BP Gallery Beta available now, Download test and Enjoy

Update(date: 26th November, 2010): The stable version of BP gallery is available now, Please check this post for more details https://buddydev.com/buddypress/introducing-the-first-stable-version-of-bp-gallery-for-buddypress

Update(date: 3rd April 2010): The RC4 of Bp-Gallery is available now in the forums. It works with Buddypress 1.2.3+ and WordPress/wpmu 2.9+ The stable release will follow in the coming week.

Thanks you all for the patience and your support. IΒ  am glad to announce the public beta of Buddypress Gallery plugin which I promised months ago. Yes, It is there, It is flexible, It is extensible.

The Bp-Gallery comes with the support of User galleries/Group galleries. It can be extended to allow galleries with any components, be it the events module or any other module. IΒ  will show you after Erwin releases the bp-events , how can it be extended.

Do not forget, It supports Audio/video/photo gallery and you have options(as a site Admin) to turn them on/off.

List of Features Which is currently supported in beta:

  • User Gallery
    • Video Gallery support
    • Audio gallery Support
    • Photo gallery support
    • Unlimited Audio/video/photo Gallery per user
    • Upload as many files as you want(if the site admin permits of course and the space limit is not exhausted)
    • Set the gallery/media privacy(photo/audio/video) to be public/private/friends only
    • Streamlined lined Media Commenting. Comment in activity stream/single media page. they are all streamlined to be one.
    • Completely Ajaxified Creation of gallery
    • Multiple uploads using swfupload plugin for jquery
  • Groups Gallery
    • Group Gallery Support
    • Admin/mods can create galleries for group
    • Any member of a group can upload to the gallery
    • Privacy for Gallery/media as above described in users gallery
    • Activity Commenting.
  • Site Admin
    • Limit Which gallery types are allowed(Photo/Video/audio)
    • Set the Thumbnail size/Mid size Image size/Full Image size in admin
    • Limit the maximum upload space
    • Limit the Maximum file size allowed to be uploaded
    • Theme the Gallery

Well, someone said, a picture says a thousand words. so I will show here the gallery at action πŸ™‚

Let us start with the basic.

Once gallery is activated and "gallery" template is moved to bp-default theme, you can view your profile to see the gallery at work.

It should look like this

user-gallerySo, Click on Create Gallery, and you will see a screen like this.

gcreateSelect a gallery type from the drop down(Photo/audio/video) and then fill the fields, browse a cover image and click save. you are done.

here is how the gallery Home should look like after you created some galleries and uploaded images/videos.


Now, I will show an example of Photo gallery


And here is a video gallery

video-galleryand Audio gallery too


Some screen shots of uploading now

multi-upload-imageand upload in progress

multi-upload-progressWhat about Video Upload

multi-video-uploadingWell, the best way to test the gallery is testing it on your own installation.

Plugin Page: https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-gallery/

Download galleryΒ  RC4 from here


Older release:


and Please read Installation Instructions here


Looking forward to see you in forums soon πŸ™‚


160 Responses to BP Gallery Beta available now, Download test and Enjoy

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    • I have installed this on a test site (beta.disturbedimage.com). So far everything seems to work, except I cannot upload images. I have set the max to 60 KB and cannout upload a 37 KB jpg file. It goes through the process and never shows anything after the image is uploaded. Maybe a chmod?

  • Premium only πŸ™

    great work on getting the beta out

    • hi Andrew,
      Thanks for the comment.
      I had mentioned it earlier that it will be a premium(members only) plugin. Please checkout my earlier post.

      • Thank you Brajesh. I will be checking out the BP-Gallery Plugin and will report in Forums πŸ™‚


  • Got the premium membership, downloaded the beta, installed it and have been testing it for about an hour now. I must say I really like it. So far I haven't encountered any problems.

    Finally this is a buddypress gallery that makes sense. Thanks Brajesh.

    • Thanks for joining and testing.
      I am working on the feedback of our members reporting in forums for usability. So expect some more enhancement today.

      • Hi Brajesh, do u accept any other payment options??
        I would like to join but i do not have a PayPal a/c or credit card…do u accept moneybookers?

  • How does BP gallery store photos etc.? Are they stored in a subdirectory on the site somewhere, or in an SQL database (like I assume the metadata is)?
    My SQL server isn't the zippiest thing in the world, so I try to minimize db access.

    • hi Benny
      The media files(videos/phots/audio) are stored on server disk(or folder, in a well organized hierarchy).

