thanks for an awesome plugin! It is working much better than anything else I've tried.

    I only have one problem. The plugin works, uploads, and sets the avatar all the way through with no errors. During the cropping phase I have a sizing issue and the part of the image that I crop, is not what shows up for the avatar. I uploaded a picture for you to see what I'm talking about: http://imgur.com/0okK7i6

    Any help would be appreciated and thanks again for the plugin!

    BP version 2.0
    WP version 3.9
    BP Signup Avatar Version 1.0.1

    – CR

  • Hi

    is there anyway that this plugin would work if we are using s2member as the registration instead of buddypress register pages, I am looking to get a solution so that when the client registers through s2member integrated with buddy press the upload avatar page pops up?



  • Hi Pete,
    I am sorry, It won't work with s2member registration page. It is tightly integrated with BuddyPress registration.