Apologies for the Downtime Today

My sincere apologies to you all for the downtime today. We had one of the longest downtime ever. Around 10 AM PST today, one of the data center of KnownHost(our web host) had an outage which lasted for around 6 Hours.  We had a downtime of around 6 hours(from 10 AM PST to 4:30 PM PST). It is one of the longest downtime we ever had.

Anyway, everything happens for a good reason and I learned my lesson too. Using vps is not enough. We will go for some redundancy in next couple of weeks using  linode.com and I hope, we won't have any such issue in future.

Since our website was down, I updated it on twitter. Please make sure you are connected with us on Twitter to help us server you better and keep you informed in future.

Please join us on Twitter  at @buddydev.

I highly appreciate your support and patience. We regret the inconvenience caused due to this outage and I and my team are looking forward to serve you better in future.



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