      In the database, only the relative paths of the media files are stored. Let me know, if you need other clarification.


      • Interesting to know!

        Are photo comments stored on the server disk or are they in the db? If its the latter, is this integrated with the wpmu db? Basically, I have a very old hand-written img gallery (which predates wp!) that I would be migrating from, and just want to know what I would be getting myself in to.

        Also, is there a roadmap on when tagging will be available?

        • hi Benny
          Thanks for the comment.
          The Photo comments are stored in activity table(buddypress activity table).
          The photo comment is streamlined with the activity comments and is handled by buddypress activity table.

          Will be providing a roadmap this weekend after the stable release πŸ™‚

  • Hi Brajesh!

    Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! for all your hard work. I can see that your plugin is going to shoot my fears of having to integrate Kaltera CE dead.

    I'm registering for membership right now and can't wait to start testing it on my site!

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Patrick
      I appreciate you joining and testing it on your site. Looking forward to feedback in forum.


  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_user_logged_in() in /home/ebby/public_html/ilovebt/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-core/bp-core-templatetags.php on line 676

    followed instructs but as soon as I hit activate this popped up

    • ok fixed that error thought by updating trunk but now when you click the gallery link in profile or group it redirects to the front page.

      The link is url.com/members/username/gallery

      but redirects to url.com

      • @modemlooper
        Thanks for joining.
        It seems you have not moved the "gallery" template to bp-default.
        Please take a look at readme.txt, or just move "gallery" folder to your active bp-default theme.
        It will work.


        • I have it in bp-default but am using a child theme.

        • it's working now. just fixing your other suggestion about wp single

    • ahh thanks for posting. I forgot to mention that the beta 2 was not supposed to be working with single wp. Thanks for taking a look at my forum post and the solution.
      btw, I am going to put another major update tomorrow and I have it working on single wp now, so there will be no more any need to update after tomorrow's update.

  • Hi,

    Can I translate this plugin? Is there any .pot file?

    • hi Audrius
      The plugin is in beta and has not pot file for now. I will be providing one after RC(which should be within next 2 days).


  • ggg #

    Very impressive on this plugin does it work on BP1.2 and what audio / video codec does it support like mp3 etc?

    • hi
      Thanks for the comment. yes, It currently works only with bp 1.2 rc or trunk rev 2550 or above.

      for player, I am using flowplayer, so for video it supports
      flv,mp4, H.264 formats. H.264 covers a wide range of video file types.

      For audio I have tested with mp3 files but not with other formats. You can check more information about the video/audio player at flow player website


  • ggg #

    Please can you add a rating feature or thumps up or down like Facebook. & viewer count!

    • Thanks for the suggestion.
      I will be adding that as an small addon for gallery later after the stable release.
      That will not require gallery plugin to be updated, but will work on its own.


  • Hi Brajesh,
    I just become a premium member but found out that it doesn't support your Comsic Buddy theme that I'm using for my fan-site Footballfantalk.com. Will it support this theme?


    • hi Daniel
      Thanks for joining premium club. yes, It currently only supports bp-default(because that is the template I am providing currently).
      Plugin is independent of any theme, but we need some theme dependent templates to support the plugin with a particular theme.

      It will support cosmic buddy only after a stable release is out. You see, even cosmic buddy needs to be updated for bp-links/events plugin. Which is on my list, but because of gallery delayed.

      So you have two options:
      1. If you want, I will issue a refund for now and you can join after stable release is out and I provide gallery template for cosmic buddy.

      2. Wait for 1 week, because withing a week we should have the stable release and my next goal is to update cosmic buddy

      Both the options are ok for me, let me know I will go ahead and issue the refund for now.


  • Can I add flowplayer plugins to the bp-gallery like Streaming plugins!

    • Yes, you can use any/all of the flowerplayer plugins with the gallery. I have used the aduio plugin for playing audio at the moment, but you can go ahead and add other plugins too.

      It will require 1-2 line of modification in javascript to enable the plugin/load the plugin.


  • Will you be setting up a demo site? Also, will this work with a custom child theme?

    • Yup! a demo will be available for public after RC. Currently going for beta 3 today/tomorrow. so Looking forward to providing the public demo for Rc, but that will not be available longer as this deals with media, and the volume of user generated media can be a problem.

  • Please can you add share feature like tweetme widgit/facebook etc to share media if in public mode.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. It can be done using the action hook. we just need that button right?, so I will show later how to do it/do it and put a small file out there, as it is simply putting the link .

