BP Chat: A facebook Like chatting plugin for BuddyPress

March 07, 2011:- The beta 4 is available now. It fixes all the issues in beta 2 and includes support for sound notification. please check here for more details.

Hi All,

How was your Halloweens day, hope you enjoyed it. Well, here I am back with the bp-chat beta 2 and look forward to your feedbacks on it now 🙂

Bp chat is a facebook style chat plugin for BuddyPress based social network. It is currently in beta and I thought the best way to get it better is to get the feedback from the community,  so here we go.

In this release, we are covering the basic features.

Here is a list of  features for bp-chat, the uncompleted one are marked with star.


  • Ajaxified chat
  • No need to refresh page
  • Chat state is saved even if you surf multiple pages on the site, the state of chat will be saved
  • Sound notification of new messages [coming next]*
  • Multiple chat window
  • Automatic detection of a user being inactive[not completely implemented]*
  • Compatible with IE7+, Firefox 2.x, firefox 3.x , safari, chrome, opera
  • Chat Messages archive( Currently it stores message, but in future, It can be viewed, enabled/disabled)
  • Friends only chat/sitewide chat preference
  • and that's beginning.. In future we will have many feature

So what do you think.

Here are some of the screenshots to show it working.


Online Users List:-

Chat Preference(Sitewide/friends only)

Friends Only Preference

Chatting window:-

And here is a video to show the chatting working(please don't mind the quality, I am not very adept at it)

It is a free plugin.  So please feel free to download it and help me in making it better. It should be stable by end of november. I will be updating it again after releasing gallery.

Download Link: https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-chat

Installation: https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-chat/installation

Note:  For all of you waiting for gallery, I am a little bit out of schedule again, and will be putting gallery on 4th now. Please allow me a little more time. I am sure, once gallery is out, you won't have any complaints.

And yes, once gallery is out, we will have many posts on BuddyPress and WordPress here. So, please keep visiting the site and do not forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

BP Chat: A facebook Like chatting plugin for BuddyPress

326 Responses to BP Chat: A facebook Like chatting plugin for BuddyPress

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just installed bpchat and noticed that it's showing online users as zero though they are users seen online, and also the sitewide or friends chat setting is pointing to the member profile page # and doesn't seem to work either. I'm using WP 3.0.1 and BP 1.2.6. Do I need to setup anything else to make this work?

    • Hi Venred,
      The bp-chat requires users to login at least once after you have installed it. It will not show the users which were already online when you installed it. Logout from your account and login again. Once your users login after the installation bp-chat, they will appear in the list.

      Please do let me know if that does not happen.


  • No Brajesh, Still it is not working. Maybe you can try this at http://www.telugueye.com.

  • Yeap! I can see friends online now, It looks like it takes a while before online number gets updated. But anyway I could chat now 🙂 Thanks!

    • That's nice. yeh, It takes a little while. I am glad it's working for you now 🙂

  • HI, i have the same problem,
    i have useres online, log out , log in ( the useres for test ) and nothing, still show (0) Useres Online.


    • Hi,
      Please read the last comment of "Venred".
      It will work and with wordpress/wordpress multisite both if you have buddyPress 1.2.6.

      If you want to test, create two accounts, logout and login. Make sure to change your preference to sitewide.

      Hope that helps.

      PS: It needs your users to login at least once after the plugin is activated, if they were already logged in they will not show in the plugin until they logout and login again.


  • Works perfectly for me so far.

    • Thanks Greg for confirming 🙂 much appreciated.


  • Hey! I just tried to install this chat (beta2) but it didnt create any tables 🙁
    WordPress Datenbank-Fehler: [Table 'db115257_2.kicker_bp_chat_channel_users' doesn't exist]

    • Hi Robin,
      That means the tables did not get created.
      Try visiting the dashbord again and see if it gets created. If it does not , can you send me the error log for php?
      Also, you may try changing line 17 in bp-chat.php from
      [sourcecode language="php"]
      define ( 'BP_CHAT_DB_VERSION', 2 );

      [sourcecode language="php"]
      define ( 'BP_CHAT_DB_VERSION', 3 );
      and visit the wordpress dashboard again, it should create the tables and If it does not, I will need to see the error log for php .

      • Hey Brajesh,
        Changing the version didn't help either, unfortunately i dont got access to any form of error log for php…

        • Hi Robin,
          I see one more comments from @Joseph below with same issue. Let me see if I can get some error log from him, If I could get that, I will post back a solution. It seems It is happening on a few installs but I am unable to reproduce it.

  • Brajesh, Noticed every time I activate BP-Chat plug-in, another installed plug-in called "Easing Slider" stops functioning. Assuming some thing is conflicting. You may want to consider this in your fixing list. Else so far, it is working fine. Good job…

    • Hi Romel,
      Thanks for the comment.
      I will check the conflict with Easing Slider and fix it in the next update.

  • Brajesh,

    I installed the plugin, but it is not making the tables for me either… and I'm not getting an error either nor an error in the error log… The plugin just shows the online (0) and allows me to select sitewide, or friends… nothing else happens… I'm going to try disabling all plugins next…

  • Ok, I tried no plugins except buddypress and bp-chat —same thing… no errors, no tables… not working… Using php 5.3.2, BP 1.2.6, WP 3.01

    • Hi Joseph,
      have you had the earlier version of bp-chat installed previously on the same install? Can you check the error log for the time you activated this plugin. In above comments, Robin has same issue, but I am unable to produce it, so will need your help to troubleshoot. If you can get the error log, please post somewhere.


  • Brajesh,
    I've got a weird issue where a member was logged into the site for a few minutes this morning and showed up as one of my users online, but it's never stopped showing him as a user online even 10 hours later. (and I know he isn't actually there).

    Wondering…is it possible that someone could just close their browser without actually logging off and it still shows them as online?

    Then, is there any way to "hard refresh" the chat system to clear him out of there?

    • Hi Greg,
      yes, I can understand that situation. It does not check automatically for user being offline. So, that is an issue if the user closes browser but does not logout it keeps them logged. I have worked at a solution for next update using the wp_cron but not sure if that will take much of server processing. I will be putting an update on coming week(this week is for gallery and its fixings). That will solve the issue. To make a user offline, currently it needs them to logout.

  • Hi, I have installed this latest release of BP Chat plugin and follow the same procedure as you told, but when i login again it yet not display online members and shows (0), and also select chat options for Site Wide Members, but it couldnot display my another login account here too. Kindly check my site which is http://www.sometextmissing.com
    I dont know what can i do now, waiting for a solution.
    Reply me soon
    Mohsin Malik

    • Hi Mohsin,
      Please wait for a few of your users to logout and login again. It will show them logged in once the log back or a new user logs in after the installation of the plugin.

  • Brajesh,

    I have tried again with the plugin… it literally give me no errors and there is nothing in my error-logs… it simply doesn't create the tables… I've checked and there are no bp-chat related tables in my database…

    The only error showing up in my logs is this:
    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::get_queried_object() in /home/musicpln/public_html/wp-includes/query.php on line 254

    And I've had that ever since upgrading to wp 3.01… other people seem to be having this too, but I can't figure out what if effects as everything appears to be running.

    I will try again tonight.

  • when i press Enter on the keyboard (attempting to send the massage to another person on the site) it just acts as entering a new line, it doesn’t send the message. This is the same in
    Firefox and
    Any advise, thanks a lot.

    This is the only issue i have, not sure why this is the case.

    • Hi,
      Can you try after disabling any other plugin and are you using bp-default theme or some other theme, there may be some javascript conflict somewhere.

      • I had the same problem with pressing 'Enter' in the chat window only creating a newline. When I disabled the oEmbed Plugins, the problem went away. I have not yet looked into the cause.

