Bp Gallery: The ultimate photo gallery for your BuddyPress powered site

Update BP Gallery is available for download. Checkout here for more details.

NOTICE: If you are registering specifically for BP-gallery, please do not proceed with the paid membership, until this plugin is released. As pointed in one of the comments, I do not want to create any ill feeling here. So If you are registering only for this plugin, please wait and let me release it first.

Update: Yes, if you wish you can join Buddydev premium now, as a beta is available in forums(only accessible to BuddyDev premium members). Today, Feb 5, 2010, I will put a more detailed post with the plugin here around 7-9 AM PST. So if you want to be the first one to test gallery. Join Buddydev premium now.

For current status,please check here https://buddydev.com/uncategorized/bp-gallery-status-and-snapshots/

Update: Due to some improvements as suggested by mercime and Bowe, The release is delayed by 1-2 days now. I am sorry, But I need to make sure everything works perfectly before going live and the most important thing for me is ensuring high performance and better code. So pardon me for this inept step, I look forward to update you again tomorrow, if I am able to complete the code refraction and a few major changes I wish to see in the gallery today. After all, I said It is ultimate, so It has to be ultimate with features :). If you have any suggestions for the features, please leave a comment today, so I may be able to include it before going for the first beta.

Bp Gallery is the ultimate photo gallery plugin for your buddypress site. Currently, there exists no comparable gallery plugin at the moment for buddypress. You will love the features. Let me point now.

Basic features

  • Each and every section is completely themable
  • Ajaxified uploads
  • Drag and drop re-ordering of galleries
  • Drag and Drop reordering of Images inside gallery
  • Move images from one gallery to other with ease
  • Ajaxified creation of gallery
  • Unlimited galleries(or limited by site administrator)
  • Privacy for galleries(set public, private, friends only)
  • Wire comments for images

For site admin:

  • Limit the size of uploads for users
  • Limit Number of galleries per user
  • Set maximum, thumbnail, medium image size
  • Easily themebale, change the look and feel to match your wonderful site

What is expected in the next version

  • Image tagging like the facebook
  • Resizing of image on the fly

Image tagging will be available before Christmas 🙂

What's More

I will show examples to integrate the gallery with at least 2 slideshow scripts, so your user gallery can be viewed as normal as well as sideshow. Also, I will be providing ready made templates for bp-default(the new bp-default for bp 1.2) and the old bp-sn-parent. Those are just the bonus stuff 🙂 and this is not all the features list, I will update this post again tomorrow with more features, Once I am done with the gallery, documentation/demo.

Update: date:December, 30, 2009

We are almost there with the gallery.Because of the requests I got via email and comments. I have decide to extend the version 1.0. It will now incorporate following features too

  • Gallery Can have multiple admins/users who can upload files
  • Gallery can be associated with Buddypress Gropus
  • You can create audio/video/image gallery
  • It can be extended to add any type of media(It may be your doc file or what ever) using custom plugins
  • A gallery can be associated with any entity be it group/event or what ever(Group support is inbuilt)
  • You can upload files as usual or just use links for the gallery media content
  • High level of privacy settings
  • and there are a few more options which will allow its wide adoption

If you are looking for a demo, It will be available by 1st January 2009, and The gallery will be available for public download then.

A few other features, I am working, but Not sure will be able to accommodate or not in version 1.0

  • Zip upload (say you upload a zip file containing images and It will be  automatically added to the gallery)
  • Image tagging(The difficult part is detection of correct face/object though)
  • Rating of media(allow rating by other users)
  • and if you want, let me know in comments, I will go for a few more features.

Please check current status here https://buddydev.com/uncategorized/bp-gallery-status-and-snapshots/

Want to Download gallery, download it from here
Wishing you all a very very Happy and prosperous New year

99 Responses to Bp Gallery: The ultimate photo gallery for your BuddyPress powered site

  • Also, I will be providing ready made templates for bp-default(the new bp-default for bp 1.2) and the old bp-sn-parent.