  • Is this compatible with Buddypress 1.1.3 and WPMU 2.8.6? Please let me know thanks,

    • hi Mark
      Thanks for the comment. No, at this moment, It is not compatible with bp 1.1.3, It needs buddypress 1.2 Rc2 or above and you must have wp/wpmu 2.9+


  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just become a premium member and have installed the Bp-gallery Beta on the Buddypress 1.2 RC2 and WPMU 2.9.1 and successfully activated. But my problem is everytime I try to create gallery i am just directed to my home page nothing else – can you please help me – because i do not know why ?

    Thank you so muck for doing this plugin what Buddypress real need.

    Best Regards
    Johnni Sandholdt

    • hi Johnni
      Thanks for becoming premium member.
      I have already answered it in forum. there can be two reason, either template is not moved to bp-default or you are on some subdirectory/subdomain install where the subdirectory/sudomain name is "gallery".

      For second case, please check my patch here.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    congrats with the project. As I cannot test it without getting a premium subscription (and do not want to pay before testing it!) can you shed some light about:

    – Will it be possible to automatically resize images when uploading? This to prevent people uploading 20megapixel images, fulling their (and my) space in a day?
    – Whether Flickr will be supported (adding images from your flickr account to your gallery or omporting entire Flickr galleries)? This also to limit space on the server.
    – Whether there will be a possibility to offload to Amazon AWS, Cloud (etc)?

    Thanks in advance,
    Cheers, Harry

    • hi Harry
      Thanks for the comment.
      A demo will be available after RC for few days. I am a little bit worried to put the demo, as I guess, It will be filled with a lot of test contents and my webhost will have so many objections. still, i plan to put some demo for public(limiting the upload options) after RC.

      For your questions:
      1.yes, It automatically resizes images using wordpress functions(but may not optimize it, and you have full control over maxium upload space for each user/maximum media size from the Gallery settings page)
      2.Flickr is under consideration right now, so It is not implemented yet, but may come before stable.

      3. The gallery has no built in support for Amazon AWS/others, but If you want, you can do that by replacing 3 upload functions with the CDN specific functions.

      Supporting some of the CDNS by default are on my TODO list, but may not be for 1.0, so for 1.0, you may need to replace the upload functionality.


  • Hi Brajesh,

    Is WPMU necessary to run the gallery or will it run on a regular WP install with buddypress 1.2?

    • This runs on normal single wordpress too, but please wait before joining, as gallery beta 2 is not compatible with Buddypress 1.2 Rc3,It is compatible with buddypress 1.2 Rc2.
      I am working on beta3, which should come out soon and will be compatible with buddypress 1.2 Rc3.


  • First off, I just want to say it's about time that a plugin like this came out. It looks great!

    I've downloaded it and installed it and everything seemed to be working fine, up until I tried to upload and save a gallery.

    I pressed "Save Gallery", it did the file upload process, but then once the file was uploaded nothing happened.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm using bp 1.2


    • hi mobpower
      Thanks for the comment and Joining. Please see my comment just above, the gallery has broken with Bp 1.2 RC3.
      I have been working with the trunk and as yesterday, bp 1.2 released, I am going to put the Rc of Bp-Gallery available today in next couple of hours.

      btw,One thing to Note: You must logout after first time activating the gallery and then login again to be able to create gallery/upload photos. This is required because we need the authentication cookie for flash.


      • I missed that comment sorry.

        Thanks for the info, and thanks again for the fantastic plugin.

        Just out of curiosity, will there be a 'tagging' feature in the future? Like on facebook.

        Thanks a lot.

        • Yes, Tagging feature is a priority and I will be working on that in the next major release πŸ™‚

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Congrats on the plugin – feedback seems positive. I am using the latest and greatest BP 1.2 and Version 2.9.2 of WP single install.

    Should i wait before joining? Or has the update mentioned above been sorted.


    • hi Stix
      Thanks for the comment. I will advise waiting for today, I will be announcing it as soon as I am done with the updates and get some more feedback from the members testing the plugins. So the best thing for now, please wait before joining. Let me announce the formal support today/tomorrow for Buddypress 1.2 stable and then join.


      • Hi Brajesh,

        Thanks for the feedback ! Will do on waiting for the announcement. Amped to try it out !


  • Will this plug-in work with both wordpress and wpmu?

    • The current Rc under testing is working with Single Wp as well as wpmu but requires wp/wpmu 2.9+ and Bp 1.2

      I will be announcing the Rc tomorrow/today after the final test and security auditing.