  • Ok, Now I got some errors for you! They all seem to be because the tables were not created out of the gate…

    I'm posting the log here… right-click save as…

    • Hi Joseph,
      Thanks for the error log.
      All I see is the errors generated because the tables are not there. It does not give any reason why the tables did not get created. For now, would you like to have the sql file you can import to create these tables manually for now.

  • joe #

    Here is the tip to @Joseph and all others who have the same following issue (The chat plugin not creating SQL tables).
    Install a fresh wordpress and buddypress demo site ex: http://www.home.com/demo, install bpchat beta 2 and then go to your SQL data and copy all following tables


    Export them and import them to your current SQL table.
    * I had the same issue with the chat plugin not creating SQL tables , so right now the it works like charm, please let me know if you had other questions.
    btw great work Brajesh!


    • Thanks Joe for posting. I think, I am going to put a sql file with next update for those whose database are not getting created. At least they can create it manually then.

  • When will be the full release of Chat is coming, waiting for the final release, i wish it will gonna be a rocking plugin with extra features?

    Demo 2 version is not working in my site at all, it could not fetch the online users both at site and in friend list 🙁

    • Hi Mohsin,
      The stable will be out around 3rd week of Nov. Of course with sound notification and other features.
      Can you please check the database that the tables got created or not ?

  • Hi The plugin seems to be working fine on my site apart from the fixes that are coming up regarding the user closing his browser.

    Keep up the good work and please put a notification noise in when u get a message.

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the comment.
      I am glad it is working, yeh those features will be coming soon 🙂

  • Running Rockettheme Affinity for BP 1.2.6 on WP 3.0.1

    Website: http://www.trancefusiondesign.com/sadiedeyscafe.com

    Hi Brajesh. Fantastic work on the chat plugin. I love it.

    I have one issue. With your plugin active, when I compose a private message, I cannot autocomplete my recipient's username. I have to type in the username of the recipient I want to send a message. I believe there's a conflict. Any advice?

    • Hi Eric,
      Thanks for the comment. When updating for next version will take care of that. It may be a javascript conflict.

  • @Brajesh Singh
    yes i am using bp-default

    the culprit was "BuddyStream" by peter hoftman

    this was causing the problem.
    Thanks for your help! 🙂

    • And could U find a workaround in order to have both plugins enabled ? Or U just disabled buddystream ?

  • joe #

    Hey, I'm here to report a bug. The friend auto complete on the message compose area, does not work when bp-chat is activated, when deactivated the auto complete is back on! Tried it on V1.2.6 bp-default theme.

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for reporting the issue. Will take care of it in the next update 🙂

  • Hi,

    I installed the chat in my site but the users still is en "0", so, I don't know what is the problem here… please help and very sorry for my bad english…

    • Hi Alexis,
      I am sure It is fixed by now if not please do let me know. This chat takes some time before showing other users logged in. The reason is, It needs the users to login at least once after the chat plugin is activated.

  • It works good… Really nice plugin..

    Jst need some more improvements.
    1. In chrome, when a Youtube video come, it gets behind it…
    2. When you minimize or close chat of a user, you will not receive any of messages from that user no matter how many msgs he posts, it works like user is blocked…

    I jst tested using firefox and chrome…

    Cheers for this nice plugin…

    • Hello Atma Ram ji,
      Thank you for for the comment. I am glad you liked the plugin.
      1. yes, that is a z-index issue, will fix it in update.
      2. I am not sure about it, since As far as I see, the messages are received but you don't get a notification(sound notification will come in future), when you mouse over on one of the minimized chat tabs, you will see the no. of unread messages count(in a black tip). Yes, It needs to be improved a little more to show the tip without mouse over and I will be working on it in future.


  • Hey there. First thanks for the great app. I have a small issue.

    I can send messages but it wont show up on the senders nor the receivers page until the page is reloaded. Any guess on that?


    • Hi,
      Please check using firebug if there is a javascript conflict, the message must load without page reloading. But this issue can be a result of javascript conflict. Please check and let me know If you find the issue.

  • For a beta, its perfect.

    Can't wait for the full release, will be great, thanks a lot. been looking for this for a long time, hope it continues to get better.

    Thanks, Joel

    (Just one thing, if you could fix the compatibility with BuddyStream)

  • I was wondering if this will work with the auto logout plugin to temporarily resolve the issue of users closing the browser…

    Have anyone tried with both plugins?

  • Hi,
    Great plugin, good job.
    How to not activate it on the network ?

  • Brajesh and Joel Hinch,

    I've got the same issue with Buddystream. Has anyone determined if the javascript error stems from Chat or Buddystream?

    If it's from buddystream, I want to make sure that those guys see this and get get it fixed on their end asap.

    • Hi Greg,
      Thanks for the comment. I will fix this by tomorrow.


  • Hi.. i tried out the BP Chat plugin.. its awesome..
    i have one issue.. when i installed the plugin and activated it.. it shows a timestamp on my site.. how can i remove this timestamp??

    • Hi Karan,
      can you please put a screenshot, may be I might have left some debug thing by mistake. Please let me have a screenshot if possible.

  • First of all, great job! i love this chat 🙂

    I've got the same issue with buddystream.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'split' of undefined @ bchat.js:83

    Anyone knows how to fix the sent chat message without diable BuddyStream?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Matias
      Thanks for the comment and reporting the precise bug. Let me check, I will be updating this plugin soon and may be the conflict with buddystream today/tomorrow itself.

      There are many other things to put in this plugin btw, which may not come in tomorrow's update.


  • Yeah, I had the Chat not posting issue and disabling Buddystream fixed it. Would love to see this fixed one way or another.

    • hi Phillip,
      Thanks for the comment. I will try to find some time and update this plugin soon.


      • No worries. Being a free plugin in updates are greatly appreciated. On the enhancement request side (knowing and understanding may never happen) an option to pop out the chat would be great!

  • I do not see download link. It just sends me back and forward.

  • nvm found the correct link.

    • It seems that the plugin isn't working correctly. It doesn't show the members logged in. Also a feature request, could you add admin options to the wordpress admin so we can decide if we want to limit the chat only to their friends and not site-wide. Because site-wide chat can lead to spammers advertising.

      • Good feature, chat only friends 😉

  • Brajesh,

    For what it's worth, your chat is awesome. I've tried out several others (including some $$$ ones) and yours is by far the easiest to use and seems the most stable.

    I few bug-fixes and this one's a winner.

  • Hi

    Whens the next version going to be available.



    • Hi Mark,
      sorry for delaying the stable of this plugin. Have been busy with other plugin. I hope to get it stable by Mid of december now. A small update in between any day.

  • You said that complete version will be launched in November 2010, but november is almost going to finish, what are you looking now? when will it be launched, waiting so much 🙁

  • Hi Brajesh, just tested the plugin. And after turning it on, all my java code stopped working. I'm also using jquery UI dialog, and i had problems with that too.
    But found out, that this happens only when the chat window is closed. After opening the window and refreshing the page everything worked fine. My java is back online, the dialog plugin is working fine, and the chat history with the current user is also loaded. So I think that this might be an issue with the java requests that the plugin is sending to the server.
    Otherwise I had no problems at all with installing the plugin and viewing members online. It takes some time until it shows that a member has left the site ( is offline) but that's not a serious problem …

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just installed BP Chat…thank you!

    Small problem/s. When I open my chatbox where I type the text, I have the bar you put in with "Who's Online" showing through the box.

    Also, the text is double spaced.