    Ah Brajesh, you are brilliant! I am using WPMU 2.9 beta 2 with BP1.2-bleeding to prepare for soft launch mid-January so you have here a willing beta tester 🙂 I'm almost teary-eyed that I don't have to work on the Gallery3 integration with all the almost daily trunk upgrades for WPMU and BP and adjusting the child themes, lol.

    1. What folder/s will the uploaded media go to in server?
    2. Will users be able to upload images via BP only and via their blogs (if they have one)?
    Or, if uploading is via BP only right now in your plugin, will users who have blogs be able to access the BP media gallery to post an image/gallery in their blogs (all with BP child themes) via shortcode or something?
    3. More questions later 🙂

    • hi mercime
      Thanks for the kind comments 🙂

      I will be glad to have you testing these things 🙂

      Currently, the image files are going like this
      So for User having Id 2, It goes to wp-content/blogs.dir/1/gallery/2/images files

      I am planning to enhance though in 2 ways(thinking to use gallery slug /gallery Id to separate the user uploaded images to varius galleries)
      gallery/$user_is/$gallery_slug_or_id/images in that gallery.
      Also, Planning to allow the admin to change the location if needed(No sure, If i will be able to implement this in beta version)

      Currently, Uploading is bp only and I am looking forward to allow users to upload from blog and also insert an image in blog posts, if he/she wants using some short code. ahh I see this was your question. So I say, yes, They will be able to insert images in their blogs.

      more questions please 😀

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  • Hi Brajesh,

    This will be a amazing plugin and I can wait to test it… I think one of the most important things is indeed linking images to post.. An idea to handle this could be adding a options to the WordPress Media Manager where you can select pictures from your BP-Gallery photos. This way it will be a smooth integration with the normal blogs and users do not need to use shortcodes!

    Another suggestion: Let users select a profile photo from their uploaded photos. When a users clicks on "Make this picture my profile photo" he can crop the picture and use as its BP avatar!

    Those are the only things I can think off!

    • Thanks Bowe for the great suggestions. Highly appreciated.
      I look forward to implement these too 🙂 .
      Currently experimenting with ajax uploading for bulk uploads and better user interaction. Will be updating the gallery today(Hopefully), after giving it a fine look.

    • Bowe – interesting thoughts but remember that this plugin seems to be trying to bring on board to BP the fabulous Facebook picture social functionality. For writing blog posts, there's still the WP image functionality. Integrating the 2 would be nice but I am not sure the most important thing. Of all the best BP use cases out there, they aren't trying to create networks of blogs, in fact many have turned off this feature. BP continues to excite because it lets us all create social networks of which use blogs remain somewhat minor


      • That's true Mike.. I think that in the near future a lot of sites will use BP to create a social network without even considering stand alone Blogs for it's users.. So the feature of adding photos to their blogpost from their gallery might seem not that important for some. But in my case it would be very important, since I expect a lot of my users to start a blog, and if they would need to upload their media for their blogs and profiles twice, it would mean a lot of double data, which could be potentially become a huge problem on a site with several thousands of users.

        I do realize these type of sites (big userbase, focus on blogs) might become a minority with the BP running on single WP stuff on the way, but I still think it would be a much needed feature for those sites who still focus on blogs 🙂

        It won't be long before users can start writing blogs from the front-end Buddypress profile and then these kind of functionalities like inserting media from their gallery becomes even more useful and might give a boost to blogging on any social network site!

        Can't wait to try the plugin and I'm very confident that Brajesh delivers a killer plugin. The feature list looks amazing so far!

        • Good point, Bowe. One question: When you say "write blogs" do you really mean "write blog posts" ? And if that's the case is it possible that that action might be taken over by some other method within the bP sphere? To me, have your own blog means all that goes with managing a blog ie theming, doing your own categorization of posts, etc Sort of doing your own thing but just inside of someone's community.

