Blog Categories for Groups Plugin

June 4, 2013: I have updated this plugin again. The version 1.1 is compatible with BuddyPress 1.7+ and you can allow users to create posts from front end by simply installing BP Simple Front End Post Plugin.

Hi All,

After a long silence, I am back again, with another free plugin for BuddyPress. Blog Categories for Groups plugin allows you to associate one or more categories to a group and It will fetch and list all posts in those categories to group blog screen. The Idea for this plugin was conceived by Chris, and I just managed to put it as a plugin.

What It is:-

Have you seen Buddypress group blog plugin, if yes, then you should know about this plugin too. It does almost all the same thing as the group blog plugin does but It does not requireΒ  additional blog for each group. You can associate one or more categories to a group and the plugin will create a virtual group blog.

Features at A glance:-

  • Associate One or more categories with a Group
  • Will work with WordPress Single User and WordPress Multisite Both
  • Simple post from front end using Modified One quick Post plugin by Gordie
  • Group blog home page, group blog categories archive, single posts screen

It's simple lightweight and provides you the flexibility to use Group blog with single user as well as multiuser version of WordPress.


Here is a screen shot of Group Blog Home Page

Here is a Single post view(yes, comments can be left on the same page)

Creating post from front end(One quick Post plugin .26 or above required)

Here is the Group create step:-

here is the GroupΒ  Admin Page:-

What can be done in future:-

  • Tags support
  • Better Moderation/front end posts
  • Your suggestions…..



version 1.0.2 fixes the issue with all blog posts showing in the group blog.

Older version:-


If you don't have one quick post, download the modified One Quick Post plugin from here. It is a simple 3 lines changes, I am going to send it to
G.Breant and will update here if he accepts it.

There were many issues with One Quick post plugin and you can see it in the comments, so I created BP Simple Front End Post plugin to specifically use with this plugin. Please install BP Simple Front End Post plugin if you are using version 1.0.4 or above.


  • Unzip blog-categories-for-groups.zip
  • Upload "blog-categories-for-group" to wp-content/plugins
  • Activate "Blog Categories for Groups" plugin
  • Move "bcg" directory from blog-categories-for-groups to your theme
  • Install One quick post if you want the front end post functionality.

That's it. Simple and easy. Looking forward to hear your feedback, suggestions and improvements.

A note for visitors/members of BuddyDev:- Recently, I have been changing locations, so was not able to reply to your comments/queries in the last couple of days(3-4 days), I am sorry for the inconvenience. Just getting a little organized and back to help you as always. Thank you all, for all your support.

220 Responses to Blog Categories for Groups Plugin

  • Well, this is another cool surprise! Thank you Brajesh.

    Since G.Breant's One Quick Post Plugin requires WP 3.0, this Blog Categories for Groups Plugin requires minimum WP 3.0 and BP, correct?


    • Hi Mercime,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Actually, It does not require wp 3.0. Incase you want the posting from front end enabled(using the One Quick Post plugin), It will require wp 3.0.

      • Hi Brajesh, thanks for the clarification. Will be checking it out tonight.

    • Hi there, we installed the blog categories for groups plugin and its works fine. We are only struggling about bringing the according blog posts to the groups main activity stream.

      How could we do that?
      We're using wordpress 4.1 and buddypress 2.1.

      Greetings from Austria,

  • Wow! ThatΒ΄s a great idea for a plugin!

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      I think Chris deserves the credit for the idea, I just implemented it πŸ™‚

    • no unfortunately not … I'm still looking for a solution.

  • Nice plugin, would it be possible to restrict the selectable categories in the group admin? maybe to being the child categories of a certain category?

    • Thanks Chris.
      yes, that is possible. I am putting another update in couple of days with that.

  • I've installed and I have a couple of issues. On the group blog page all posts from everywhere on the site are showing. Shouldn't only the posts from the group blog show, or at the least only the associated category(s)?

    Also I've associated the group blog with a category – when I go to 'create a post' (using OCP) it says 'no categories' and doesn't assign the post to the category selected in group admin.

    I wonder are these issues related?

    • HI Chris,
      Only the posts from the associated categories should show. It may have conflict with other plugin. Can you please let me if any other plugin uses query_posts.

      • I'm experiencing the same problems as well.

        I'm using

        BuddyPress Album+
        BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation
        BuddyPress Sliding Login Panel
        CubePoints Buddypress Integration
        Welcome Pack
        WP Minify

        and some non-buddypess related plugins.

      • Ok, I a may have found the issue…

        When I look at the group blog the url is structured like this:


        Where (group-category) above is replaced by whatever the actual name of the category is.

        But I found that if I click on the link on my group post I made that says β€œ9:13am in (group-category) by Kenneth Henderson” to view all Posts in that category, then I get to the page that lists only the posts in that category. Where the url is structured like this…


        Where (id#) above is replaced by the actual id number of the category.

        That page shows only the posts of that group. It seems to me that this is the page that should be shown by default on the Group Blog.

        Something is not configured correctly. Any ideas on getting an update on this?

  • I'm getting a fatal error on activation:

    Fatal error: Class 'BP_Group_Extension' not found in /home2/footybib/public_html/wp-content/plugins/blog-categories-for-groups/blog-catetgories-for-groups.php on line 238

  • Upon activation I get a BP_Group_Extension error. Cannot find this. What is it about? How to fix?

  • Ok, now having a problem with existing groups and not able to associate categories. Where should I find the associate page? I saw an admin.php file, but it does not show in the Admin section under the Group Admin page.

    • I have the same problem in the admin section of the plugin settings are not displayed and there is no Section Blog categories.
      You have solved this problem?

      • Just for the sake of issue.

        here is the solution for admin menu disappearing with other plugins using group extension.
        put this line at the end of bcg-admin.php

        bp_register_group_extension( "BCG_Group_Extension" );

        and comment this line(245) in in blog-categories-for-group.php

        That will fix it.

        • @sbrajesh please help out over here… cannot find the admin links despite what you've instructed… bp:1.2.8, wp:3.1.1. and network activated… i have a TON of other plugins.. but i need all of them! your help would be greatly appreciated my friend… this is a reallllly sweet plugin… and would love to have it working.