  • Thanks! Will posted videos/photos show up in the activity feed?

  • Job well done.. Am awaiting demo test site, when shall it happen?

  • @all
    Hi all
    Just keeping informed.
    The RC1 is available now, which works with Buddypress 1.2 stable and wordpress/wordpress mu 2.9+

    The stable release will follow this week after some more features and updates.


    • does not work on BP 1.2 WP single 2.9.2

      when you click gallery on a users profile page it goes to a page with just the top part of the users profiling showing.

      The sidebar and activity loop is missing.

      • That means you have note moved the "gallery" directory properly to the theme. Please see the forums where Nick has used it with wp 2.9.2 and its working. Also, see the other members reply there. If you can specify your specific details, I can help you in getting it work, I will be glad to help, as you are the first one to report it's not working, one other people had java script conflict, so Please post your problem and link to your site in the forum.

    • What new feature are we expecting?

      • hi qafro
        To list a few
        1. Gallery directory(It is experimental in RC1)
        2. Better template
        3. Enhanced Space Management
        4.short codes for gallery embedding in blog posts etc
        5. Widgets to show the rendom/last uploaded images by xyz

        and a few more


  • Hi Brajesh,

    Worth joining now – or should i wait for the stable relase?


    • hi stix
      yesterday I came late and found you had already joined by then. Thanks for joining.
      Please do let me know your experience/enhancement suggestions in the forums.

  • Kim #

    Hello, is there any demo of bp-gallery runing on a BuddyPress site?
    I'd like to test before joining.

    • hi Kim
      There is a test site but no demo. I can not put a demo for users to upload and deal with the heavy amount of data.

      I will provide a read only demo after stable, but It won't allow users to create galleries/upload images on the demo, as It is quiet impossible for me to manage the user generated data.


  • Brajesh,

    Just tried to install the gallery plugin on a fresh install of WP 2.9.2 and buddypress 1.2.1. I have moved the "gallery" folder to the bp-default theme and followed the directions that came with the plugin.

    I am getting this Error when I go to the gallery page on my account:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_get_user_nav() in /home/content/96/5679796/html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/gallery/members/index.php on line 15

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?



  • Fei #

    Hi Brajesh,

    This looks like a great plugin, I've been looking for something like this. Before I sign up for BuddyDev, I want to see if you could give me a little bit of advice about this scenario and let me know if this plugin is the right one to use for my case. I am working on a client's site using WPMU and BP. There is a section called a "Missions" page where street team members can go and participate in missions by handing out flyers, doing write ups, etc.

    -Members can upload images to the mission page with a multiple file uploader (this is fairly important)
    -the images will then be automatically uploaded to the correct mission's gallery page with each uploader's meta information displaying in the gallery

    Please let me know. Thank you!

    • hi Fei
      Thanks for the comment and the question.
      My question is How do you implement mission page, using groups ?

      Currently the gallery has multiple file uploader, but it works only on User gallery/group gallery page. currently user can only upload from these two sections.

      The meta information is stored, but not displayed(It is coming in gallery stable, like uploaded by Username on some date).

      In Bp Gallery, to upload an Image to a gallery, you have to be at the parent object, like If I want to upload to my gallery, I have to be at my buddypress profile home or If I want to upload to group gallery, I need to be at the group page to upload. so I am not sure about the usefulness of gallery in your scenario, if you can let me know a little more about the mission page implementation, I can assist you in making better decision πŸ™‚


  • Good Day Brajesh,
    Thank you for all your hard work that you put into this site. I have been lurking waiting for a final release of BP- Gallry, I understand that good things take time. But I do not want to wait anymore =)

    My question is..should I wait for the final release or should I join now and begin working with the plugin?

    Hope you are getting some well deserved rest.

    • Good Day Issac
      Thanks for the comment.
      yeh, I was on rest almost, so could not reply earlier.

      If you can, then please wit till stable, the Rc1 is working good but it has still a few glitches and lacks.
      So, I will advise waiting for stable to be sure everything works without issues. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I watch some time your plugin and I must say it really sounds
    great to. But before I sign up I have a few questions. Is it possible with your plugin to integrate also youtube videos or from another videopage? Is it possible to block the video and music function so the user only can upload photos? Is there a German language file availible? If not, this plugin is translatable?
    Sorry for my bad englisch!!

