BP Gallery status and current snapshots

Update:6th Feb 2010
BP-Gallery beta is released today.Please checkout for more here

Hi All, I know you have been waiting for this gallery for a long, and my bad I missed the deadlines horribly.
This post is to keep you all updated with the progress. Here are the screenshots from my current test setup(where I am using bp default template of bp 1.1.3).

Well, let us start with the things.
I will post here with an example of image gallery creation. Please remember, I am not done with the User interface yet, it is the only thing, blocking the gallery from public release and I am working hard on it. You will notice a few glitches in the UI here.

So Let us starts, I am logged as admin and when I go to my profile, I see the gallery link in my userbar menu. When you click on that gallery menu, It will bring the following screen

Because I don't have a Photo gallery so It says, There is not photo gallery and I click on create gallery button. It will bring a gallery creating screen using ajax as shown below.


You get here options to create a photo gallery/video gallery/audio gallery as shown below

and you can set the status of gallery as Public, private,friends only(the privacy option and the galley type option will depend on the current Owner object(in current case, It is user, gallery can be associated with event/group too)).

You can create as many gallery as your admin allows/space allows(I will show it later).
Now we go to the single gallery(though you can upload media from gallery home, I prefer the other way).
here is what you get.

And you can upload as many medias as you want here.
Once you are done with the upload, the media(I refer media as media can be image,videos/audios/other docs) will appear in the gallery you uploaded.
each gallery has its own pretty permalink like example.com/members/admin/gallery/my-galleries/test-image-gallery

Here is what you get once the media is uploaded to your newly created gallery.

If the gallery/media is public, It is recorded in your activity stream/sitewide activity stream.

And here is sitewide activity stream

When a user is logged in and is at his/her Gallery's home page, they can see the allocated space and used space as below

There are many more things, like the media wire posts to show here, but I think, I have posted enough image to make this post lengthy, so no more images for now.

Current Status

As you have already seen,

Gallery is being created, media can be added to any gallery. You can bulk upload media. If you are bulk uploading images, image title is generated from exif or iptc meta as available for the image(if none then from the image file name).

Media can be uploaded from local computer or can be from web and all others what ever I had mentioned in my previous post.

Why delayed :-

I am stuck with the user interface. I know It is important to release it asap but a better user interface from usability point of view will matter a lot and the current interface needs improvement.

So when expected :-

I am doing my best to put it online as soon as I can (man, you remember 2 days ago, I had a 24 hour work day only because of this gallery and then and went to sleep for another 24 hour πŸ˜€ ).

It can be anytime today/tomorrow/day after tomorrow, let me get a little bit satisfied with the interface.

NOTE:Β  For anyone, who want to join BuddyDev premium for accessingΒ  gallery, my sincere request, please wait, let this gallery come out and be released to public, then join, please do not join for the gallery before it is available on this site.

update Gallery is available as beta. checkout here https://buddydev.com/buddypress/bp-gallery-beta-available-now-download-test-and-enjoy/
For all existing members, you will will get 15 days added to your existing subscription as a small compensation for the delayed gallery(I know, the time can not be compensated but I am trying to do which is under my control).

If you have any questions, please let me know in comments, I am here to help.



84 Responses to BP Gallery status and current snapshots

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  • thanks a lot !!!

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Thanks for this post!
    The gallery seems very excellent!
    I'm so exited to test it!! πŸ™‚

    Courage… last days πŸ˜‰

    • hi Hugo
      Thanks for the support and the kind words.
      I will be p[osting more updates today late night(with video too).

      yeh, I am also very excited to make it available asap.

  • I am looking forward to getting this installed and operational on multiple sites that I am currently working on.

    Brajesh, thank you for the update. I have been checking every day and I thank you for the extension to the subscription. Yes, I did register earlier as a commitment to your expertise and knowledge. I know that I could not create this plugin and I appreciate that you are contributing to the worldwide community in this matter.

    Just keep yourself healthy so that there are no delays because of health.

    May God bless and strengthen you and give you wisdom and knowledge to find the bugs and squash them ASAP.

    • hi Roy
      Thanks for the comment. yes, I remember you checking bak daily(through the comments you left).My bad, I missed the deadlines, but I have done everything to make it more acceptable and versatile. I am sure you will be able to use it easily on multiple sites even if you are using different themes. It should be very easy to theme and I will be posting the complete documentation later once I get this done, which will be very soon.

      Thanks for the kind comment. I have planned to extend the subscription as I knew many of you joined for gallery and It will be unjustifiable for me to charge for the time, when I am not able to deliver, once gallery is up, I will extend the subscriptions and inform you all individually πŸ™‚


  • Looking forward to this! Will we be able to tweak the design with custom CSS?


    • hi James
      Thanks for the comment. yes, you will be able to tweak the layout/css/design.