        • Hi Siddhharth,
          Please download the updated plugin from here(current dev version)

          You won't need to make any changes, just override the older plugin with this one and It will work.
          Hope that helps πŸ™‚

        • alright… i disabled all my other plugins and this thing showed up!! and it works awesome!!… BUT ONE SMALL/BIG thing that would be awesome… is it possible that new blogs would also post to the activity stream… that would be soooo nice.

  • Another issue is the default css for your plugin. To change to match other BP classes and IDs is it a matter of specifying css to match the theme?

    Why do your plugins not work well by default? Except maybe with the default bp theme?

    I enable other plugins and their css does not radically affect the look of the page just because I add the plugin. You plugins do change the look. Check out http://westminsterumc.com/groups/sunday-worship-preparation/home/ and then click Blog or Gallery and you will see what I am talking about.

    • Hi Roy,
      I am sorry for my long absence and silence on the topic.

      let me clarify about the working of most of my plugins:- any of my plugin which do not use independent interface/screen will work without any issue with any theme.
      When ever we develop a component with buddypress and if the component has some screens, The layout of screen will depend on the current theme used. As we all know, there is no current standard on the naming of the elements, So it comes to a plugin developer to support a few themes by default, or on the theme developer to edit the templates of a particular component and make it theme specific(you may want to see what I had to do with several plugins support for cosmic buddy).

      As a general rule, we assume that bp-default is the most commonly used theme and we support it by default. for any other theme, either the theme developer will need to edit the template files for plugin and ship it with the theme or the plugin developer will need to supply the aditional template files for a perticular theme. This is what causing issues mostly.

      Btw, most of my plugins contains single entry point(gallery has 2 entry points), so if you want to use it with any theme, It should not take more than 5 minute to edit the template to match your theme properly even if your theme is radically different than bp-default.
      What we are lacking here is a proper guide on how to do it for each of the plugin. I am looking forward to provide it in near future.

      • I have been trying to make this plugin lay out properly with the bp_mystique_july theme and I see two form tags on the gallery directory.

        Can you look at http://myrelative.org/gallery/ and tell me what to change to make the gallery directory layout similar to the other buddypress directories?

      • Sorry about the hijacking. Just spending too much time trying to make this work like I want it to.

  • Great plugin… exactly what I was needing for a new site I'm creating. One problem I am having is I am unable to associate Categories to existing blogs or new blogs. Any ideas?

  • @Brajesh

    Lemme see if I understand how this works:
    1 – Superadmin sets blog role for all site members and creates categories for main blog
    2 – Group creator can then assign categories to new group to create virtual group blog
    3 – Group members then post their entries to those categories

    What happens when 2 or more groups share the same category? Posts from members of groups who share the same category will show up in all group blogs in that category, right?

    Doesn't sound logical if one group caters to car enthusiasts while another shares recipes, yet both have the same category assigned to their group… don't ask me what that weird category could be though πŸ˜‰

    Here's my suggestion (Can it be implemented?)

    1 – Superadmin sets default role for all site members so they can write to the main blog (author, contributor…)
    2 – When group is created, category gets created in main blog with group name (makes it exclusive)
    3 – Group admins then create sub-categories within their exclusive category
    4 – The category list in the main blog would then show a virtual list of all groups who contribute to it (category names = group names)
    5 – Sub-categories in the main blog would likely be repeated within different groups (news, humor…), but that would just make the category filtering more interesting πŸ™‚

    This would make the site blog REALLY a site blog 'cuz any member who's also a member of a group could contribute. It would also help boost community building (through group creation/joining) 'cuz in order to contribute to the site blog, you'd have to join a group.

    IMHO, this would be a powerful addition to any network.

    What do you think… is it doable?

  • Oops, forgot to mention a most important part of step 1 above:

    Superadmin could hide main blog from navigation, either making it a private page, exclude pages plugin, hardcoding the template, whatever. That way, the ONLY way users could contribute would be by joining a group.


    • Hi Patrick, Your suggestions are very impressive and I look forward to implement it in next release.

      • Hi Brajesh,

        Hust saw your reply today. So, V2 might include category creation per group creation?

        Cool! Looking forward to it.

      • Hi Brajesh, did any of these features ever make it into the plugin? I would really like to have groups automatically get their own blog category, assign it to them, and not allow other categories to be selected.

  • Perhaps you could work together with the developer of this plugin:

    IF both of your plugins were combined, that would be an awesome plugin. I think there is some overlap in the two.

    Just a thought.

    • I want the same feature. AS we look in to facebook, The group title or the group itself become a category topic. It wil be great If Superadmin can assign a main category for all group and let group admin select from the child categories.

  • Ok, after some investigation on a clean Buddypress install I have found a conflict with another plugin.

    BuddyPress Links:

    If you activate Buddypress Links then your plugin will not work. No menu item to add categories to blogs, etc.)

    I hope there is a way to fix this. I need both plugins for my site. πŸ™‚


  • Hmmm… one more thing.

    Again on a fresh install of Buddypress…

    Have only Buddypress, Blog Categories for Groups, and One Quick Post activated.

    When I view the Blog for a Group, it just shows all the posts of the whole site, no matter what Category. When I go to add a new post to that Group Blog there is no input area on the page. πŸ™

    • I had the same problem until I made sure bcg folder was in my theme's folder. Is that the case for you?

  • Ok, I a may have found the issue…

    When I look at the group blog the url is structured like this:


    Where (group-category) above is replaced by whatever the actual name of the category is.

    But I found that if I click on the link on my group post I made that says "9:13am in (group-category) by Kenneth Henderson" to view all Posts in that category, then I get to the page that lists only the posts in that category. Where the url is structured like this…


    Where (id#) above is replaced by the actual id number of the category.

    That page shows only the posts of that group. It seems to me that this is the page that should be shown by default on the Group Blog.

    Something is not configured correctly.

  • Hi Kenneth,

    addition of Tags for Groups to this plugin would be sooo great!

    Any chance of an update with this feature sometime in the near future?



    • Hi Jens,
      Yes, I am looking forward to implementing the features which has been requested for this plugin. It will be a little bit delayed as a few other plugins having priority.


  • Hi Brajesh, very nice plugin πŸ™‚ Thank you.