    Thank you and many greetings


    • hi Chris
      Currently, this plugin only allows uploaded content.It does not allow youtube/vimeo etc currently, but that feature may come in future.

      From the backend, you can turn on/off what uploads you want to allow user too, the options are audio/video/Images, so you can turn them off and users will not be able to upload/create the galleries of a particular type.

      It is translatable, but I have not added the full localization support in Rc1, In Rc2 the localization is coming.

      I hope it helps.

  • Brajesh thanks for your prompt response and your hard work. I look forward to the final release and I am excited about the possibilities with your work.

    All the best.

  • Please add language support.

  • I just downloaded this plugin and a couple of things i'm running into.

    1. When I upload a video the edit section is all screwed up apparently each div does not have a clear: both; property in the css.

    2. When uploaded for some reason other users are not able to play the video, instead it downloads, and asked to be saved onto your computer.

    3. I noticed there are only 3 formats that can be uploaded, in the future do you think there will be more formats supported?

    4. Suggestion: any way you guys to integrated youtube API to this plugin?


    • hi Stephen
      Please see the reply of @Issac below for the Youtube answer.
      It is not supported currently but may come in future. No promises for now. If I go to add youtube, I will be adding flickr/vimeo etc support too.

      For the video edit section, that may be a problem, as I had just tested the edit with the image and uploaded the rc1. It is a css problem as size of Video player is much larger. Will fix it in rc2.

      The same goes for Video playing, that download is intermittent as on some page the javascript gets the player activated on some pages the player is not activated. I had it reported by @pcwriter .
      I was a small issue with call of initialization function(I only tested with FLV).

      The video player, I have used is Flow Player, so it supports all the format supported by Flow player, maybe we can enhance it by allowing custom players.

      I will publish the gallery api in a week, which will show you how you can hook your own player, allow more file formats etc.


  • @ stephendo @sevelina

    Brajesh Singh says/said:
    March 2, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    Currently, this plugin only allows uploaded content.It does not allow youtube/vimeo etc currently, but that feature may come in future.

    From the backend, you can turn on/off what uploads you want to allow user too, the options are audio/video/Images, so you can turn them off and users will not be able to upload/create the galleries of a particular type.

    It is translatable, but I have not added the full localization support in Rc1, In Rc2 the localization is coming.

    we are all waiting on the new update so that may help your answers

  • Hi Brajesh,

    When you think the stable Vesion will come out?



    • hi Chris, the stable version should be expected next week end.

      The rc2 should come out tomorrow late night PST or day after tomorrow Morning PST.


  • Hi Brajesh,
    is it possible that a normal group member uploads a gallery in one of his groups?

    Or only the group-admin?


    • hi Helge
      The gallery can be created by group admin only, but group members can upload to the available group gallery.

      I hope it helps.


  • Hello Brajesh,
    sometimes my users describes a problem during the media upload process. I can’t recognize a pattern. Sometimes small pictures (less 100 kb) and sometime larger pictures (> 100 kb) are not uploaded – while the status of the progressbar show 100% uploaded. After all in few cases an error-messages appears and mention an uncomplete upload. Do you have any idea to fix it or provide an alternative uploadstrategy in this cases?

    kind regards

    • hi Helge
      The only limitation is size which is allowed by you in the backend. Please make sure It is greater than 100 Kb in backend and also the php settings allows this.

      Is there anyway to reporduce it, if yes, please let me know, that may be helpful. I have tested uploading upto 15MB on my server and it has worked, so it is mainly related to php settings/gallery settings as far as I think.

      • Hi Brasjesh,
        thank you for your great work and the fast answer. It seems to me that my problem depends on internet-connection via mobile access (UMTS/EDGE). May be this is a question of stability. With no interrupts file size doesn’t matter. This covers my direct observation because smaller pictures have a better chance to transfer.

        with regards

        p.s.: the observed interrupts are very very short

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Great plugin. Will be a great addition to my site.

    Do you have a test site where I can see how it works ?

    Does it provide an option to have gallery with Groups?

    • hi there
      Thanks for the comment.

      If you are a registered member here, please let me know, I will PM you the site(or let me know should I send the link to your email, I will send you the link to test site).

      I am not publishing the link to public to avoid heavy uploads of data.


  • Any plans on allowing video importing from sites like YouTube & Vimeo?

    It looks like the video portion of the plugin uses FlowPlayer (which doesn't support import yet), but thought I'd ask anyway.

    Video files can be super large so, I'd like to see the option to allow video import only, instead of bogging down my serverspace with user uploaded video.