          Trying to see from what approach you are coming

      • I could not reply to your last post Mike, so Instead I reply on this one:

        My "vision" of the Blog components is that in the near future it will become so much easier for BP members to maintain their blog. Currently users will need to go to a seperate admin panel where they have massive amounts of options to choose from. While this can be cool for some experienced bloggers, it's not that great for a regular user. But there is hope on the horizon:

        1: Publish posts from front-end (on the BP Roadmap for 1.3 and already available as a beta plugin

        2: Choose Blog theme on Blog creation: https://buddydev.com/plugins/buddypress-premium-plugins/allow-users-to-select-a-blog-theme-while-signing-upcreating-a-blog-on-your-buddypress-powered-social-network/ Allows users to select a blog theme and so they do not need to go into the admin panel.

        3: Default Widgets which can be set by an admin. Also in the works here:


        Now you have all the basic stuff needed to set up a fully featured blog, without all the additional hassle.

        Users can choose a theme, publish posts and have some handy widgets installed and they're on their way!

        Finally I would like to allow the user to switch to Advanced Mode which brings them to the WP Admin panel where they can fully configure their widgets, theme options and what not..

        I think that this could become a very useful addition to my site and it will make blogging easy for my new members and extremely advanced for my Pro members!

        Hope I explained myself clearly Mike 🙂

        • Which beta plugin are you referring to for the publishing from a front end? I'm currently using posthaste but don't have options for media attachments.

        • @Symm2112


          Very early version.. haven't tested it yet!

        • The Quickpress plugin is really just the same as having that from the admin menu. I used posthaste and was able to use the faq's to embed the front end to my template so that it works without having to go to any links. It's very similar to the p2 theme but the only problem is that it doesn't have the ability for the images, which the quickpress plugin you pointed me to has the same problem.

  • "I need to make sure everything works perfectly before going live and the most important thing for me is ensuring high performance and better code."
    Take your time, Brajesh. I know that if something's not quite working yet, I would postpone launch myself 🙂

  • I have sign up for the 3 months membership, I would like to download this for my site. Where do I go to?


    By the way, would you adding features to allow video upload like this one @


    • hi Travel
      Thanks for signing up for the membership(you have got 1 month extra because of Christmas offer , 3+1=4 months subscription 🙂 )

      This gallery component is not yet available for download, please download other components for the time being.
      It will be available today or latest by tomorrow in the download section. I will drop you a mail then.

      Currently, this gallery will not allow uploading of videos, but yes, after the Chat plugin, I will be working on media gallery, which will allow uploading videos/images, adding images/videos from various networks. I will be announcing about that later, once we are done with the current components updating.


  • Is it possible to add a hook to one of the events plugins that will allow for uploading or attaching photos to events? That seems like such a natural place to allow people to link photos I don't understand why it is not an included feature.

    Also, what about the option to upload from a phone? Seems when people are at an event they might want to take a picture and upload it straight to the blog or gallery. What do you think?

    • hi RoyDean
      Thanks for the comment.
      well, It will depend upon the particular event plugin, if they allow hook, perhaps, an upload option can be added/a group gallery can be associated to the event.

      As far as uploading from phones, is concerned, people should be able to do that, if they can browse the site.


  • ggg #

    Where's the demo of this plugin

    • hi ggg
      I have not set ups a demo publicly yet for this plugin.
      Please check back tomorrow for the working demo.
      I am hopeful to put it as a new year gift here 🙂


  • Hi, When will this be ready? this is only for premium members??

    • hi Andrew
      Thanks for the comment.
      It will be available for public download from 1st of january.
      I have updated the gallery(which I mentioned) on the request of mails/comments.
      Now It will allow any media type(that includes audio/video/image/any other type)
      Also, It has the option for local storage, but now I am adding for remote support for the media.

      I am updating the post in a few minutes to list what other features I have added and what should be expected in 1.0 of this plugin.

      yes, It will be available for premium members only as of now.


      • thats great! sounds good..keep up the great work..great features! 🙂 one more question, will this work for bp 1.2??

        • Thanks.
          yes, It will work with bp 1.2.
          I am looking forward for release which is compatible with bp1.1.3 and bp 1.2(well currently the trunk) version too 🙂

  • This BP Gallery is shaping up to be a blockbuster 🙂 and is reading almost like a Gallery3 application. Go, go, go Brajesh!