      I will be posting the complete documentation once the gallery is up.


  • just take your time.
    Does not make sense to release it before BP 1.2 gets released.

    All the best !

    • hi Rick
      Thanks for the comment.
      Trying my best now to come out as soon as possible.

      Will keep here updated with the details.


    • Actually it makes a lot of sense, we need it πŸ™‚

  • Guys visit the forum for a more indepth discussion and a chance to give some input about the user interface for this plugin πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Bowe for the comment here,Your design suggestion is awesome, Thanks a ton Man πŸ™‚

      I do request everyone to check the forum for suggestions.

      If you can not post there in the forum, please leave a reply here in comments with suggestions, I will highly appreciate that πŸ™‚

    • @bowromir – your mock up is very nice!

      I am not sure about using the new default theme as maybe many sites will use it. I do prefer the horizontal menu structure, however, the vertical would be ok if the area beneath the menus was widgetized.

      I do hope, with some help, to perhaps morph the CosmicBuddy into a theme with horizontal menus similar to the new default. Time will tell.

    • Seconding Brajesh. Bowe, kudos for the mockups.

  • Be sure to make it work well with latest trunk of bp default theme.

    • hi Jed
      Thanks for the comment. As Bowe mentioned above, Yes, I am going to put the theme/plugin for bp 1.2 now before bp 1.3. We are working on for the gallery and Bowe's work is most commendable πŸ™‚

      If you have suggestions about the user interface, please let me know here or in the forum.

  • I am not sure, why I cannot post in the forums… but it all lookes already very promising and I agree almost with everything that is stated so far in the forum. Great mockup!

  • Oh another thing not to forget: To me it is very important that the whole thing is translatable (and hopefully someone with more expertise than me will do that for the german speaking community)!

    • hi
      Thanks for the comments.
      yes, It is translatable with the text-domain 'bp-gallery'. I hope It should be easily translatable once the file is available and po/mo is generated πŸ™‚

  • When is this being Released? Its passed 2 weeks already… Thanks for your work. Would love to use it.
    Thanks Again

    • hi Iftekhar
      Thanks for your interest in the plugin. I am sorry about those delays, I understand your concerns, but consider, we are going to have more features now. The audio, video all embedded. I hope a little bit wait is worth it.

      I will be posting more updates today late night, with a working gallery for bp 1.2, which will have inline commenting, activity comments and many more things.

      I assume I will be going for a private beta with a few members here in next 1-2 days and then for the public release. Again, I am not promising it as a deadline because I have missed those in past, but let me assure you, It is on the verge of completion, 1-3 days are my assumptions for now.

      and my update of this post today will itself speak about it.

      Please check back tomorrow for more updates.


      • Would love to be a part of the beta. The site I'm working on, and which we want your plugin in for, is currently using the latest trunk build of bp 1.2, so if you need lots of 1.2 testing we are your site.

        • sure
          I will inform you in forums in 1-2 days with the link.

      • Do count me in for the beta test as well, Brajesh. I won't go bananas, I promise :=0

        • hehe, you will be the first one to test this gallery I am sure about that πŸ™‚

  • I need to look into a solution to host with a CDN provider to handle the storage of pictures and videos by the users. I know there is a plugin somewhere but will it be flexible with this solution.

    Hope your gallery plugin will be able to offer a link to the video externally to preview under the same gallery. Looking forward to see them out in public!

    • hi Jed
      I will look into this remote storage, It should not be a problem, using 3-4 filters and replacing upload function should solve the issue.

      If you can let me know about the other plugin, I can look into it and see whether it is easy or not.

      I will be happy to support remote uploading(but not in this version now, as It is almost complete and I don't want to delay it anymore). May be I can do that specifically for your needs/others as a separate small addon for the gallery.

      I am using flowerplayer for now, and It seems much powerful. I will keep you posted with details as soon as the gallery comes in next couple of days.


  • Hallo,

    your plugin looks very nice. Is it also compatible with the new BP 1.2, or is this to early? Is there a german language file availible?

    Best Regards


    • hi Chris
      This is compatible with bp 1.2(but not yet available for download). A language file will be available after the release within next couple of days.


  • Is this going to work with the new 1.2 theme?

    • hi Glowstixx
      Yes, this is going to work with bp 1.2.


      • Will it work with the new theme, the one currently used on testbp.org?

  • Hey Brajesh,

    If you want i can translate it in french…


    • Thanks Hugo
      That's great, It will be of great help.

      Looking forward to it after release.

  • I can do dutch translation btw.. πŸ™‚

    • hehe, that's great Bowe, I already owe you so much for the UI, looking forward to it now πŸ™‚

  • Beta-Testing… I want it, too :-)!