    • hi Rone
      You are right about the Videos. It uses flower player at the moment.
      Currently, importing from Youtube is not available in the plugin. It will be in the version 1.1

      • Thanks for the reply. Glad to know it is coming. Does that mean that flow player is finally adding import support? I know they said it would be "sometime after Christmas 2009" when they did.

        Or are you switching to a different player?

        I use flowplayer on my site AND Longtail video so my users can import video as well. I'm think of phasing-out my flowplayer license because longtail is a little further along in terms of features.


      • Any idea on when are you going to release a stable version 1.1 of this plugin? I kind of need the Youtube functionality in order to use it on my site

        Thanks a lot Brajesh and keep on the good work =)

  • When it gets stable allow photo attachments on activity stream posts – extend the activity stream posting interface.

    • Thanks for the comment.
      I have already done it in a test install. But I may not be releasing that in Rc3, not yet sure whether It will be available in Rc3 or not as RC3 is due today afternoon, but is certainly to get before stable.

  • Hi Baresh,
    i've just updateted bp-gallery to rc2, all went fine, but when i change to gallary view i got this warning:

    Warning: Missing argument 8 for BP_Activity_Activity::get_id(), called in /mnt/webspace/02/33538/kamerun-kamerun.de/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/inc/business-functions-gallery.php on line 684 and defined in /mnt/webspace/02/33538/kamerun-kamerun.de/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-activity/bp-activity-classes.php on line 201

    do you have any idea how to fix it. If this warning doesn't matter, may be uncommenting this with @ – function parameter would be a soluton in the mean time.

    thank you for helping

    • Hi Helge,
      Have you updated the gallery plugin, This error was resolved in Rc2. Buddypress has added an extra field, which you just need to pass a "false" value as the last parameter. I Think, It was resolved as I am on Rc2 with Bp

  • Hi Brajesh,
    a friend of my social net wrote me this:

    I detect in gallery-output 3 dead a-tags (i marked it with ”to many a-tags”) because between start and end is nothing. The tags are empty. May be there is a reason i can’t understand. Please give me an idea. The tag-location are near class=gallery-cover and class=gallery-actions.


    • hi Helge
      Thanks for pointing. seems like I have misplaced some anchor tags in the output, that's why It is appearing. yes, I checked, the anchor tags are appearing as empty tags.
      I will fix it in next release Rc4/stable.

      Thanks for pointing πŸ™‚

  • when I upgraded to bp 1.2.3 bp gallery plugin caused a fatal error. I've fixed it now, but it was something about bp_is_member function on line 336 of business-functions-gallery.php does not exist. Thought you'd like to know. πŸ™‚

    • hi
      Thanks for joiningbuddydev and pointing it. In bp-gallery Rc4, I have addressed all these things. It is fully Buddypress aware now and will work even if you disable selective components like activity/groups/friends.
      well, if you disable buddypress then it will go silent and not cause any error πŸ™‚


  • Could there not be a web based upload too alongside with the flash based one? Many ppl are on smartphones and iPhones and such nowadays.

    • I agree with you about this point. It is a must feature in future version. currently, Rc4 is out and II am writing a long post about what Rc4 has, what will come in future and showcasing various plugins available as Bp-Gallery addon. So I expect to post the details today and will have a road map and everything πŸ™‚

  • Sounds superb. I have your gallery over att ReadySnapGo.com and it's cool, but lacks the web based upload. For now I use both the Album+ alongside with ur suberb plugin. Btw… I can't find the RC4 anywhere on this site. You hid it? lol Thx for the good work. Your plug is well worth the money.

    • hehe, thanks for the comment:)
      RC4 is available in the private forum, Please login to this site and check the forum, you will see the first post is for Rc4. I just released it yesterday πŸ™‚
      I am glad you liked this plugin. Certainly I am going to make it much better in future πŸ™‚

      Once my post is complete, I will be publishing the link on blog too πŸ™‚

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  • gwu #

    Does the admin have option to turn on/off gallery for users and groups. I would like to have a gallery just for groups.


    • Not yet, but can be done programatically via your functions.php, if you need more details, please do let me know in the forum.


  • ggg #

    Can you support XML-RPC Service for posting media via mobile wordpress apps!

  • Hello Brajesh,

    We have just downloaded this plugin (after joining for the premium membership)

    We tried to install the plugin from the downloaded zip: bp-gallery-rc4.zip

    However, we can't activate the plugin. It gives blank page after clicking on 'Activate' link for the plugin.