    1. Suggestion based on a topic from BP.org forums, can we get the Group blog posts appearing in group's activity stream?

    2. I may have missed something but I had to create Categories from dashboard – Posts > Categories first so Group Admins can choose which Categories they want for their Group blog. Suggest adding that step to instructions to create Categories first in dashboard.

    3. The group blog post appears in the main site's recent posts which is cool. When I click on the post title, I go to single post page of bp-default page. Two scenarios come to mind:

    a. In single.php, published group blog post shows meta info re Category and Author under title. What conditional template tag can I add to bp-default's single.php and so that group info is included as well?
    "My Mt. Katahdin Experience" posted in "Mountaineering" by "Admin" with "East Coast Mountaineering Group".

    b. Or, better yet, so that comments to group blog post will be seen in one place/consolidated, if post was created in Group blog, redirect link of blog post to where it was posted
    instead of

    Thank you.

    • Very strongly support mercime's points 1 and 2.

      Thanks for the good plugin.

      • Hi Klaus, Mercime
        I agree with both of you. I was busy with some other plugins so could not update it.

        Once Bp 1.2.6 is out, i will be updating this plugin in the second week of this month and include all the suggestions .


        • Thank you Brajesh. I like your blog categories for groups plugin a lot more than creating a new blog for each group πŸ™‚

  • Hey Brajesh,

    Great plugin. Wondering if you could include an option to forward queries for a category archive to a group with which it is associated.

    Here's the situation I would use that in …

    My buddypress installation is designed to facilitate network building for our non-profit organization. If each department contributed blog posts to a category bearing its name and each category archive was actually located in a group (via your plugin), then visiting a department blog archive would also present you with forums, discussion and other group associated data centered around that department.

    This would need to be an administrator only setting to avoid multiple groups claiming to be the archive for a given category.

    • Hi Matt,
      Thanks for the comment and the suggestion.

      I will be updating this plugin after bp 1.2.6 is out and will include it. Sure, That will be a nice addition.


  • Brajesh,

    One more thing that would make this plugin extremely useful would be the ability to associate groups with any "category-like" custom taxonomy.

    I've created a "locations" taxonomy which functions not only alongside categories for posts but also for other types of content across the site. If I could associate a "location" with a group via your plugin, I could pull in posts according to their location as well as their category.

    I've caught wind of a "pages" component in the works for bp which ties into the wp pages system. When both this and your plugin are ready and running, groups will be a great organizing tool for bp run sites.


    • Matt,
      That's a wonderful idea I guess.
      As soon as my new site is up(I am waiting for sunday night when there will be lowest traffic and low downtime), I will be working over it. It will not take much time to do and that will make it extremely useful πŸ™‚

      • Hey Brajesh .. I can pitch in a little (emphasis on little) something to sweeten the pot if it would add motivation to add custom taxonomy support. Something in the range of $20. I'd really like to implement this in our organization's new site and it would be a key component for what we're doing.

  • There seems to be a conflict between this amazing plugin and http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/buddypress-group-email-subscription/

    If I turn on the email plugin, then I can't associate groups with categories.

  • Hey Brajesh … just came across a conflict with Boone Gorges' "Invite Anyone" plugin. Looks like it wipes out the Categories sub link in the Admin tab.

    • Additional offenders for the same glitch include BuddyPress Group Email Subscription (another Gorges contribution) and Buddypress Links.

      • Hi Matt,
        yes, I can guess the reason, most possibly the culprit is BP group extension which is used in all these plugins. I will work on a fix and new version after 15th of this month.


  • Hey Brajesh … looking forward to a version of this plugin that fixed the BP Group Extension issue. I need both the Invite Anyone and Links plugins for my site (in addition to yours). So I've had to deactivate yours for now until this is ironed out. Sure looking forward to having it back in the mix though. All the best!

  • Hello Brajesh,

    I really like the idea of this plugin. But I cannot get it running with one quick post. I have version 1.0.2 installed, and the modified one quick post version. But no button for post creation under Group/Blog.

    I want to use this plugin on a client site, and this would be the moment for me, to become a premium member of your site.
    I just need to know, if I can do the job with this plugin.

    What I like to do, is to create a category with the groupname automatically by group creation. So every group has a category, with the same name as the group.
    So all posts from a group go into the group category. At the moment, the group creator has to select an existing category in the group creation steps.

    Do you plan to add such a functionality in the nearest future, or is there an easy way to do it with an action hook?

    Thanks Sven

    • Hi Brajesh, I'm wondering, normally you always answered every question.
      Is this plugin still alive? I really like it and would like to help developing it. I have many customers asking for a solution like this. Many people just want to blog with others together in a community, and I think this can be a great solution.

      Thanks Sven

      • Hi Sven,
        My apologies for not replying earlier. I had a very hectic schedule and I missed so many comments in last 2 weeks, just replied to all today. I am sorry for the delay.

        Yes, this plugin is still active, I guess I t need some more updates which I could not do in last month.

        I am checking it with one quick post and will let you know the results tomorrow. Will fix if there is any issue.
        Creating a category name with the group name is easy, we can easily extend that. That would be a nice feature. let me add it by tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sven,
      Just checked the plugin.
      The Create new Post will appear if you check the enable shotcodes in Dashboard->Settings->One Quick Post and you are the member of that group.(The bug is, even if you are admin but not member of group, the new post link will not work).

  • Do you have a fix for this? I don't see the option to enable shortcodes. I have an option to enable buddypress, but the form states that is disabled and it is being rewritten.

    • Hi Roy,
      This works with the modified quick post plugin attached. The new quick post plugin has no support bp section at the moment, so please use the modified one for now.

  • Additionally, I installed the OneQuickModified and now get the update notice to update to OQP0.4.4-alpha. Does the new version have your fix?

    • Hi Roy,
      OQP0.4.4-alpha does not support buddypress section at the moment, so please use the modified one attached.

  • one-quick-post.27-modified is the same file as I have installed. Any other suggestions? Do I need to disable some of the group plugins I am using?

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just have become a dev member πŸ˜‰

    Thanks a lot for your answer.
    I have it running now.

    I guess I found one more bug.

    If I write a new post there is a read error message,
    "Sorry, the post does not exists!"

    Do you plan to add the possibility to edit posts?
    Do you have any plans from going away from one quick post?