    Here's what it looks like Chatbox bar

    Maybe I installed something wrong. I'm new to all this. Please let me know.
    Thank you

  • Mmmm…I see image not showing…how do I do that? Johan

  • i have tryed evrything and it still dosent show members online (and yeah, the did the relog)
    simply not working

    • Alex,
      are you still facing the issue or it got resolved?

      • Hi Dear Brajesh

        i can use wordpress 3.0 and buddypress.
        my open sub-directories.
        example:www.xxx.com/demo/ etc.
        under the demo directory of member blog registration how can I do?
        not http://www.xxx.com/memberblog

        thank u very much.

  • Hi,
    I just installed bpchat and noticed that it’s showing online users as zero though they are users seen online, and also I selected the sitewide and doesn’t seem to work either. I’m using WP 3.0.1 and BP 1.2.6.

    I saw some comments were you told someone to log out and wait for the users to log out and log but in. I tied it so many time but its not work for me.

    Could you please help me because I am willing to make a donation to this pluging, if you fix the problem for me.
    Email me so that I can email you the site.

    Thankx and great job on this plugin !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Same here Brajesh!

    Tried Logging in and out! rolled between 3 accounts! and still Users are 0!!

  • Same problem for me ……. 🙁

  • @emevoli,@Kishor
    I will update this plugin in next few days after release of bp-mag, will be glad to help you guys if it could solve your issue by then.

    Please note the bp-chat does not automatically includes logged in user count until and unless your users have at least logged out and logged in 1 time after the activation of this plugin. That's why you see the count to be '0' when you activate the plugin. I see, most of you have been pointing to that as an error, so I am rather going to update it to remove this restriction in next update.

  • Hi,

    I don't use friends of my buddypress install but rather I use the followers plugin. How will this effect the friends only option in the chat? Will that drive an error or will it allow chat only open to people who are following me or who I am following?


    • Hi Dan,
      I did not checked with followers plugin and I am not sure if it will work or not when friendship is disabled. I have to update it around the mid of this month. Will take care of that issue.


  • Installed plugin, when starting the chat- the chat box appears way on the left side off the screen. Also the options do not show. Tks..

  • HI Brajesh you must have heard it so many times But I too am not seeing the number of online user going higher then 0
    wordpress 3.02 your beta 2 plugin and buddypress 1.2.6
    have tried logging in and out soo many times now .

    will wait for your update.

    by the way I opened phpmyadmin and looked for the tables as mentioned before

    I cannot find these

  • @Brajesh Singh
    I'm having the same problem as everyone else it seems. Even after logging in and out, the logged in user count remains at 0. When other site users sign in they've reported the same issue. No logged in users to chat with.

    Help! 🙂

  • Users definitely need to log out and log back in to work. This is great. The timing does not work entirely with the "Who's online" avatar widget but is working for the most part. Complete synchronicity with the other widget would be cool.

  • Some Additions that will be lovely

    1. Let the userpane blink when a new chat is sent

    2. A little ajax box that shows the chat count that is unread

    3. Sound when chat is received

    4. Make the chat pane a bit longer

    5. Stop the chat pane from auto scrolling to the middle..

    Thanks for the great plugin!!

  • Just chiming in – I also have no SQL tables after install. Could you post a SQL file for manual creation of tables?

  • …. I should have also added – I have no tables in my wordpress database …. and user count remains at zero. Thank you for your help. A SQL file for manual creation would be great.

  • Hey Brajesh,
    Manually creating SQL tables (with the file provided) seems to fix the common (0) users online problem most people are reporting.
    Thanks for the fix.

  • Loving the plugin! However, it seems BP-Chat is putting a terrible strain on my server. I'm getting 2 errors on page load:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'split' of undefined
    (anonymous function)bchat.js:538

    XHR finished loading: "http://www.xxx.com/wp-load.php".
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

    This second error seems to repeat indefinitely even after the page has loaded completely, which can take several mins.

    By using wp-load.php you've instantly doubled the load on the server. WordPress and the PHP processing of it all now have to get loaded twice for every page load. Once to produce the page, and then again to produce your generated JavaScript. Best bet might be to generate your options separately, by putting them in using wp_print_scripts.

    • Thanks for the post. As far as I know, this is the reason of some plugin conflict(perhaps mentioned in one of the comments above).

      As far as javascript loading is concerned, they are always loaded using the action "wp_print_scripts" in all of my plugin not only bp chat. So, there is nothing like that double loading.

      Yes, ajax requests are sent and received for the presence of user and sending/receiving message using wp-load.php, is there any alternative to that without breaking the security ?

      • To be honest Brajesh, I'm not entirely sure. For some reason the server comes up with a 500 error when searching for wp-load.php. I however, can locate wp-load.php easily on my server.

        I'm NO expert thats for sure, especially with ajax. I do know that generating your options separately, by putting them in wp_print_scripts and not using wp-load.php, means the server wont have to search for wp-load.php. The javascript is also static, so only your options are variable, plus theres no added load on the site. Static scripts also mean users will get greater speed from caching.

        If you're already doing all that with Javascript, you can try making your jQuery fire the request at “admin_url(‘admin-ajax.php’)”, with a special “action” parameter. Then hook your function to wp_ajax_nopriv_action.

        Or you could Rewrite the plugin so ajax uses wp-load.php directly, rather than calling a php file in the plugin.

  • I can also confirm that adding the tables manually makes it work , very good. thank you so much
    agreeing with gossy. some notifications would be nice

    • Thanks for confirming. Yes, I am sure, I am going to add notification popup, sound and also the ability to share file, group chat. But those will take some time as I have 1-2 projects to finish and then will work on it and get it stable.

  • It is a chat plugin for Buddypress, so why there is any chat room per group ? Thanks.

    • Hi Filps,
      I am sorry, It does not provide chat room per group. May be you are talking about some other chat plugin ?

  • This plugin looks awesome, what's the estimated time until there is a stable release?

    • Hi Karl,
      Thanks for the comment. I am not sure about a perfect timeline yet as I have 2 other projects to finish, but assuming anytime before end of January for stable release.

  • I love this plugin, one of the best I've seen. But I have one thing I want to change, I want to stop it loading on my mobile site (Buddypress Mobile). Is there any code I can stick in the footer.php of Buddypress Mobile which will stop it loading?

    • Hi Nathan, Thanks for the awesome comment.
      Please add following lines in the buddypress-mobile/themes/default/functions.php

      [sourcecode language="php"]
      remove_action( 'wp_footer', 'bp_chat_show_chat_bar');
      remove_action( 'wp_print_scripts', 'bpchat_load_js');

      It should do that.

      • Thankyou, it worked perfectly 🙂

  • I've ended up disabling this plugin, because buddystream was conflicting with it, stopping the enter key from sending messages, if anyone knows a fix that would be great, I just need the features of buddystream more than a chat.
    Thank for all the work, if you know how to fix this that would be great, otherwise I'll be waiting for a newer version 🙂

  • how do i download this plugin? sorry for noob question.

  • Hey just installed this plugin
    Is there a way so that I can diable the stiewide feature and keep only frinds
    And also to change the look of the chat

    • Hi Khaleel,
      You can change the look using css for now.

      For disabling the sidewide option, but since it is beta, I had not provided the filters. You will have to edit it in bp-chat/bp-chat/bp-chat-business-functuions.php line 274 to 277, you will see this

      [sourcecode language="php"]
      function bpchat_has_friends_only_enabled($user_id){
      return BPChat_User::get_pref($user_id);//if 1:friends only, 0: sitewide

      Please change that to
      [sourcecode language="php"]
      function bpchat_has_friends_only_enabled($user_id){
      return 1;

      Hope that helps.

  • Hello, i have an issue with 0 users online all the time, how do i manually import tables? please help!!!