  • Brajesh – I am a believer in your Gallery project so I contributed by joining Premium. I look forward to installing and testing it out. It is critical for our site and, as such, I am happy/willing to test and help development.


    • hi Mike
      Thanks so much for joining the Premium Club.

      Looking forward to a beta release tomorrow. I look forward to your feedbacks then.

      Thanks again for joining the premium 🙂

  • Jumping the gun here but, if you're going to add ability to upload zip for the next version, could you add an enable/disable switch if site admin doesn't want zip uploads?

    Curious, does the plugin recognize the settings placed in Site Admin > Options
    -"Upload File Types" (I don't want any docs or docx's) and
    -"Max File Upload Size" per file
    or do the settings in BP Gallery override what was set there. For that matter, I foresee that "Blog upload space" will have to increased for the blog_id where BP/BP Gallery is installed.


    • hi mercime
      You are quiet right.
      I need to add a few filters in admin for allowed file types/zipp is allowed/remote content is allowed or not.

      This plugin Can recognize that, but I will do it as a custom to make a little bit more flexibility. As you may want to allow doc files on blog but not in gallery.

      As for upload,currently I am storing the file in root blogs upload dir(the same is done by buddypress other components) but I am positive on allowing site admins to move this directory out of root blogs upload space.

      Currently I am using Site Admin->options ->"Max File Upload Size" as a limit. What do you suggest.Should I keep that or put it as another option in gallery admin.

      and yeh, I am so excited, so stressed, because I am about to release it on 1st for beta 🙂 Looking forward to suggestions and trying to accommodate as much as possible in the first beta 🙂

      • Thanks for thinking about the custom upload of doc/docx files, no rush though 🙂

        Re: "Blog Upload Space" and ”Max File Upload Size”
        It's more about a reminder to myself/site admin to increase space for the option, Blog Upload Space, and another reminder to tell users that Max File Upload Size is 2mb or whatever I set it to – so a user will resize the images or set their digcameras settings to lower, before trying to upload 200 5000px x 4000px jpg's. I can see that happening even with an advisory 🙂

        For this Gallery version, my suggestion is to yse native WPMU settings first. Site Admins can keep Blog Upload Space to 20MB per blog and Max File Upload Size to 2mb in Site Admin > Options for all blogs. Site Admins can always change the settings for upload space and upload size for main site through Site Admin > Blogs > Edit link panel.

        It's party time. Happy New Year!

  • Thanks for all the hard work. I've been trying to adapt the Smashing Multimedia theme for a sub blog to host videos for the fan site for a band that we've been working on but since I've been following the updates on this and I see the new features that have delayed it, I think I won't have to anymore.

    I'm excited for this and have already joined premium in anticipation for this plugin. One question: I assume that users will be able to have galleries in their user profile. will there also be an option to have like a centralized gallery that will host all public galleries/photos/videos from all users aggregated as well? Also, I saw the plans for the new version to be able to pull in content from flickr/youtube. Will that be available in this version or is that still forthcoming?

    Thanks for all your hard work! I'm also trying to adapt and work on Cosmic Buddy theme but having some issues with it but so far, that's the most complete and adaptable theme for something similar to a magazine theme that I've seen. Great work!

    • hi
      Thanks so much for the comment and joining the buddydev premium.
      I have been trying my best to accommodate as much useful features in the first release as possible.

      Yes!, It delayed it a little bit, but I am still happy as I am going to put a software which will deliver more than what I have promised.

      For your questions
      Yes, you mean directory for sitewide gallery/images, I think, I am putting in.

      The features for including videos/images from youtube/flicker is inbuilt, but I may not be able to prove the interface this time. My main goal was, the database structure should allow all of this, which I already accomplished. So, It will be just a matter of templating now, and not dependent on the gallery.