    • sure Michael
      Will be informing tomorrow evening about the beta(that is for bp 1.2 specific).

      • Sounds good! So . . . what is the best way to get bp 1.2? I really don't want to have to download each file from the svn. Isn't there an easier way?

        I am using Windows Server on some sites and in my home office and I don't know anything about using svn on a windows box.

        • hi Roy
          You can download from trac if you don't have experience with SVN.
          open this page.
          Browse to the bottom and you will see a link saying download zip archive, that will allow you to download the current truck.

          But I will advise to use svn for easy upgrades later. Tortoise SVN is great for windows and works like a charm. just try it.

        • Coincidentally I googled svn after posting and found TortoiseSVN right away and I have begun using it. It is very good, but will take a bit of time to understand. I did not instantly understand it, but I am learning.

          I was successful at downloading, but I downloaded the whole trunk not realizing that there was a zip file to download. I will look for that.

          The first site I am going to use this photo plugin at is the604adventure.org. I will be creating numerous galleries for events, trips, people, etc. I am hoping that the photos are all accessible through links by category or tags or person in photo, etc.

          I would like to help with the beta if that is possible.

  • ggg #

    Very impressive,and job well done.. What video player are you going to use for media output, can It be very easy to theme for custom theme?
    Please don't forget the Facebook tag styling.
    Also, this a feature maybe for mobile users, release an api like twitpic so that it can be using with other mobile apps like twidroid.

    Or please can you create a plugin for twidroid which would be a great hit on the BP mobile users.

    Twidroid supports plugins to allow android developers extend the core functionality with features such as sharing with other services or integrating your own url shortener.

    FYI: http://twidroid.com/plugins

    • The video player Brajesh uses is Flowplayer.. which is indeed very easy to customize!

      • ggg #

        Thats good, what about flag button?

  • ggg #

    Once again, test it on bp 1.2 to the max before release and don't give out release date until it has been tested out in beta members.

    Also, can you add it to ping.fm : Ping.fm is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap!


    The reason am suggesting this is because users are using iphones or android more than ever and its the future for web usage!

    • hi
      Thanks for the comment and the suggestions will certainly look into them and yes, I take your advise seriously about bp 1.2. It will be first private beta for a few of our community and based on their feedback, It will go to public, I will make more announcements tomorrow about the bp 1.2 as It is working with that for now.

  • ggg #

    This page will explain the features and benefits of the custom URL feature on Ping.fm (http://ping.fm/custom/). It will also show you some examples of use to help you get started.

    FYI: http://groups.google.com/group/pingfm-developers/web/working-with-a-custom-url

  • I was not expecting an extension to my membership, which I consider a very kind gesture on your part Brajesh.

    I am a hobbyist when it comes to WordPress/Buddypress, and joined your community because i see great potential for the future. I look foreword not only this highly anticipated plug-in, but the many projects to come, and maybe, just maybe, pick up some advice in the forums along the way.

    Keep up the great work.

    • hi Nicholas
      Thanks for the comment.
      I will certainly work on the plugins discussed in forum and they will not take much time(as this has taken). Just waiting releasing this plugin as perfect one and then will be working on them quickly.

      Thanks for being part of BuddyDev, I look forward to assist you in future too πŸ™‚

  • ggg #

    Automate post to twitter when user uploads media if in public mode.
    View counter
    Recent viewers

  • Hi! Just wonder how the progress is going. I've missed this extension a lot. Keep up the really good work!

    • hi Mattis
      Thanks for the comment.
      This plugin is my first priority and I am glad to say, It can be available anytime soon.
      It is working with bp 1.2 and I am planning updated here too with the current screenshots/demo in next 1-2 days.

      • Hey Brajesh, so, where is this going to?

        need help ?

        …. jut an advice… stop announcing a release for in 1-2 days, it's been 3 months you're doing it, so just announce it once it is done, you're making people wait for you, adding some stress for no need… πŸ˜‰

        … listen to the elder!

        • hey nexia
          Thanks So much for the advice, you know I am in the developer's syndrome, It looks I am completing it in next 2 days, then some more perfection which is continuing.
          I will take your advice seriously πŸ™‚

  • This plugin is taking long..im sure ur working hard on it Brajesh. Keep it up

  • Is there a german language file availible?

  • I am one of those who wish to upgrade because of the gallery. Just one bit of concern. I am not sure if it's my browser. I am using the latest firefox browser. My problem is the site – this site is not loading perfectly with overlapping characters and images. There are also instances when the site does not load at all. I do not mean to be rude, but If you mean to offer premium paid membership with premium plugins and stuff, i really think that it would do the site well and the developers of course if the site itself: buddydev.com is perfectly made. I think that is basic marketing. How can the site earn the confidence of members and its first time visitors, and assuage their fears for delayed releases, if the site itself has problems. I mean, Brajesh has quite a good reputation judging from the reviews and comments I've been reading about him; but everytime I visit the site and seeing it in its present state, it gives me a nagging doubt about whether it's worth upgrading the membership.