  • RE: It needs your users to login at least once after the plugin is activated, if they were already logged in they will not show in the plugin until they logout and login again.

    Hopefully, you can manage to fix it so that it just works whether you were logged in or not. It needs to be so that who is ever on line then you can see or who ever is your friend option preferably.

    Also, it just too quiet. We need some kind of attention getting tool for when you want to engage the other party. Can you make it so that the chat box pops UP? Also, the little chat window turns red and flashes or something?

    • agreed, all of these are included in feature list but have a little busy schedule, so could not work on them. I am assuming to start working on the features by 15th January.

  • I dont understand how to import through php myadmin! please help! step by step? please!! im noob at this!

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Your Chat – that's nice. My fellows wait for this- congratulations. I got the folloing error message: May be nothing dramatic – only to give response.

    cu Helge

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    Timestamp: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 10:54:48 UTC

    Message: 'attr(…)' is null or not an object
    Line: 83
    Char: 6
    Code: 0
    URI: http://www.kamerun-kamerun.de/wp-content/plugins/bp-chat/bp-chat/js/bchat.js?ver=3.0.4

  • Hi brajesh,
    There are a lot of nice reaction from my users with your plugin!
    By the way I got the following user response. May be it’s a sideeffect of the chat-plugin. I can reproduce the error myself once a time with a fresch login and acitivated chat.
    First of all the error message is: ”Please do not leave the comment area blank”. It thown when a user wants to comment an image in activity-stream first(!). There’re two places where the error-message could come from: 1. bp_activity.php 2. bp-themes/bp-default /_inc/ajax.php

    unfortunatly when the chat is folded it is possible you miss a message. Is there a way to give notice – that somebody start a chat?

  • Hello Brajesh and thanks for the great work! Can't wait for the next release. Question for you. On a clean WP and BuddyPress install, the chat is working great for me. On an established WP/BP site (latest versions of both), it's not showing anyone online (even if users log off and log back in) and I had a thought as to why and wanted to run it by you.

    I have custom database prefixes for the table that WP and BP reside in. The prefix is: vr_seda_wp_

    Is it possible that since the database tables that were inserted by BP Chat start with wp_ and not vr_seda_wp_ that is why the chat is not recognizing any users? Would it be ok to change the prefix of your tables to vr_seda_wp_ ?

    Thanks very much for your time and thanks again for your hard work!


  • Caution Website NSFW.
    I have read all comments (Phew!) because my install does not display users. My site is WP multisite (3.0.4) and Buddypress (1.2.7) and about a month old.
    Looking forward to the launch of beta 3 or final.

    • It should be around 17th feb. btw, for now, you may check if you database tables are created for Bp Chat.

  • Hi there, is there an updated estimated time until there is a stable release?

    • Hi Karl,
      I have updated the post to reflect the next update date. It will be around 17th feb.

  • Looking forward to the stable release on February 17th. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the update, Brajesh! Looking forward to the new release!

  • Hey!
    So I'm using the BP CHAT plugin!
    So excited about using it.
    Only thing is that the 'chat settings' button isn't really working.
    Any idea what I can do to fix it.?

    • Thanks for the comment Gayatri.
      What is the issue? Do you see any javascript error in the browser ?

  • Hi
    Just wondering when the new stable release of the chat is coming out?

  • this an amaizing plugin.but when i type somthing and press "enter" it falls over to the next line.and it continues showing people who not currently online as being online even after 24 hours.
    and i just wish it had the "(name) is typing addon"

  • But i have to agree that Brajesh is the best person on the planet who can help you in wp/bp/mu stuff!

  • Anyone news on when the next version will be released?

    • Hi Shayne,
      The new release is delayed from expected schedule but I am working to add a lot of features(sound etc) and fix all the bugs. Please bear with me till the end of this month.


      • Hey, Thanks for the update. I think I can wait for a week.
        Will the next version change how it detects if a user is available for chat? Because right now, it will not tell you if a user closes the website, only if he logs out.

        • Yes, that is one of the thing I am going to fix for sure 🙂

  • Hey Brajesh!
    Hmm I'm not sure.
    How do I check to see if it's a JS issue?
    Also- weren't u releasing an update today?

    • Hi Gayatri,
      do you use firefox. If yes, please check the console in firebug for error.

      The new release is delayed from its schedule and I am working on the bug fixes as well as adding the features suggested in comments.
      Please bear with me till the end of Feb.

  • Interesting Plugin!
    Will def jump on board when the last minor things have been fixed.
    Looking forward to play with it:o)

    • Thank you Dan.
      I appreciate your comment. Will have the new release with all bug fixes and all the feature requests by end of Feb.

      • Can't wait to get my hands on it.
        I'm really impressed about the time and care you put into this project, and to respond to people.
        Thank you so much for that Brajesh – keep up the amazing work mate!

        Cheers from Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Hi, Brajesh, thanks for you great work on Bp chat. we are all waiting for the new release.


    • Thanks for the comment Abbey.
      this plugin is a little delayed from schedule. But there are certainly a lot of features and all the bug fixes are coming by the end of month.

  • how can i erase the history of logged users/conversations?
    because they appear online while in real sense they are offline?

    • Hi Sammy,
      There is an issue/bug in current version. I am fixing it in the new release. Please allow me till the end of this month. Though the plugin is delayed, there are many new features are coming with this release.

  • Becoming a premium member here, is the best thing i have ever done in my entire life!
    Waiting for bp-chat

  • Hey Brajesh. I'm actually using Safari.
    I don't know why it's not working.
    How about I wait a week till the next update and then try again 🙂
    Thanks for all your help.
    You Rock!

  • when is the chat plugin coming ? it says 20th of feb but its 25th now!

    • If you read through the comments, you will see that the release was pushed back till the end of the month. I think it was due to a bug that was found.

  • thanks for pointing that out Shayne..

  • @all,
    Just fixed the login and Logout Bug. Both will work perfectly. Anytime today I will release a bug fix after resolving the conflicts mentioned in above comments. Let us hope for the best.

  • Is there an admin option to disable the sitewide chat? That would be a cool option.
    If you would like me to check for bugs in the latest version, then let me know. I'm happy to help.

  • Hey I have a suggestion.
    Make a Status window. (available, away, busy)

    i will be so happy if you do that!

    • Hi Dima,
      Please check the beta3 of this plugin. currently, It supports the available/idle/offline. I will be adding the option to set busy in another update.


  • hi brajesh is it possible for you to make a plugin where a user can create his/her own page like facebook does???

    when is the stable release of bpchat due?

  • Hi there, is there a new, updated estimated time until there is a stable release?

  • @all Instead of waiting for the stable release, i suggest that your all move to try another plugin rather than Bp chat, because i have been also waiting from October 2010 and Brajesh every time replied in the next week about 10 to 15 days and now March 2011, so friends try Cometchat or Arrowchat, Jawx or Envolve, i think these may solve your issues.


  • @malik i agree.I just purchased Comet Chat and its AMAZING!

  • @malik i really love bp chat thats why i have been waiting but i think i will have a look at comet chat now


  • Hey. I'm waiting for Brajesh.
    I'm sure he's almost ready.

  • @all,
    I am sorry I could not reply the comments in time because of my busy schedule. Please check buddydev after 1-2 hour. The next release will be available for download. This release contains all the fixes(for the logged in user/logout issues) and user status(idle/online/offline) auto detecting & showing.

  • i am sorry for being pessimistic.But no matter what ,comet chat will still be better.I mean more features..and Brajesh ,please reply to my private messages.

  • Waiting patiently @Brajesh 🙂

  • i am still waiting ..and its over 2 hours…

    • Sathish,
      I will be replying to your PM in a couple of minutes.