    Maybe a stupid question, but can't this be done with the Buddypress custom posts plugin? The eventpress plugin is build on this, and you can edit your events.


    • Hi Sven,
      Thanks for joining πŸ™‚ I am glad you got it running.

      Are you posting with a contributor/author account as one quick post will not allow to post from subscriber account. You may have to enable the dummy user in one quick post settings to make it work.

      I too plan to get rid of one quick post plugin, have checked the buddypress custom post plugin with evenpress but did not test as standalone. I had even in mind to write my own front end post plugin(could not materialize anyway). Will try to work with the custom post plugin.

      I have been working on a theme for a couple of weeks and It is due today/tomoorow. Once, I am done, this will be the first plugin I am going to update with all the features and remnove the one quick post plugin/group extension as they are causing a lot of trouble. Please allow me 1-2 days for updatting the new version of it.

      for now, please try enabling guest post with the one quick post.

    • I downloaded and installed the development version, installed and activated One Quick Post, selected a category to associate with a group.

      But then I, too, receive an error "Sorry, the post does not exists!" when clicking "Create New Post.' There is no editor.

      • Hi Jay,
        did you move bcg to the current theme. which version of quick post you are using ? sorry for my too delayed reply.

        • Hi, Brajesh!

          Yes, I moved the templates to the current theme, and I used the most recent version of your plugin, as well as your adapted version of One QuickPost.

  • Great news! Looking forward to the new version. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • sorry for the double entry. Please delete one , its eating my script examples. I couldn't trigger it out. how to post script?

  • Did I do something wrong? No feedback at all?
    I have gone further already, rebuilt the plugin to work with ToDoMiniForms and have it working now also with edit posts, custom fields img upload …

    There are some questions/ideas I'd like to discuss, but I'm not sure, if this is welcome, as there have been no reaction.

  • txs #

    I have a question that I have the blog tab in my groups but when I click it, I'll go to the activity stream


    • Hi,
      Please move "bcg" from blog-categories-for-groups to your current theme and It will work.

  • Just activated the plugin and noticed there is a typo in the Blog Categories instructions:

    "Check a category to assopciate the posts…."

    Please correct the spelling to "associate" – thank you.

  • Hi brajesh
    your plugin is really good and your work for buddypress is really inspiring.
    Do you have any idea for creating a group for a group

    –> groups/football/footballinstate
    In the above case football is the predefined group, which should be selected while defining a group called football in state.
    To be simple when i create a group i need to categorize it with set of categories which are not declared as blog categories and it should reflect in the url slug.

    I know this is entirely different from your plugin but many developers like me are scratching heads to find a solution for this. hope you do it.

    with regards

  • Thanks so much for the plugin.I activated it in my site and its rocking.

    • Thanks for the comment Kaushik. Glad to hear it is working for you πŸ™‚

  • is this no longer working… i followed all the steps… moved the bcg folder as told… but no luck. Cannot see the "admin" links to associate a category to a group… any help please?

    • Hi Siddharth,
      Please download the most recent update from here

      That is development version but will show the admin panel etc. There are are some more changes left and I am expecting another stable release in 4-5 days with some new front-end posting plugin.

      • @sbrajesh dude! you're awesome!! i was in the process of finding which plugins are conflicting and narrowed down three bad boys: invite anyone, group reviews, and group heirarchies…. but with your latest release… ALL ARE SOLVED!!! nice work brajesh!

        Just one thing… activity stream of group to reflect latest post… that would complete it.. once and for all. do you think this is possible?

        but nonetheless… this plugin is sooo dam good, i wish they consider it for the core.. it really makes things sooo simple! i love your work, and love the plugin.


      • @brajesh thank you so much for this… sorted out all problems w.r.t conflicts with other plugins… see a list of things you want to accomplish in github issue tracker… love that you're keeping an eye out on getting activity updates… that would make it awesome! thanks brajesh for the wonderful work.

  • Sam #

    Hi @brajesh – thank you so much for this brilliant plugin! It's just what we needed πŸ™‚

    I'm using WP3.1.3 and the latest version of BP

    When a user, who is not an admin of a group, tries to post a blog through bcg/oqp I receive the following error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/sporthaq/public_html/wp-content/themes/buddyboss/header.php:3) in /home/sporthaq/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 897

    It is, unfortunately, beyond me to figure out what to fix here….any feedback would be massively appreciated as I need to demo this site from tomorrow onwards and I'm pulling my hair out over it a little bit!



    • Hi Sam,
      Thanks for the comment.
      the problem means there is a white space after the closing or before the beginning bracket of php.
      1. Please look into your function.php and make sure there is no whitespace before any opening php tag

      It could be anywhere else too, but the most probably location is functions.php.

      • Sam #

        Thanks Brajesh πŸ™‚

        I checked that but all seemed to be ok, then it dawned on my that the user I was trying to post with only had subscriber privilages.

        So I upgraded him to Edtior and it worked πŸ™‚

        Thank you for your help!

  • To Sam :
    If you want to post with subscriber privilege, you could just add this at the end of the line 225 in blog-catetgories-for-groups.php : current_user_can('edit_posts').
    So the complete line would be :
    $can_post=is_user_logged_in()&&(groups_is_user_admin($user_id, $group_id)||groups_is_user_mod($user_id, $group_id)||current_user_can('edit_posts'));
    It works like a charm for me, but I don't use oqp plugin, I use wp-user-frontend.

    • Made a mistake, this is if you want to allow the members that are contributors to post, sorry

  • Hi Brajesh!
    First of all, your plugin really rocks.
    I have a question about conditional template tags : I saw in template-tags.php that there is a tag called bcg_is_single_post(). I tried to use it to deregister NGG galleries scripts on all pages except on single posts and blog groups single posts using this tag, but it doesn't work…
    Do you an idea about how to make this possible?
    Here is the code I put in my functions.php (child theme):

    function deregister_ngg_js() {
    if ( !( is_single() || bcg_is_single_post() ) ) {
    wp_deregister_script( 'ngg_script');
    add_action( 'wp_print_scripts', 'deregister_ngg_js' );

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      Just change your last line to

      add_action( 'wp_head', 'deregister_ngg_js',2 );

      That should work.

  • I just tried, but the diaporama still get stuck at the loading step. On single posts, there is no problem, it is just on blog categories single posts, is there another conditional tag I could use?