    Just an honest advice.

    • hi jgrandea
      Thanks for the comment and the advice, yes, I Know the site has problems while using on non windows PC, and I do love Linux and use it, so I see the problems.

      We will be upgrading the site in mid of Feb and test it on other browsers and make sure the issues are resolved.

      For hosting and speed, I will be putting the Supercache plugin, This site is hosted over shared server and we may move to dedicated, but currently We can not afford a dedicated/vps for it.

      Anway, I will do my best to improve it by the mid of Feb.
      Thanks again, I appreciate your honest advice.

  • I know the feeling Brajesh. The original BP roadmap was 1.2 stable by Dec. 2009 and even included a Photo Gallery. But that's life. Continuous improvements by BP Team to BP code are worth the wait for the stable version but still an agony for the developer πŸ™‚

    What you have done at this time with your Gallery's alpha release that I have tested is already amazing, considering all the ongoing code changes in BP πŸ™‚ Some more debugging, crossing fingers for the BP 1.2 stable version sooner than later, and you're done πŸ™‚

    Congratulations Brajesh!

    • hi Mercime
      Thanks for the comment. I hope to improve on alpha and make it much better. Thanks for your support, you rule πŸ™‚

  • I really would like to test the alpha etc… but you moved the topic (with all the links) to private and I cannot see that (although I am logged in). I really would appreciate access to it. Thanks
    Really looking forward to see what you have created!

    • hi Michael
      I did not mean to be rude or anything. I moved the topic to save the havoc. You know, since it was a premature release to keep my words with the members, I have even asked them to wait for full testing before beta. I will make the things public as beta is available (hopefully tomorrow). If you don't mind, Please wait one more day.

      @all, Please wait till I officially announce beta, this alpha is not fully tested and I can confirm it is not working smoothly. So, Please wait for a solid beta which is sure to be available in next couple of days, as we are privately doing alpha.

  • Will it work with the new theme, the one currently used on testbp.org?

    • currently it only works with the bp-default of buddypress 1.2, i.e the theme you see on testbp.org

      I have updated the theme/code to support bp 1.2 default theme only for now. I have a major announcement coming soon, you will see all the things then.


      • Bob #

        I'm using a custom theme based on bp-default. Thus I assume it should work with my custom theme?

        What things in bp-default does the plugin depend upon that may not be in say bp-sn-parent?

        • hi Bob
          Thanks for the comment.
          Yes, It will work with any child theme of bp-default theme(bp 1.2).

          This plugin is not dependent on any theme, The thing is currently I won't be supplying template for bp-sn-parent in the first release.

          It can be made to work with bp-sn-parent, that will need a different template for gallery.

          The only difference is the template structure, currently I have created the template for bp-default, but I can provide a template for bp-sn-parent if required, It will involve changing in template not in the plugin.


  • No news about when this plugin will be ready?

    • hi Luis
      As Chris already mentions below, I have released a private beta yesterday, I have reports of uplodify script not playing well with the Mac/Linux.
      So currently moving the uploder from uploadify to swfupload.
      Expect a public beta today after tests. I will update here on the post around 6 AM PSt about the status.

  • Hi Luis,
    Brajesh has been working hard on this and has released the beta for subscribers in the private forums. He's still improving but I've been able to load audio and photos so far without problems. Haven't tried videos yet though.

  • THAKS A LOT !!!

  • Am awaiting for the BP orkut style site theme to be updated and the BP gallery becomes stable with that tweetmeme feature before I join.
    Any update on both?

    • hi there
      Sorry for delayed reply.
      Cosmic Buddy is almost updated, should be released today/tomorrow.
      Then gallery stable in next few days πŸ™‚

  • That's good,please can you add tweetmeme feature which is important for sharing photos.

    • Yes, you had pointed it earlier and it will come as an option in stable, you can enable/disable it from the admin.

  • ggg #

    Keep up the great work.. and in time make the gallery easy to add in ping.fm,
    So that users can use service that makes updating your social networks a snap!

  • I was wondering when this will go stable? Thanks!

    • hi Giovanni Gonzalez
      Now we are not adding any new features, just consolidating/enhancing the existing one for 1.0 release. So by end of April, It will go stable.


  • Any update on when version 1.0 will be out? Still have no delete option in the gallery. Thanks.

  • Liz #

    Hi Brajesh,
    Does this plugin work with Buddypress 1.2.7 WordPress 3.0.4?

  • Liz #

    I'm asking about the eventpress gallery, sorry!

    • Yes, that does work with gallery v1.0.1+.
      Please download that from plugin section.