      The plugin is released and you can see it on the homepage.

  • Hey Brajesh, The new release is better than the original. Although I'm still experiencing quite a few errors. My site will also not stop loading. Specifically wp-load.php which still cannot be found for some reason. The plugin also appears to be conflicting with a jQuery Script I use to auto-expand text boxes.

    bchat.js:83Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'split' of undefined

    XHR finished loading: "http://www.site.com/wp-load.php".
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input bchat.js:50

    wp-load.phpFailed to load resource

    Hope this helps. Thanks for working so hard on the plugin. Hopefully the next release will be a bit more stable.

    • Hi
      Thanks for the post.
      can you please provide me a little more info.
      any chance you are using the buddystream ? also, can you send me the the sitelink in PM/using contact form and activate the plugin for a couple of minutes. I can check and fix it. Also, any other plugin using ajax on front side is working(let us say posting of activity) ? just making sure why wp-load.php is not located.

      As of site loading:- Since we are making an ajax request per 5 second, so you may see it happen. In future you can control that. The page will load properly in current version too, but once a request is made, you will see the status as loading.

      • hi i've installed bp chat and it works well,thank u for this wonderfull chat,
        Help me how to refresh the chat automatically.

  • Pingback:BP Chat Beta 3: Fixing all bugs and a few new features | Buddy Dev

  • Liz #

    Hi Brajesh,
    Plugin works well, though I understand there are still a couple of features in development! Thanks so much for providing this feature.


  • Hi brajesh,
    I've installed bp-chat.it works fine but it needs to refresh manually to display messages. How to refresh automatically.

    • yes, beta 3 had some bug. I have fixed that. Beta 4 will be available in an hour.That will fix it.

  • Oh yay!
    Where can we download it?

  • Hi can anyone tell me, how to refresh the chat automatically. we part of the code have to changed in chat beta 3 version.I really need some new features to be added by my own for that i want to know the functionality of this chat.

    • Hi Aswin,
      Please upgrade to beta4, It solves all the bug and adds the sound notification.

      There was a mistake in the sql statement I wrote for fetching messages in beta3, that's why the messages were not refreshed. It is fixed in beta4. Also, if you upgrade to beta 4, you will get the sound notification functionality.

      Please do let me know what changes you want to implement, and I will suggest accordingly 🙂

  • how can i remove the chat from showing on mobile phones? i added remove………bt still showin…

    • Hi Sammy,
      Please upgrade to bet4 and you can easily disable it.
      Have a look at the documentation here


      You will see the option to disable chat at the bottom of the documentation. The only thing you will need to know is detect mobile browser on your own.
      Hope that helps.

      • btw, I specifically added that hook because of your comments above 🙂

  • hi thanks ya it works, i would like to add clear msg option in chat window and also video chat

    • Hi Aswin,
      Do you have streaming server, for video chat you will need to know flash and should have a streaming server.

      for clearing message, I will add that in next version or you can add it in the bp-chat-template-tags.php and include the javascript in bpchat.js

      Please do let me know if you want some more features added in the chat plugin on the other post of BP Chat.

  • how do i disable the chat from showing on mobile phones? i have read the documentation upgraded to beta4 but still showing…

  • Not sure if I missed something, but have dropped the tables, reloaded them with sql in the documentation. Nothing is going into the tables. Also, have had Buddystream active and it still seems to conflict in my install. Not sure if I am not doing something right. Have hesitated to mention anything but thought I should filter feedback back.

    If I had to guess, it isn't keeping the right status of users if they have logged in or not but that is just a guess

    • Hi Phillip,
      Thanks for the comment.
      yes, the conflict with bddystream is not fixed in beta3/beta4. Actually, I don't have a running Install of it, so could not fix that. I am looking forward to fix it in next updates coming.

      If you have upgraded to beta 4 and the tables are created, then It will keep the correct status(I am not sure if That is also conflicting with buddystream). I think, I need to test it this weekend with an active buddystream and only then, will be able to point in the right direction.

  • This is turning into a really great plugin! One issue: I am using beta 4 and users are still shown as online if they close their browser without logging out. If this can be fixed, that would be awesome!

    Features I'd love to see: Group Chat (with configuration to allow admin only creation of groups). Announcements would be nice too! And allow admin to chat with everyone.

    • Hi Karl,
      Thanks for the comment. I am gald, the plugin is improving now 🙂

      If a user closes his/her browser, they will be shown as idle within 1 minute of closing the browser. Though the logout is fixed, It is done via wordpress pseudo cron job, and the logout time may vary upto 1-9 minutes from actual closing the browser(but make sure there is atleast one page refresh/visit to your site in those 10 minutes to make the wp-cron run). It should not be an issue for a live install where a few users are online.

      Thanks for the future suggestions, I had already designed the database tables keeping group chat in mind. so that will come for sure and I am liking your other suggestions too. Will be updating rodmap in a couple of days again with all the feature requests.

      • Hi Brajesh, thanks for the plugin 🙂 I still have a user who is shown as being online for hours, even though he is not, so the browser close logout isn't working for me. UNLESS the user really is idle and just left his computer on. I'm assuming idle notification is coming, so I'll wait for this and see how it goes!

  • Refreshing the page causes an error (Chrome, FF, IE8):

    jQuery(e).attr("id") is undefined
    return jQuery(e).attr("id").split…turn the id as the last thing after _

    bchat.js?ver=3.1 (line 84)

    • Hi,
      this is a conflict with either the gpress(on profile page) or the buddystream. I am fixing the conflict with gpress in upcoming release on Monday. so you will have it fixed by Monday.

      • Hello, I have not "gpress"or "buddystream. The error is all the time. 🙁

  • How can I start a conversation with someone who is not my friend?

    • Just select the sitewide mode in options and if there are any other user online with sitewide mode, they will appear in your chat window.

  • Hello Brajesh Singh, the 450 users profescola.com very grateful to you for the plugin. It works fully. All teachers who join the network community thanks you.
    But when conversing with this many lines to scroll through the conversation always comes back to the middle, is not always at the bottom showing the last update of the conversation how can you fix? Keep the scroll bar when the chat box below.

    • that is a bug, I am fixing it in the next update, hopefully on Monday. Just need to put the code to scroll correctly.

  • Hi brajesh thanks for the nice plugin, it is really amazing,I've one problem, it show users even when they logout and i have tried to clear message using javascript it clears, but it show the message again while reloading, here is the code "document.getElementsById("win_clr").style.display = "none";" actually i gave the div an id = "win_clr". guide me to do that. In order to clear message do i really need to delete the cookies

    • Hi sekar,
      Thanks for the comment. That problem is fixed. If a user logs out, he will be shown offline immediately. If a user closes the browser, he will be shown idle in 45 seconds and should be shown offline in 2-9 minutes, depending on when the wp cron runs.

      No, you do not need to delete cookies as cookies has nothing to do with the messages(except tracking which message is viewd and which is not yet viewed).

      Can you please explain me a little detail:- do you want to delete the older messages which were viewed earlier from the ongoing conversation or what ?

  • HI brajesh, sekar again. Is it possible to add emoticons to the chat

    • Hi sekar, adding in one of the updates soon. should be easy and fun :), thanks for suggesting.