  • @sbrajesh

    Hi Brajesh! I'm finally getting things pretty much the way I want them on my new site but I still have a few hurdles to cross.

    I've got Blog Categories for Groups working well but still need to figure out 2 things:

    1 – Group blog posts are not being posted to the activity stream. Where would you suggest I look to fix this?

    2 – I've been pulling out my hair trying to get a category created (with same name as group name) when group is created but can't, for the life of me, figure out which hook to use πŸ™ Any ideas?

    The next obvious step is to auto-assign the new category to the new group… but that's a challenge for another day πŸ™‚

  • Oops… one more thing. I'm using the latest version from github (per your June 19 post above) but the visual editor is not working on my install. Any ideas one this one too?

    PS – I just read this thread again and saw that you are still working on posting to the activity stream. So disregard my comment #1 above πŸ˜‰

    Thanks very much for creating this cool plugin Brajesh!

  • Hello Brajesh,
    I have alredy instaled this plugin, but it doesnt work. Can you explain me last two steps of instalation directions:
    – Move β€œbcg” directory from blog-categories-for-groups to your theme
    – Install One quick post if you want the front end post functionality

    Thanks. Tom

  • This plugin will be updated to work with buddypress 1.5?

    Thanks for you amazing work!! keep on it!!

    • Hi Throyd,
      this is one of the impoatant plugin and mostly neglected for BP 1.2(and the same happened to Bp chat). I wanted to give it enough time for 1.5 and to take away the troubles from users. So, I had decided to update these two plugin a little late in the dev cycle. Anyway, we will have an update for it(Including support for some new editors and dropping support of one quick post) ine next 8-10 days.

  • Hey Brajesh,

    Your plugin is very useful. I tested this on 1.2, and eagerly waiting for the new dev cycle that would be compatible for 1.5.

    Do you have an ETA for the updated plugin?


    • Hi Sameer,
      Thank you for the comment. I will be updating this plugin with a new editor by 8th-10th october.

  • When will the 3.2.1 / 1.5 version be available? It's exactly what I need!


  • Brajesh,

    Thanks for the great work on the plugin. I'm using the 1.02 version with one quick post (modified version) with WP 3.2/ BP 1.28

    The strangest thing happens. After install, if I make a new post (using a group category), the wp-admin-bar code breaks after notifications. "Notifications"

    This only happens for the user that made the post. If I log out, it is fine. If I log in as a different user it is fine.

    Not quite sure what to make of this. Thoughts?


  • Hi Brajesh,

    I've already left posts and messages about this. I'm afraid this plugin isn't posting our form for front end blogging as it should be on BP 1.5. We are using gravity forms and have already contacted their support. Please could you help advise?

    Many thanks

  • Any new OTA on this plugin? Would be perfect for what on doing and need 1.5 compatibility.

  • Hi Brajesh

    Am testing Mappress/geolocation plugin using Your BCG Plugin. This plugins are working fine and the location field comes up while creating a new post. But while creating a new post using OCP the location field is missing.

    Possible to get all the fields which are present during the regular posting to be available while using the blog front end using ocp?

    Kindly let me know

    Thanks for your time


  • Hi Brajesh

    Also i cant get the BCG admin settings in the WP/BP panel. Am using BP 1.2.9 with WP 3.2.1

    Can you provide me the absolute URL which would let me access the admin settings page for BCG?


  • Hi Brajesh

    One more clarification would request you. Currently the Blog would create a new post. I mean BCG is using the WP post. Is it possible that BCG uses other custom page/post and not the default WP Post?

    Kindly let me know


  • Any word on when the updated version will be available?

  • Has the Blog Category for Groups been upgraded to work with Buddypress 1.5. I have tried it but it creates several errors. Probably you know about these. This is a great plugin idea as it does not requiere the blog per gruop thus removing the need to activate MU.



  • Fau #


    your plugin looks really great but unfortunately it's not working for me πŸ™

    I have installed this plugin and also One quick post, but I can not see the blog tab in the groups menu as seen in your screenshots.

    I have moved the bcg directory directly under my theme (not a subfolder)but I really can't see anything at all and wondering if I'm going mad or if I've missed something. If someone has already addressed this issue would be grateful if you pointed me in the correct direction.

    I am using buddypress 1.5.1 on the latest WordPress single user install. I am going to try deactiviating some of the plugins to see whether it has any effect.

  • Hi, has this plugin been updated. It is very promising and it seems it would not require to have the groupblog plugin which in turn requires MU activated. I am not a programmer, but if the plugin is updated I offer myself to translate it to Spanish if that helps.



  • @all,
    sorry for missing your comments and not replying. Please check back tomorrow evening, I will have a working post editor integrated with the plugin.


  • Hi Brajesh,

    that's fantastic!!! But is there a new link for the updated plugin with front-end editor or is it the same link as above?


    • Hi Florence,
      The version 1.0.4 is available from plugin page and I have put the link to Bp Simple Front End post on the top of this page.

  • Hello,
    I'm trying this plugin with buddypress 1.5 but it doesn't seem to be really compatible.
    Once activated each group show a "Blog" tab, but when I try to access it wordpress gives

    Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /home/www/, referer: http://localhost/…/groups/gruppo-root-1/admin/blog-categories

    Somebody has the same issue?


    • Please upgrade to version 1.0.4, then move "bcg" folder to your current active theme and it will work.

  • @all,
    Just updated this plugin and created BP Simple front End post to allow writing posts from front end.

    Please have a look at the top of this blog post for the details.


  • Hello,

    I installed the plugin and moved the folder. When I click on the "Blog" tab that shows up in the group it takes me to the site's front page instead of the blog tab.

    Here is the one group I have it enabled in:

    Thank you for your help. I plan to install the Simple Front End Post plugin as well once this is resolved.

  • I am using the update version of Blog categories with BP simple front end plugin, my problem is that I would like post creators to be able to publish their posts instead of it just being saved as a draft. Can you please let me know what I should edit or change, I have tried to set the post_status to publish but nothing happens, I'm not sure what else I can do.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Florence,
      you will need to change that in blog-categories-for-groups.php. On line 71, please change post_status from draft to publish. That should do it.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just installed this plugin with your BP Mag theme, but I'm not able to find the admin settings for the plugin anywhere. Am I missing them or did I perhaps install it incorrectly?