    We are using WordPress v2.9.2 & Buddypress v1.2.4.1

    Can you please guide us to make it work.

    Thanks & Regards,
    H Mehta
    Rapid Tech Design

    • hi Hardik
      Please use

      and also, upload using FTP , that will make sure it is uploaded completely. bp-gallery rc4 update 2 will work with bp

      Please make sure to follow the install instructions(logout after activating and then login again+move "gallery" to your theme).

      Is the problems still there? if yes, please open a topic in the forum.


  • Hi Brajesh,
    is there something new for presenting events in BP?

  • ggg #

    The mediafront platform is an open source (GPLv3) front end media solution for the web.
    the Open Standard Media (OSM) Player is an all-in-one media player for the web. It is an industry changing, open source (GPLv3) media player that is written in jQuery to dynamically deliver any type of web media, including HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flash.


    Maybe support it for gallery plugin

    • Thanks for the suggestion. It seems promising.
      Going to get more details on file format supported by this.
      I will be glad to include it if it supports the generally used file format.

  • Hi Brajesh, when I view an album, BP Gallery only shows 5 medias at a time. How can I change the amount of medias to show (preferably unlimited)?

    kind regards from Holland, Marcel

  • Just uploaded the latest version and got a blank page. I followed the directions to a T. I'm a new premium member. Please help.

    • hi
      Which version of wordpress/buddypress you are using.
      Please post the details in the forum.
      You will get a faster response in the forum and we will do our best to resolve it.

  • ggg #

    Support mobypicture.com for Distributing media via Mobypicture mobile then to BP gallery.
    Here’s the api: postMedia

    A user on twitter mobile app can upload to mobypicture then it gets posted to BP gallery via mobypicture api!

  • I have downloaded and installed the plugin. Works greeat only one problem…

    I am using the BP Column theme and it seems as though the gallery page is missing the left sidebar.

    Is there something I can do to fix this and make the gallery – three column rather then two? Rest of the site is three columns.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Please take a look at gallery/members/index.php and gallery/groups/index.php, You will need to slightly adapt the structure of these two files to adapt to your current theme.

      The easiest way is to just copy plugins.php from your current theme and move it to gallery/members, then copy the content in the content of "item-body" div to your copied plugin.php,delete index.php and rename the plugins.php to index.php.

      Other option will be just taking a cross look at the 2 index.php and with current member page/group page respectively, you can then look for the changes from current theme structure.

  • I installed this and i get click redirect back to profile every time I click gallery.

    Is there any way you could look into why on my test site?

    • Hi George,
      I am sorry, I missed your comment.
      You will need to move "gallery" folder from bp-gallery to your current theme.

  • I have tried adding :

    code to my files for default.

    looks like the theme bp-columns is throughout except the gallery.
    Not sure what else I can do???

    I love this gallery and it works perfect.

  • ended up adding code:

    to /gallery/ directory. Thx πŸ™‚

  • ended up adding code:

    to /gallery/ directory. Thx πŸ™‚ Works great!

  • Hi, I have installed this on my site, but seem to be having some issues. The gallery appears in groups e.g. http://www.fuckyeahhackney.com/beta/groups/photo-hackney/ but when I click on the gallery item in the navigation it just takes me home. I'm sure I have a setting wrong somewhere. Can you help?

  • oops, seen your comment above – moving my gallery folder to my default theme worked

  • Hi,
    Great job on this plug-in, but I am still have problem making it work.
    I followed all the instructions on who to install it but:

    – The gallery is not showing in firefox browser.
    – I was able to see the gallery in safari and google chrome, but when I try to create a new gallery so that I can upload image, videos and audio, I am not able to click on the Save Gallery button.

  • Hello,

    I love the plugin, especially coupled with Pretty Gallery, but I've run into a strange problem. I'm trying make a few final tweaks to the Gallery Directory, but nothing I do to the directory.php file affects the actual website. It's as if the site is ignoring that file and is instead running off a hidden, cached version. I've saved changes in both the wp-admin interface and offline, uploading the revised file by FTP. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin. No matter what I do to the directory.php file, the website refuses to change– it's stuck the way it was several days ago. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Mike,
      are you making the changes in your-theme/gallery/directory.php.