  • Great plugin Brajesh, but I have sumbled upon two annoying bugs in beta 4…

    Bug #1 User cant recieve message after closing chat window

    – Reporuduction steps:
    1) User A and B Start conversation
    2) User A closes chat window
    3) User B sends new message to user A

    Actual results: User A cant recieve message from user B and vice versa
    Expected results: Users A and B should still be able to send/recieve messages even if other part closed chat window

    Bug #2 Logged out users are displayed in chat list

    – Reporuduction steps:
    1) User A and B Start conversation
    2) User b leaves online users window open (important!)
    3) User A logs out

    Actual results: User B can now see "Who's Online (0)" status in online users window but in the user list we can still see user A
    Expected results: User A should be removed from user B online users window

    If you need any further info PM me 🙂

    • Hi Ivan,
      Thanks for the comment and the detailed bug report. highly appreciate it.
      1. need to test and I if it is there as you have pointed, a fix will be available on Monday.
      2. Never tested that case like leaving window open and then logging out, certainly a good thing to test now.


  • Dear friend, this week our community of teachers, had a large number of users using your plugin. The image below shows the link 71 users. But the bar after running about 25 lines of conversation is centering on the center. What is the script that performs this operation? I apologize for not being a premium user of this site. Yet it lacks money.

    http://www.profescola.com/imgs/Chat.jpg (71 Users online)

    • Hi Jose,
      Thanks for the comment. I know this issue and I will fix it by coming Monday. Thanks for using this plugin and your comments are valuable. This is a free plugin and you don't need to be a premium member for using this plugin. please do let me know if you find any other issues. I will fix them and update a new version on Monday.


  • Hi brajesh,I want to delete messages that were shown in the div "win_content" whether it new or old. Actually i would like to put html link "clear" in the chat message window and if the user clicks then that will run the javascript function clear()which has the code to cleat the screen.

    Actually i tried different method to clear that, like creating child div for each message and remove that child div using clear()which has the code to remove the child div.

    Probably this idea is a stupid one.i know this is a simple than i taught.Probably you are the only person to give suggestion on this.

  • Hi Brajesh,
    did you say that you wanted better status icons?
    i upload a 4 of them (Online(Green)/Offline(Grey)/Busy(Red)/Idle(Orange) 11x11px

    • Hi Joel,
      Thank you for the icons. I highly appreciate it. They are cool. Including in updated version with a due credit you deserve 🙂


  • hi Brajesh,
    actually i'm caught with a different issue yaar, i don't know whether only i'm caught with this.. Actually when i tried to install ur plugin(bp chat beta4),, it installed,, when i tried to activate it… the plugin works perfectly fine in my front end,, but my plugin page stops working.. all other pages both in front and backend works perfectly fine… /wp-admin/plugin.php stops working.. (page not found)..

    then one more issue is that.. when i type a chat msg in the chat coulmn of a user and press enter to send it,, it's not sending instead it goes to next line… and one more problem is that the members of online is sometimes showing sometimes not.. My server is http://www.hostbig.com

    • Hi Jaavid,
      Thanks for the comment.

      I can understand the second issue, it could be because of a javascript conflict. Any chance of using gpress/buddystream, as i know currently these two conflict(should have a fix for gpress in next update tomorrow).
      But I am unable to understand how this plugin can cause the page not found for plugins page. Can you ask your hosting provider if they can provide the error log ?

  • Hi Brajesh, when starting chat with another person, new chat windows is created but its starting state is minimized. I think that there should be some an option for administrators where they can define starting state of new chat window… minimized or opened.

    • Hi Ivan,
      we will have an update tomorrow. I will post about it after the update. I have yet to put the admin menu for site admins, so Once I am done with that, for sure, it can be controlled. Nice catch btw, I might have missed it.

  • Sir I just want chat plugin only for friends and without selecting people it should work kindly . create plugin like this. or tell me the code so that i can improve my site.

    • Sharan,
      Please understand this is in beta. I am taking your comment as a feedback and you will have the option in tomorrow's update to control it as site Admin 🙂

      If you have got other suggestions, please do let me know.

      • Thank you so much for creating this. Theres a bug tho it's showing people online even though they're not. Please fix this in beta 5 when it's released.

  • Hello, just a stupid question, how to send a message, there is no send button and making "enter" nothing happens …

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Decorte,
      seems the javascript is conflicting with one of other plugins on your site. Can you please let me know if you are using BuddyStream or gPress as these two are known to have problem with bp-chat.

  • hi brajesh, is there any new version available for bp-chat

    • Hi Sekar,
      I had some health issues so could not put an update. I am doing my best to put an update by Wednesday.

  • when is the next release coming out and will it be final?????

    • Hi Sammy,
      I am trying my best to put the next version by this Wednesday. It won't be final, as there a couple of very interesting feature requests and I am interested in including them in other releases. But with beta 5, you can use it on your live sites.

  • @brajesh i changed my theme from bpcolumns to cosmic buddy theme the chat bar is showing but when i click on it nothing happens it's just fixed…can't chat atoll…..

    • Can you please check if there is a js error. I haven't tested it with cosmic Buddy, but the plugin should work independent of any theme.

      • I ran into a plugin that called its own version of jquery where I had this behavior. The fix for me was to replace the version of jquery in that plugin with the same one my current build of WordPress was using.

  • no js error is being shown its just dormant…

  • i solved the error…..today thursday are you still uploading the beta 5????

  • i solved the error…..today is thursday are you still uploading the beta 5????

  • the chat is showing people online and they are not while using cosmic updated theme….before it was okay…check it out at http://www.socialbaze.com

  • i diactivated buddypress links and the chat now works…

    • My chat is showing people online even though they're not? How do you fix this?

      @Brajesh Singh
      Thank you so much for creating this chat system. Any idea when you'll be releasing beta 5?

  • Ok, after too much time!!! solved the problem with js:

    To see the name of other user not unknow:

    I change in bchat.js messages[i].name1 instead of messages[i].name and change too in bp-chat-business-function.php $msgs[$i]->name1 instead of $msgs[$i]->name and now work

    To see my name when I write in chat non unknow:

    I change in bchat.js res.name2 instead of res.name and change too in bp-chat-ajax.php array("name2" instead of array("name2" and now work, don't ask me why!!!

    The var name don't like to your plug in 🙂

  • Hi, any update yet

  • Hi, any update yet????

  • I find this problem, after 30-35 messages when peoples add other messages the updating of the list of messages don't show the last message but stay fix always at the message 30-35

  • I know many of you are enjoying this plugin and Brajesh's superior work on it, unfortunately I was not able to wait for this one (chat) to get the bugs worked out as much as I would have liked too have… If you are looking for and can afford a low-cost solution alternative because you need the stability now, I purchased cometchat for a one-time fee of $49.00 US and have been using it seamlessly on my BP site of 1500 members for over a couple of months now. It integrates with the WordPress/BuddyPress users/avatars (no additional sign in) and there is a buddypress specific version of it… I've had not issues with it at all.

    Again, I'm not selling anybody on anything, or taking away from how great and stable this plugin here will, no-doubt, become, but if you are in need of something stable that works well right now, I can personally vouch for the above integration.

    For what it's worth…

  • @joseph, not everybody is willing to pay that much for a chat plugin when you can get a free one. i think we need to give brajesh some time as it seems he is very busy with other commitment this days

    • Hi Abbey,
      I hope, you might have read my recent posts(on the blog page) and understand the reason. We will have an update this week, as I am back to work 🙂

  • Hey, I have Version 1.0 beta 4, and I'm having the issue where I it shows 0 users logged in. I created a test user to try it and was going between two browsers. Nothing…I'm not getting any errors in the WP backend, or with JavaScript, so I'm not sure what's up here.

    Any thoughts?

    • Hi Aaron,
      I am not sure why but on some of the installs, the plugin is unable to create tables. Please check if you have the tables with wp_bp_chat_*(four tables starting with wp_bp_chat_) in your database. If they are not, please download the sql file from Plugin's documentation page and import it into your database.
      Hopefully, that should fix it.