    • Hi Sean,
      There is no admin settings for this plugin.
      You will see an option when on single group admin screen.

  • Thank you so much for this plugin, it really adds functionality to groups.

    However I'm not quite understanding how to use the BP Simple front End plugin. I have it working for me as admin, but I'd also like to allow my group users to post to the group blog rather than use the forum but I'm struggling to understand how to make it happen. I've read the code usage for the BP Simple front End plugin, but I guess I'm not understanding it completely. Would really appreciate some tips or help on how to get this to work.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Linda,
      sorry for delayed reply.
      You just need to enable these two plugins and It will allow normal users to post too. Please note, by default the post is submitted in draft mode and you will need to change a line to make it auto publish.

  • the instructions are mysterious. i've installed the categories for groups plugin, moved the bcg folder to my active theme folder.

    i install the simple front endpost plugin and activate it. but now what? you instructions say to insert code but where do we insert the code? what file, page???

    does anyone actuall have these 2 plugings working because i can't figure this out.

  • Hi Josef,
    sorry for my delayed reply.
    In case of Blog Categories for groups and Simple front end post, you don't need to do anything. Just activating the simple front end post will make it appear Group blog categories post section.

  • how to change post link from post_title to post_id??

    • HI Jeremy,
      You will need to make two changes.
      In bcg_get_query,
      return "name=".$slug."&cat=".$cats_list;

      return "p=".$slug."&cat=".$cats_list;

      and in 'bcg_get_post_permalink' change

      return bp_get_group_permalink($bp->groups->current_group).BCG_SLUG."/".$post->post_name;


      return bp_get_group_permalink($bp->groups->current_group).BCG_SLUG."/".$post->ID;

      That will make it happen.

  • 2 – When group is created, category gets created in main blog with group name (makes it exclusive)

    I think this a great idea. why not to be realized?

    • Hi Vincet,
      That is a nice idea but I am not sure if everyone wants that.

      I will try to put some admin option and allow this feature in future release.

      Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

  • I think it should change to auto create categories or create new category not choose all category because if author to subcribe can choose all category i think this site will be messy

  • Ben #

    Hi Brajesh,
    Thanks very much for this plugin.
    Do you know the best way for me to get an array of all the groups that have a certain category?
    That would be very useful to me.

    • HI Ben,
      Thank you for the comment.

      Currently, the category ids are stored in group meta. So, It won't be efficient to find them.

      I see the shortcoming of storing the ids as array, I will be updating it to not use array in the meta.

  • Hi, Brajesh, I just read all this thread and see many of us would like to have the option of "auto create" a category for each group the first time it posts from frontend and not to have the ability of choosing another one, so each group would have it's "exclusive" virtual blog.

    Do you intend to work on this option soon? Or if you're too busy I could try to work on it and see if I can manage to do something like that tweaking your plugin code. But I'm no WP-backend ninja, so… πŸ™‚

    Well, let me know what you think, Cheers!!

    And thanks for your wonderful support, as always!

  • Is there any way that this plugin can restrict access to certain categories rather than just displaying posts from that category on specific group pages.

    I'd like some posts and pages on a site I'm working on to only be visible to certain groups.

    • Hi Mandrill,
      I am sorry but I don't think I understand you. Can you please explain in more details.


      • Hi Brajesh

        First off, let me thank you for this and other wonderful plugins you have created and made available "free", for helping novice users of WP & BP like me. Plugins like "Member Type Generator" & "XProfile Member Type Field" and this one are simply brilliant.

        I want to take you back to a post by "mandrill #" here. While this plugin is very useful in associating content of a specific category with one or more BP Group/s, it will be great if we can also restrict that specific category to specific group/s. Other cannot see it.

        I am presently using the "Groups" plugin to restrict content to group/s, but it is not integrated with BuddyPress. So I have to create exact Group name as BP again for this plugin and associate that Group with each individual post/page that I want to restrict – this is cumbersome.

        Can you suggest how to achieve this "restriction" with your plugin – are you aware of any other plugin which can work with yours?

        Thanks & best regards.

        • Hi Brajesh. My post has been in moderation for a few days now! Can you please publish it and also reply, if possible? Thanks & regards.

      • Can I associate a category with one and only one group. So content under this category is only visible to that group, and not to anyone else – either casual visitor or logged in member but not belonging to the group.

  • Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I'm already achieving that by tweaking both your code and another frontend post plugin. I know you are pretty busy with all the things we ask so please dismiss the previous message and keep focused on other issues/work. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Juanma,
      I am sorry I could not help you but glad that you did it πŸ™‚

  • I am wondering if you would be able to help me. I installed the plug-in and the Blog option shows up and I can select the categories for the group. But when I clicked the Blog tab, no blog posts associated with the categories showed up. I am using the Genesis theme and the Lifestyle child theme. I tried moving the bcg directory to wp-content/themes/lifestyle, wp-content/themes/genesis or wp-content/themes/bp-default and it made no difference. What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Ivan,
      you will need to move the bcg to your current active theme and that would be lifestyle.

      Btw, which version of wp/bp you are using ?

  • Hello Brajesh,

    Similar to the plugin that you created for searching the activity stream, is it possible to use the same approach for finding the Groups to which a particular category(ies) have been assigned? I entered the a category I had assigned to a group in the search field, selected the Group from the dropdown, and then ran the search, but no results were returned.

    Actually, what would be much more preferable on the Group page, is a filter consisting of a dropdown field that lists the categories where the user can check off one or more categories that they are interested in which returns relevant groups. This seems to be a natural step forward based on what you have already done with this plugin… Maybe?



  • To post to Group blog, you need to associate some categoris to it. This happen when I click create new post. May I know where to make the category?

    • And also how to associate to the group?

  • So this is pretty cool, but if my group is private, how do I keep my group blog posts private?

  • Brajesh,

    Been a while, hope you are doing well.

    I'm playing around with this plugin for a new community and can't get it to work right. I've got the latest BP version with a very basic default theme and not many other plugins.

    When I write a post and assign the category, the post isn't showing under the group activity. And, on the group screen, if I click the blog link, it's broken. Do I have a setting messed up or something?