      Thanks for adapting Cosmic Buddy. Please let me know your issues in the forum, I will be glad to assist.
      btw, since you have already joined buddydev premium, you will be able to access at least 3 themes(which are upcoming, just after gallery) of which 2 are magazine themes. So I hope to celebrate January as a month of Theme 🙂

  • @all
    Wishing you all a very very happy new year! Hope you are enjoying the Party!.

    I am positive on releasing gallery today, there are some work left though, and It has yet to be given a final touch, so I hope any time late in PST, I will be able to put it online today.

    Thanks again

  • Brajesh,

    I have made a commitment via the basic bpdev dev membership and I am hoping that you are able to release these great sounding plugins within the 3 month time frame.

    Were you able to get the bp-gallery uploaded yesterday? Please tell me where I go to download.

    Also interested in providing beta testing services if you need other support of help please let me know. I will do what I can.

    • hi there
      Thanks for Joining The BpDev Premium.
      I highly appreciate it.

      I was not able to upload gallery, as I discovered a few bugs my self and currently working on them.
      So I am not promising anything about today, I hope to make it available now on/before 4th January .

      The real thing is before opening beta, I fear that I must have everything in its place to have minimal bug reports and I should be easyliy able to port it to RC1 in the next 2-4 days of releasing.

      I have put in place the hooks for associating gallery with any other object(be it event or other) and since you have purchased a Dev membership, I am going to put a separate plugin,which will allow Bp-gally to be used with events.

      I will certainly let you know as soon as i am able to update the beta here and I will put a comment too and send a mail to everyone.

      Hope you all , will not mind waiting another 2 days, Please pardon my shortsightedness with the time frame.


      • Understood, Brajesh.

        Jumping the gun here again …

        1. Hotlink prevention –
        – for this version – instruction/reminder for adding code in .htaccess
        – for next version – auto generate code for hotlink prevention.

        2. Flickr, Picasa, photos …
        – for next version – ability for user to include get specific rss image streams (not actual images to server) of their photos from their Flickr/Picasa/Facebook accounts into their BP album. They could choose which album from respective account to include RSS from.

        That's it for now 🙂

        Happy New Year!

  • Hi Brajesh,
    Any updates on the plugin? I know that you're taking the time now to remove any bugs rather than release something that people pick apart so please don't think that anyone is rushing you. I just wondered if you had any new ETA for it.

    Thanks for all you do.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I a new for Premium Member and i am attending this plugin.
    Hope you can release the beta tomorrow!

    Thx for your job

    • hi Hugo
      Thanks for the comment and joining. I could not do anything today as I got caught by the heavy cold while traveling to my office.
      I do look forward to tomorrow as I am getting a little bit relived from headache now.


  • This plugin looks like a scam aimed at getting you to pay out $30 while the authpor continues to stall the release of the plugin.

    • hi Jeff
      Thanks for your concern.
      If you feel this is a scam, I would not have approved your comment.
      yes, I have been asking the people to register but not only for this plugin, and I am not telling you that you must register before the plugin is released.You may register if you wish or let the plugin come out and register then.

      As far as registrations are concerned are are less than 15 paid regs till date, and if anyone believes this is scam I am more than Happy to return their money.Just drop a comment here or post in the forum.

      Initially the plugin got delayed because I kept on adding features, then went through the rewriting of code.
      I would better tell you to not register until the plugin is released(and you are not registered as far as I know).

      @all, as you may be knowing, this is delayed too much and if you have followed me on twitter you might be knowing the reasons, I already posted here/twitter a few days ago.
      It is due and It will be available soon, but I request you all to please do not register until the plugin is available, as It will not put me under pressure . I do feel bad as I have delayed it too much now, so Please DO NOT Register for this plugin Until it is formally available.


    • update from my previous comment. I have updated the post to address your concerns, please read the first line of post(I hope most people will do that and thanks for giving vent to your concerns as It has reminded me of my responsibility better 🙂 and I think, there may be many people thinking the same as you, so just updated to reflect current situation better.)

  • Hi Brajesh!