  • sam #

    i really like your plugin. Its great. However im having some problems. When i try to send message, it doesnt get send. Its like when i hit the enter button, instead of sending it, it goes to the next step. Is it something to do with plugins conflict?

    • Hi Sam,
      this is happening because of some conflicts with other plugins. Please wait for 1.0.5. I haven't been doing well, so that got delayed. It will come this week for sure.

  • Any news brajesh!! Do you need any help with translations?

  • Any news yet?

  • What about the update? One week passed…

  • @all,
    Hi All,
    Just confirming that I am putting a version of Bp chat on 21st April again. Sorry for the delays in response, Earlier have been bothered with my health and then my priorities with the buddydev forum/other plugins.

    Please be patient and beta 5 will be available on 21st.


  • Always shown a single avtar without any name online. Kindly let me know what the propblem in bp-chat could be?

  • Beta 5 today?

  • Has Beta 5 been posted yet?

  • posting again because I forgot to check the notify box. Looking for Beta 5. Any ideas when?

  • Hope brajesh didnt fall sick again, update slated for 21 and this is 26 already.

    any news?

  • Take care Brajesh. Health first, free plugins second.

  • Getting:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object in /home/norwegia/public_html/pealing.com/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-ajax-chat/bp-chat/chat/lib/class/AJAXChat.php on line 124

    This is not installed on 'localhost' on windows, which is the only info I cna fond on getting this error. I am using v1.4.0. Buddypress v1.2.8 and WordPress 3.1

    I've set the config dir perissions to 777 and there is no space or blank line at the end of bp-chat-config.php

    Any pointers?

    • Hi Andrew,
      sorry but the plugin above in your post is buddypress ajax chat and not the bp-chat plugin I have developed. So, I am sorry, but I am unable to help.

  • hi bro when i try to install bp-chat-beta-4 its show me error

    (Not Found
    The requested URL /notify2.html was not found on this server.
    Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at ifastnet.com Port 80 )

    help me what i should to do

  • Yeah great plugin.

    Hope everything will be good again soon.

  • @all,
    Thanks for all your comments.
    If you have not checked beta5, please check it here https://buddydev.com/buddypress/updating-bp-chat-beta-5/

  • how can i change the css dynamicaly as per my theme

  • how can i use my themes style.css to change the style of chat please help i have my theme to do change by users with predefined colors like red pinj black .etc . .

  • can i add a componante to buddypress chat

  • what about smilies u forgot

  • what about smilies u forgot ?

  • Hello, The plug-in works great! I have a few questions:

    1) Is there a way to go online/offline from chat?

    2) The "Chat settings" option does on work. I've tried in Chrome, Firefox and IE8. No error shows up when I try to click it. It's just un-clickable text.

    3) If I want to change the notification sound, can I just replace the mp3 or wave file in the assets folder?



    • Hi Joey,
      Thanks for the comment.
      1. No, currently there is no way for that
      2. I am sorry about that. I am on Linux and did not check that on IE, will check and update in next release.
      3. yes you can. The wav file is not used. I just lefty the original purchased file there for licensing reasons. Please change the notification.mp3 file and the sound will change.

      I have a few questions regarding the future of Bp chat plugin, please check back tomorrow for a new post on that. will love to hear your guys for the new direction.


      • Thanks! I can't wait!

      • We need these basic features!!! I hope this plugin's not abandoned! :S

      • You're going to make this completely compatible with BuddyPress 1.3 right?

        • Hi Mike,
          Thanks for the comment.
          1. yes, I will have it updated for bp1.3
          2. In future, I will be dropping it in favour of a more efficient and streamlined chat, but it is not going to be abandoned(will get a new face).

      • Just a few little suggestions to make it look better:

        – Get rid of the top photo in the chat window, because it looks messy and creates wasted space. Just keep it simple like Facebook, and have the name of who you're talking to in the top bar, and the X button and perhaps a green light to see that they're online or away/inactive.

        – Place photos where member names would usually go, because people with a really long name will make the flow of the chat look awkward. And, so you can get a visual of who you're talking to, and click on their photo if you want to go to their profile, as well as hover over their photo to get their name – this way is cuts down on space.

        – Make chat windows a little bit taller and wider to give more room to see what has been said. Most of the time, you're only talking to one or two person at a time, anyway, so larger windows would be nicer.

        – Make the text box automatically expand when your writing gets longer, up to a maximum line height of about 5, so you can see what you're about to enter (to spot mistakes, etc.)

        – Get rid of the unnecessary gray horizontal chat bar along the bottom of the screen. Just have chat windows popup along the bottom right. On my netbook, it covers up a significant amount of the page. Or, if you want to keep it, allow us to assign a WP Menu to the left side of it.

        – In the Chat Settings windows you have "Chat Settings" and "Chat Options", when they're the same thing. Make it more like Facebook, simplifying it by just having say "Chat" and in that Chat window's top bar, have a little "Settings" button that opens a little drop down menu for Chat Settings.

        Take a look at Facebook's new Chat windows 🙂

        • YES!! I couldn't agree more. This plug-in will bring my site to the next level!! I can't wait for a stable release!

  • I speak spanish . Sorry. These are suggestions and feedback.
    Gracias por tu gran plugin. Aunque como es beta, aún falta terminar mucho.
    Por ejemplo:
    1. En el tema general de Buddypress 1.2.9, el estilo CSS se para moviendo (Por lo que el chat se desordenan sus elementos).
    2. Debes darle total compatibilidad con WordPress Multisitio, ya que si uno va a un blog con un tema, aparece, pero no funcionan el chat.
    3. Debes mejorarle los estilos del plugin. Por ejemplo, la letra, el diseño de los botones.
    4. Debes darle opciones al estilo Facebook y Google+. Por ejemplo, aparecer invisible, etc.
    4. Darle la opción de chat con grupos. Con los grupos de Buddypress.
    5. Panel de control de la red del plugin. Por ejemplo, Color del chat, opción de habilitar chat en grupos de BP, y también poder elegir qué grupos pueden tener chat (todos, algunos, ninguno). Tiempo en que actualiza como inactivo.
    6. Lenguaje de plugin (Te puedo apoyar respecto la traducción a Español).
    7. Poder usarse emoticones.
    8. Estilo de letra (Negrita, cursiva, tachado, color) de escritura de chat.
    Pero has tenido un excelente inicio. Felicitaciones y muchísimas gracias.

  • hi, Bp chat work in Buddypress 1.5?

  • it works but i have some problem in the activity pages and all of the pages except the home page. latest wp version latest bp version

  • all works great now wowwwwwwwww

  • no all of the site is working great except the pages under the bp bar i mean my account >> all is not working except activity but all under activity is not working so all the site and the activity page is working except the sub menus in bp bar.

  • Hi now every thing works perfectly but how can i raise the bar for 10 px coz i want to put an activity stream bar and how can i change the color from blue to any color and how can i let it be visible for non-logged it users.

  • hello brajesh, it is great plugin, but i wish to have some modification in it,

    i want to have it similar to facebook,

    it is taking bit time to deliver message, its very short but yet taking remarkable time, i want to make it real time chat plugin as well as

    i want to remove facility for site wide chatting to friends only chatting, ? is it possible?

    or if above is not possible then i want to set default as friends only chatting.

    thank you.

  • The plugin is fantastic..When will the next update come??Will it have smilies??

  • y my comment is blocked?

    • sorry, that was blocked on another post. Just replied there.

  • I´m also having problems with all non buddypress theme pages it's ok if the chat wont work with my non buddypress pages but it seems to interfere with the loading of some sliders, also the font of the "users on line" notice, changes depending on what the css on my theme might say.