    Sample post:http://www.manfromscratch.com/2012/09/health-test/

    Group link http://www.manfromscratch.com/groups/health-and-fitness/

    Broken blog link: http://www.manfromscratch.com/groups/health-and-fitness/blog/


    • Hi Greg,
      welcome back. It's a pleasure to see you back with BuddyPress again πŸ™‚ I am doing fine and hope the same for you πŸ™‚

      I am glad you fixed it by moving the dir πŸ™‚

  • Nevermind… moved the folder πŸ˜‰

  • Brajesh,

    Love the idea if this, but I actually want to tweak it and make it much simpler. I don't want blog posts being created within my groups. I don't even want the "blog" tab.

    I just wanted to be able to make posts from my main blog show up in the activity streams of specific groups. Using categories to assign them seems to be a great way to do it.

    Two things: Is there a way to get the blog post to show in the group activity stream? And, can I simply delete the code that creates the "blog" tab and functionality?


    • Hi Greg , this exactly what i'm trying to do .. have you made anything about this? .. i don't know how old this comment is , but i hope you still have the source code for your modifications πŸ™‚

  • Awesome plugin, Brajesh.

    I think I may have stumbled a bug, though. It seems to be related to bp_core_add_message() function. What happens is, when a form is submitted through front-end (via bp-simple-front-end-post plugin), the error or success message do not appear even though the page redirects to itself alright with an empty form. However, if you immediately (without going elsewhere) go to the posts tab (under the blog tab), the message is there!

    So in short, the message is appearing in/appended to wrong page OR the page is redirecting to wrong destination.

    To reproduce, my setup is, wp 3.5, bp 1.6.3 with bbpress, bp-default theme, bp-categories-for-group-plugin 1.0.4 with bp-simple-front-end-post 1.0. Not sure the bug is in which plugin, although I tried a little snooping around the code πŸ™‚

  • Apparently, the message (from bp_core_add_message) is rendered by action, which can be added to the first line of the create.php in bcg folder. Redirects are solved as well with this change (redirects to the post tab under group>blog, which is how it is by design, I imagine).

    Problem solved. Thanks for the awesome plugin, once again!

    • Thank you for the comment Mitesh.
      I appreciate your feedback.
      I have updated Simple Front End posting plugin today and hoping to update this plugin too in a couple of days. Will fix the issue then πŸ™‚

      • As I wrote above (but php code got stripped), the issue is solved by calling the do_action('template_notices') in create.php in bcg folder, which indeed seems missing.

        It seems that the message is saved in local machine by a cookie, and rendered after redirect with the referred action. Anyway, you know better πŸ™‚ in any case.

        • Thank you Mitesh.
          No problem with the code, I got the gist of the issue πŸ™‚

  • Hi man,
    Well I done everything it says but when I press the blog button from BP it opens me blank page and thats it. I use lats version of your plugin. I first didnt noticed the part with "Please install BP Simple Front End Post plugin if you are using version 1.0.4 or above." So I instaled the "One quick post". So Iinstaled them maked a;; the settings and ..nothing. After that I disablet everything and instaled "BP Simple Front End Post" but I cant find any menu to configure it, any way I turned on the app again and when I press Blog button in the Group again one blank page. PS: I'm using last ver of WordPress and BP too

    • HI Pets,
      have you moved bcg folder from the plugin to your current active theme ?

      • Yess I did …

        Well i reinstaled the whole WP and then installed BP, your plugin and BP Simple Front End Post ..after that everything was working perfectly πŸ™‚ Thanks for the response πŸ™‚

  • Brajesh,

    Hello. When I make a post, I don't see the list of categories to choose from. Is that supposed to be shown? As an admin, I have checked my desired blog category for a particular group (having gone to the group Admin –> Blog Categories). But after submitting a post, the post doesn't get categorized. it still falls under Uncategorized category.

    Dia Ritoch

    • Hi Dia,
      can you please provide the WordPres/Buddypress, Blog Categories for Groups and simple front end post plugin?

      • Hi,

        I'm using the most recent version of Buddypress 1.7.2, Blog Categories for Group 1.0.4 and BP Simple Front End Post 1.1.3. I changed the draft status in blog category file to publish. I then selected a category in the admin settings of Blog Categories within a group. But when I compose a post and save it, it just says The post is save as Publish but the page just stays as it is, I can still see my composed entry. When I go to the blog tab of the group, it says This Group Has no post. But when I go to the Posts in wp-admin, it is shown as published but it falls in Uncategorized category still.

        Yes, I have moved the bcg folder into my theme.

        Dia Ritoch

        • Hi Dia,

          Please Upgrade the Blog categories for Group to 1.1 and It will work. Sorry for my delayed reply, took a little longer to fix the issue.


  • just doesn't work anymore.

    • Hi Maurice,
      Please give a try to version 1.1
      It will work With BuddyPress 1.7+(Please make sure to have the most recent version of BP Simple Front End post plugin too).
      Do let me know if that works or not.


    • Hi Brajesh,

      Thank you! It is working! I have a question though, how come when I create a post, it doesn't leave the editor page? I can still see the textarea with my composed entry being grayed out although it is saying that my post has been published. Is there a way for it to redirect to the blog tab after the post is submitted? (there are two tabs in subnav under Blog: 'Post' and 'Create New Post'). I would like to get redirected to the Post tab when the entry has been successfully published.

      Another thing, is it possible to include the submitted posts or its title in the group's activity stream?

      Again, thank you sooo much for the help. I apologize for the new requests though πŸ™‚

      Best regards,
      Dia Ritoch

  • Hi there Brajesh…as always, great work on these plugins! I have a couple of questions that I'm HOPING you can help me with πŸ™‚

    1- I've modified my Group Creation process so that when a group is made, it automatically creates a category of the same name. Using:
    [code]function createCatAfterGroup() {
    global $wpdb;
    $group = $wpdb->get_row("SELECT * FROM wp_bp_groups ORDER BY date_created DESC");
    wp_insert_term($group->name, 'category');
    add_action('groups_created_group', 'createCatAfterGroup');[/code]
    2- When we get to the BCG step of the creation, is there a way to:
    a. Just show the new category that was created for this group?
    b. Skip the step and have it automatically use the category that was just created for the group?