    Whats'up? I know you are consciencious and you want to release an AWESOME plugin (and it take time to do it, i know…) but can you give us a good date for the release? i paid premium member for this plugin only and i think its normal because you work hard on it. But i'm attending it to release a big project and i cant without it! I have partners who tell me "when you release it??" lol and … I don't know.

    Can you give me more information about time… You dont have a small beta without all functionnalities?

    Thank you for your job


    • hi Hugo
      Thanks for the comment and concern.
      I appreciate your help and understanding.

      Well, for your partner, you can safely assume it will be available for you and running on your site by 10th of this month. So, you can estimate the time for your project accordingly.

      This is finally going to be a practical deadline(I have already missed it horrendously in past, so This time I am much careful before saying anything). A demo will be available by 9th January 2010(PST 2PM),The script will be available for download here, but I may not be able to put a developer documentation/manual at that time. The manual for developers will follow the release by 1-2 days.

      yes, the installation and setup guidelines will be available by 9th. Hope you all will understand 🙂


      • Hi Brajesh. Personally, just include the usual install/config and basic instructions in readme.txt or wherever in your plugin, and it's cool for me, the bells and whistles can wait.

        Be assured that I'll be peppering the forums with questions if problems arise 🙂

        • hehe thanks 🙂
          You are always welcome to ask questions in forum, we will have a private forum too as soon as I release this plugin.


      • Watching for you to drop this. (PST 2pm means Pacific Time?)

  • We understand because this plugin seems to be soooooo good!! Waiting for it!!! 🙂 Good luke man

  • I'm also being pressured for this as it is an important part of my site, but I'm in no rush. I'm using 2.1 which still has bugs because it's not released and I don't want to rush adding features right now. And the 10th is so far off anyways.

    My question though is about events. Is there a particular events plugin that this will work with? Or would you suggest creating a new album for each event? Also, are the galleries per member as well as a general site gallery?

    • hi
      Thanks for the comment. It seems you are using bp 1.2(not 2.1).

      I will suggest using bp-events plugin(but that plugin is not compatible with buddypress 1.2). I hope the developer updates it before the buddypress 1.2 is finally released.

      as for your other queries, all the features, you have asked is included(per member/sitewide collaboration/group wise etc), but my advise will be please wait, as the component is due in a few days(as I promised above), you can see everything in action then. It is going to have many futures which may not be expected even.
      So please wait and once it is released, test the demo, and if it fits your need, you are most welcome to join then.


  • Have you been testing this plugin against buddypress 1.2 by chance? I'm actually upgrading to 1.2 for some of the new features but also want to use the gallery plugin and just hoping they will play nice together from the start.

    Looking forward to the release!


    • hi Bob
      Thanks for the comment. yes, this plugin will come with buddypress 1.2 support.
      But if you are on a live site, I will advise do not upgrade your site to bp1.2 until bp 1.2 is stable(currently It is not even in feature freeze).


  • Brajesh,

    Thanks for the advice and great to hear the plugin will work with 1.2. And yes, I'm waiting until they have an official 1.2 release before moving anything to production.


  • "A demo will be available by 9th January 2010(PST 2PM)"


  • waiting for BP Godot 🙂

  • "A demo will be available by 9th January 2010(PST 2PM)"

    Why are you so specific with the time of day, if you don't even come on here and give us an update??

    That's the 6th 'promised' release date that hasn't been met. I understand that you're working hard, however, stop making such specific promises if you can't even deliver, yet alone, be punctional.

  • Hey there,

    Can the user delete their own images.

    Currently on normal wordpress NO, i repeat NO photograllery has this option

    Please make me happy lol

    • oh, and is it available yet?

    • hi Dean
      Chris has already pointed you to the status page.
      for your other query, yes, a user can delete his/her own images/gallery.
      Since, the gallery management is all front end, so it was an inevitable things.
      I hope you are happy now hehe.. 🙂

  • Hi Brajesh Singh,

    I hope to see the plugin as soon as possible!!!

    One of the interesting feature is the possibility to upload photo (ok) and video, and the possibility to rate it, and only registered memeber can do that!