    P.S. the site that dosen't load properly is here

    • Hi,
      sorry I was not able to check the issues earlier. Just fixed it. It won't appear anymore on the subsites and won't cause any issue. Please get the current version from the github.

      sorry for the delayed reply.

  • Hi

    please how can I setting default view for: Only Friends for every new users and hide (or delete) viewing all users in chatbox?

    Sorry for my bad english

  • Hi HV,
    Please put the code from pastebin in your bp-custom.php or functions.php


    That will make it friends only.

  • I paste this code:

    in bp-custom.php in plugin folder and in funoctions.php in bp-default theme folder, but doesnt work =(

  • Hello,

    I find an issue with bp chat (all versions) when the plugin "BuddyPress Sliding Login Panel" is activated : when you write some text and press enter in chat windows, the the cursor is not returning at the beginning of the line.

    I don't know why.

  • Hi from Brazil! http://www.somdefabrica.com.br/ login tour pass tour

    Why after the instalation the logout give error on click 🙁

    and doesn´t appear the option to select SITEWIDE or ONLY FRIENDS

    waiting :] great plugin!

    • Hi Cesar,
      Sorry I had disabled it in the trunk.
      Yo can put this line in your functions.php or bp-custom.php to enable it back.

      [sourcecode language="language='php"]

      That will enable it back.

  • It works good… Really nice plugin..
    Jst need some more improvements.
    i using BP 1.5.5 on WP 3.3.2
    Hi Brajesh. Fantastic work on the chat plugin. I love it.
    I have one issue. With your plugin active, when I compose a or type long (more text) message in content area in that time it should be not visible username of user and don't display older message. means it create long area for text in content. how to fix it ? Any advice? i attached screen shot
    [ http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/5435/bpchaterror.jpg ]
    give me solution for that
    Thanks Again

    • Hi Paresh,
      for the long text area just use word wrap property of css on the content.

  • and one more thing to solve it
    how can auto delete chat history ?
    when i logout and log in again the oldest chat history will be display. and i reloading and re login same problem i suffer. please reply and how can i fix this error ?

  • Hi Paresh,
    Thank you for the comments.

    Please wait for a couple more days(as BP 1.6 is on the verge of releasing). I will be updating this plugin and that will allow you to delete chat history. I am not sure why this is showing you the last chat history, if the window is closed, It should have considered the channel closed and shuld not show that box until the other side uses that to send you further messages.

    • Thanks for the reply Brajesh
      how to change word wrap property in css ? which line ?
      i used for long text area i change the property of bp_chatbar in chat.css i change width 100% it having a problem with user.
      so tell me how can i fix ?
      Thanks Again

  • Hello,

    Thanks again for your work.

    I notice that the bp chat plugin do not work with the latest version 1.6.1 of buddypress.

    I have made some tests with the version 1.1 beta 1 of bp chat plugin.


  • i use this nice plugin, but it stops workin after some minutes, freez. no messege send or recieve

  • It is a really cool plugin but it freezes a lot.

  • Is the BP Chat plugin still being worked on?
    I am very interested in it.

  • hi very nice script .
    i want to use this script without wordpress, it is possible?
    if yes how ?
    thanks for your aswers

  • What's the status on this plugin? Does it work out of the box on any theme or need specific themes?

    Is it still in beta or ready for live?


  • hi Brajesh ,in my website i want the chat option to only the friends not site wide. could u help me

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Anand,
      sorry for delayed reply.
      You can put this in your bp-custom.php or functions.php


      That should do it.

  • Hi Brajesh

    Thanks for your replay, still its not working proper . may be the reason was i installed BuddyPress 1.6.1. will you help me please .
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Anand,
      Thank you for the patience.

      What is the problem you are facing on 1.6.1, Can you please tell me a little bit more about it and the way to produce it ? I will be happy to have a fix soon.

  • Hi Brajesh

    Thanks for your regular support, it not showing in any where in my dashboard even its activated in plugin area. i tried all the 3 version of BP-chat.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello!
    It's a very nice plugin!
    I've installed it and it shows fixed in page bottom, but when i click in " Who's online" the online user list window doesn't appear. It just don't open. It show correctly how many users online. The problems is the window that allows me to choose one user to chat just doesnt open.
    Do you have any idea to fix that?

    • Hi Jonatas,
      Thank you for the comment.

      Do you see any javascript error in the console ? I believe it may be conflicting with some plugin/js code.

      • Hi Brajesh,
        I have same problem. I brakes down admin bar and this plugin doesn't works. I use WP 3.5.1 and BP 1.6.4.
        Could you help me please?

  • till now there is no free plugin for buddypress online chat.Bp-chat would be the solution if it is updated for buddypress 1.6.2.I would like to suggest you to release a stable version of it.I am waiting for the update.

  • Hi Brajesh
    Nice work.
    Any suggestion to include an option to select "on line /off line" status. Any idea of codding will be appreciate. Thanks

  • I have WP 3.5.1 and BP 1.6.4 and I get this Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/u303670529/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-chat/bp-chat.php on line 50
    Does it need a fix or how can I repair it?

    • Hi Stefan,
      you are using older version of Bp Chat.
      Please download the latest version from here

      That will fix your issue.

      • Thank you very much.
        I have still problem with funcionallity. I think it doesn't works cause I don't use Friends module. How can i fix it for working without friends module?
        Thanx a lot

  • Hi Brajesh, can you provide the support for the emoticons in the chat ? It would really be great to see the smileys in the chat, thanks.

  • Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\wamp\www\wordpress-3.5\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\bp-chat\bp-chat.php on line 50

    I got this error after activating it.
    Any solution?

  • Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\wamp\www\wordpress-3.5\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\bp-chat\bp-chat.php on line 50
    I got this error after activating it.
    Any solution?

    • Which version of Bp Chat are you running? Is it from github or from the download on BuddyDev?

    • Just replied to your prev question. Please provide more details.

  • Hi,

    I just installed the plugin on the latest version of wordpress, and its not working. I am getting javascript error stating that .live is not a function. I changed it to .on and still it doesnt work. I was wondering if you have a fix for this.


    • Hi Mahmood,
      Please check back on Sunday. I will be updating the js by this Sunday.

      Thank you

  • Good start. Is a language support planned ?
    I can help for french translation.

    The thing I miss most is sending message to offline users as we can do with Facebook.

    • Thank you.
      Currently, I am busy with some other projects so unable to devote time on this but certainly I have plans for future updates and language support.

  • hi, this plugin looks promising and i was wondering if this is still being maintained, i.e. does it work with the latest versions of WP/BP? if yes, where can we find the latest version from?

  • Pat #

    Hi Brajesh,

    Just tested the plugin. I found some issue as I have unwanted messages that are sent. It is like the messages are sent twice, one with the correct member name and a second with an "undefined" name?

    Have you faced this kind of issue?

    • Pat #

      Just an additional point : if you reload the page, then all undefined messages are supressed and everything comes to normal !

  • Pat #

    Just another remark concerning the chat plugin : I'm using the "BP | You are blocked" plugin to allow members to block other members if needed.
    When using your chat plugin, members can continue to chat even if they are blocked.
    Is there a way to follow the same rules than the BP | You are blocked plugin and do not allow blocked members to open a private chat with someone that have blocked him ?

  • Is it possible to allow only friends to chat instead of side wide members

  • Please put this in your bp-custom.php and it will do.

    add_filter( 'bpchat_show_user_preference', '__return_false' );
    add_filter( 'bpchat_has_friend_only_enabled', '__return_true' );

  • I install buddypress 2.8.2 and wordpress 4.7.3 i install bp-chat for multisites but isn´t showing in my site, I install the beta 4 and create the tables in my db, thanks.