    My platforms are: WP – 3.5.1 & BP – 1.6.4

  • Nice plugin, however is possible to make it so that new posts show up in the Activity feed only ? And keeping the the original link to the post intact.

    So just a simple Wall Post.

  • Hello!

    Is there a way for post authors to delete their blog posts from the group page?

  • Love, love, love this plugin!

    But recently the blog posts disappeared.

    This is the debug error I get:
    Notice: is_page was called incorrectly. Conditional query tags do not work before the query is run. Before then, they always return false. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 3.1.) in /home/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3041


  • Hi Brajesh,

    We switched our theme from Buddy to WPMUdev's blog-MU, then "Blog" page in every group started looking weird. Please login at 1sttalk.com with your Facebook account (you still may have an account there).

    I have WP 3.6.1 (waiting for Wp3.8 coming in mid December) and BP 1.8.1.

    What do you think?


  • The problem of your plugin is this line:

    add_action('bp_ready', array($this,'screen_group_blog_single_post'),5);

    This cuts off the setup process of BuddyPress, making it impossible for components to register themselves. If had to fix it with

    add_action('bp_actions', array($this,'screen_group_blog_single_post'),99);

    • Which problem is solved by this?

      In my installation the group isn't crearted. Only blog posts and navigation links of the group are displayed. no group avatar etc.

      • Hi Fabian,
        can you please read the description again? It allows groups to have some sort of note like functionality using blog posts. It has nothing to do with the avatar.

        • That's not what I meant.
          I would like to use your plugin on my page but when i move the folder to my theme's root the group-header isn't displayed anymore (only when clicking on the blog-tab – the rest works)

        • Thank you Fabian,
          I understand it now better. Please let me check if I can add the theme compat quickly and will get back to you.

        • Thank you
          It's (m) Social by gavick

          Another question: is there a similar plugin to Do the same with activity posts?

  • I installed the plugin and the front-end editor. However, when I go into a group to add a post there is nothing. No option to add a new post, no viewing of post created on the backend either. I moved the BCG in to my current theme as well.

    • Hi Kania,
      Just confirming here as per your support thread message that It was a theme issue and was solved by you.

  • Nice plugin, exactly what I was looking for πŸ™‚

    Only, where can I set who are allowed to blog in the group? if this option is part of the plugin, please put it in πŸ™‚

  • Please help me featured images not showing, attachments not showing, blogs not showing on activity stream and also comment posting not working within the bcg

    Kudos for you tireless working in advancement of buddypress, your buddyblogs have those features, but BCG is lacking them and assure you it will make a great plugin if you implement them.

    • Hi DanZubir,
      Thank you for the comment and appreciating my work.

      We will be doing our best to bring BCG at par with BuddyBlog. Please give us a week and we will have it ready πŸ™‚

  • Hey Brajesh,

    Is it possible to assign categories and/or tags to Groups? Perhaps this is already possible. For example, in a search, I may want to filter Groups by Sports > Martial Arts > muay thai > USA > California > San Francisco



  • H Brajesh,

    This plugin is awesome!

    Is it possible to list only certain categories & tags for a group? I admin a single WP site with 8 groups. These are not sophisticated users so the front-end posting is just the trick for them.

    But each time they post, they'll be presented with 7 categories & tags (for the other groups) that are not pertinent, as well as some general categories & tags that may be useful.

    It is reasonably possible to:

    1) Detect for which group the front-end post form is being displayed.

    2) Display the category & tag associated with that group (possibly auto-generated at group formation).

    3) Display all the other (non-group associated) categories & tags.

    I would be happy to pay for a month of support. Being able to restrict categories & tags would save much time & hassle.

    Thank you for the consideration.

    • Hi Diana,
      Thank you for the comment. Can you please open a topic on our forum. All of the above is feasible but will need little code. Please post on our forums and one of us will assist you.

      Thank you

      • Thank you, Brajesh. Topic opened. I tried to pay for a month of support but got a "your cart is empty" when I tried to check out.

        Let me know when that link is fixed, or where I can send a donation, when you have a chance.

        Thank you very much.


  • Interesting and very usefull plugin, but I see one big problem. All links from post loop in group blog goes to inner page of plugin, which has it's own template which is very bad. Because this creates dublicate of post + plugin template for single post doesn't have all hooks and actions of regular single.php file, so, most of theme functions are not working inside this template.

    How to prevent this and make permalinks from group blog go to regular post of wordpress?

    • Hi Wpsoul,
      Agreed. We will update it this weekend to allow using the regular URLs for post. It is easy to do so. I am sorry that we missed to have it in the current version.

      Thank you

      • Any news on the update please…, regarding the duplicate post issue

        • Hi,
          Thank you for asking. One of our developers have started working on Blog Categories plugin and we hope to have a complete rewrite by next week.

          Thank you

  • Hi
    Is it possible to list all posts in a blogpage that belongs to the groups that i'm a member of?

    • Hi,
      Yes and no both. If you are a Developer, you can do the following:-

      1. get all groups of the user
      2. get all group categories for these groups
      3. Create a list using WP_Query and specify the cat parameter.

      It is neither very efficient nor very nice. I don't suggest it.

  • Hi B
    Firstly great plugin, you probably have the only functional group blog plugin.
    I have a few issues, maybe i am not doing something right:
    1. could a category automatically be created when a group is created so that the blogs for that group be specific to that group.
    If I create a category, then if the same category is used in another group it shows all the groups using that categorie's posts.
    2. under main posts roll can it instead of showing the author, show the group name for each post?

    • Ok i have added the following code to my child theme functions.

      and that now automatically creates a category for each group, How can i make that on creation of a group the category for the group is standard the one created for it?

  • Very useful plugin , thanks alot barjesh .. it does something i was looking for , the problem is , it do it in another way .. all i wanted is to associate a CPT category with the group .. to show its posts in the group activity stream .. i don't want the blog tab and i don't want to post through the simple post form … any advice?

  • I do not understand how to do this step, please help.

    "Move β€œbcg” directory from blog-categories-for-groups to your theme"

  • Thank you for this super useful plugin!
    I was wondering if it's possible to post an article as the Group Name instead of the user name?

    • Hi Mio,
      I am sorry, WordPress needs posts to be assigned to users. You can simulate it by modifying template(that makes it look like posted by group) but that's the best you can do with it.