      It may be because you may be making the changes in either plugins/bp-gallery/gallery/directory.php or one of the caching plugin are enabled. Are you using any of the plugin w3 total cache or super cache. If yes, please login to dashboard and clear the cache.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I just downloaded Bp Gallery and followed the installation instructions.
    But when I click the create gallery from the profile page I don't get any screens and status in browser bar below says error in page!!

    Do I need to do anything else? I logged out and logged in in the above case!

    • Hi Venred,
      Which theme you are using. It seems a javascript conflict. If you are not using bp-default, please include jQuery ScrollTo plugin.

      Please do open a topic in Forum If the error is still there.


  • Hello Brajesh I would like to know if there is a way to compress media after upload? it would be awesome to include such functionality in future releases! What do you think?

    Light Bro

    • Hi Carlos,
      No, currently there is no way to do that. Can you please explain it a little more. I will interested into looking further.


  • can we have a feature where the pictures need admin approval before being posted in tot he website?

    • Thanks for the feature suggestion. will certainly consider in future.

  • Hello Brajesh! I am using the gallery plug-in (and works great in the uploading matter )in this site: http://indiefunda.com/ . This is a community where musicians are uploading their work. I want to know if it is possible embedding a mp3 player in any profile page and If it is compatible with the gallery plug-in. It's very crucial for our members to have their work available and visible for the visitors in first sight (that's why we want to show it in their profiles, cause, it's a bit technical for usual visitors to check the gallery. I also would like to know, if it is possible to know the exact number of how many times a song has been played from all users, so we can build later a top ten page. Best regards, Nikolas

    • Hi Nikolas,
      Is this something that might help. Please take a look at media embedder plugin, It allows to embed media anywhere.

      Also, are you looking for a widget to allow showcasing users media on their profile sidebar ? Please post in the forum with details and hopefully I will be able to put a widget easily for showcasing current users media on profile.

  • Can you add ratings, and sitewide gallery view page where all members can view all the pictures of members on the site?

    • Hi Lisas,
      thanks for the comment. Sorry for not adding the rating feature in current release. Please wait for the BuddyPress 1.3 for rating.
      The sidewide media page is available in forum. Please search for it in the forum or open a topic. will post a link.

  • Hi, I'm willing to join your premium club in order to get bp gallery but first there's something I would like to know… Is it possible for me to change the plugin's language? (The main visitors of my website will be portuguese, so I want to display the user options in portuguese for them)

    Thanks in advance and please keep up with the good work

    • Hi Joana,
      Sorry I missed your comment. Yes, you can change the language using the po/mo file.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I would like to use Bp-gallery, but before that I have a few important questions

    1- I want to disable audio and video gallery for users, and keep only photo gallery
    2- I want to have a group named music. members can join this group only by invitation.
    I would like to have all galleries including video, audio, and photo enabled for this group and only members can create and add galleries to this groups. non-members should not see the content of the groups and the galleries inside that group.
    I would like adding content to the galleries of that group will be shown in the activity stream of that group and members can see them and can put comment.

    Is it possible to configure your plugin in admin area as above.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ashpaza,
      All of this is possible with a little code as I replied in the forum. I am leaving this message for others.

  • This is the second plugin I've downloaded that doesn't work on our site http://www.slapcaption.com.

    When I click the Gallery button, I get a white screen – nothing else.

    • Hi Brian,
      Please move "gallery" to your current active theme.

  • I downloaded the plugin everything works fine till now, the thing is i get an update notification:
    There is a new version of BP Gallery available. View version 1.2.3 details or update now.
    When i click: View version 1.2.3 details Its saying about another plugin:
    Author: Caevan Sachinwalla
    Last Updated: 14 hours ago
    this is the plugin home page:

    I guess i should not update, but i why is this happening – is this plugin gonna have automatically updates?

    • Hi,
      Please do not upgrade to that plugin. We do not provide automatic upgrade at the moment. someone has published a plugin with same name causing the issue. We will have some fix in future to avoid the confusion.

  • I've had a premium account, downloaded the album plugin, and I wanted to upgrade it since you updated the plugin to a newer version.
    But…my membership expired. Does this mean I'm stuck with the old version, and as soon as I update buddypress and there breaks something I have to pay for a premium account again in order to update my plugin?

    • Hi,
      That is the way the membership acts here. You can keep using the plugin as long as you want. There is no restriction on that. Also, you get all the updates free till your membership is active.

      That helps us to minimize the cost of a plugin(we provide all for $30).

      Still, we do provide updates freely to the members who may not afford the membership at the moment. I have sent you the updated file by mail. Hope that helps.