    • Thanks Andrea
      You have the possibility to upload Picture/video/audio all of the three inbuilt. You can turn them on/off as you wish(may be you just need Photo gallery not the other too).

      Privacy enables you to share with friends/keep private/public.

      The rating plugin is not part of it, but I may supply that later as a separate small plugin.
      Let us keep the core of the gallery clean and extendable. My Main goal is to allow extending by other plugins rather than putting everything together in the core.

  • Hey Brajesh,

    I forgot to ask you this a few weeks ago and I tried searching the site. My site will not become massive (it's an alumni site with only 40,000 living grads – so we're capped) but it won't be hard to get to 40,000. We don't have a multi blog site as it's really a niche version of Facebook. You can se why I am eager to get pictures and events.

    That said, if each user uploads 10 pics then I have 400k images and I am a bit concerned about the file storage practices in use and possible scalability issues.

    How are you storing images (in blogs like avatars?) and how do you account for large sets? Like I said, I'm not creating a picture site but I can easily get to a large quantity and I'd like some reassurance that it won't be a problem.

    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Mike
      Thanks for the comment.

      The best option in your case would be using a CDN host. Large number of files can really take your server down if they are accessed frequently(Bandwidth Issue is more prominent than the storage).

      Having said that, even if you start with storing the files on your server initially, you can move to a CDN host any time, the files are kept in pretty well organization , each user gets his her own separate directory and each gallery of user/group has its own existence inside the parent.
      Further I have abstained from using absolute urls, only relative urls are stored, so anytime you move your files to some other place, all it will require will be writing a wrapper for remote upload(to the particular CDN) and there is a filter on fetching absolute urls, so these two things in combination will allow you to move.

      But my personal view, if you want better performance, and number of files is supposed to be very large, then move to CDN.

      The initial version which is on the verge of release does not come with CDN support, but after its release, I will take the feedback about which CDN hosts are preferred and provide wrapper for uploading/managing via them.

      If you have some other Ideas, please do let me know. I will again assure you, managing/organizing will not be a problem with the gallery but yes, I am concerned about the resource usage in case of larger user base.


  • Brajesh – I think you misunderstand my question. I have my own dedicated server with plenty of horsepower. I am not worried about that. What I am worried about is poor database management by storing hundreds of thousands of files in one flat folder structure.


    • hi Mike
      It is not a flat folder structure rather a hierarchical structure. I am still not sure, if this is what you want to know.
      I had explained the current dir structure in the private forum here

      Please have a look at my reply to Mercime's question. If you think, we can improve over that, I am glad to work on improving that structure too.

      Please let me know your thoughts.


  • That helps. I will read up on the structure. I must have missed that . Thanks

    • hi Mike,
      Just think /gallery as the root level. and I see, we may need to devise further as I am assigning one directory per user inside user/ so, I think we may need to devise something better to segment users into smaller numbers. Just thinking about that. The last level, the per gallery will be ok, as I don't think there will be more than 100 galleries per user in most of the case.

  • ggg #

    Am awaiting for the BP orkut style site theme to be updated and the BP gallery becomes stable with that tweetmeme feature before I join.
    Any update?

  • Hi Brajesh – greetings from Germany.
    I am a Buddypress-beginner and so I join Buddydev premium now.
    I tested your gallery with my simple WordPress-Buddypress and it works.
    Thank you very much – I like it.

    I have some questions:
    I can't find the possibility of have a look on different
    image sizes in my gallery. Can you help me?
    If I click on the small images in the gallery, I come back to the main-gallery.
    Here you can find my testing site: http://www.kamerun-kamerun.de

    I'm not sure if this is allready possible or not, to get attachments (gallery) for each new activity Item. Is it possible to put into the "Whats up" Box and add there user attachments for "uploading images"?

    Thank you very much

    • Hi Helge
      Thanks for joining.
      I am glad to know it's working. sorry for the delay in replying(haven't been doing well).

      Please take a look at wp-admin->Buddypress->gallery settings, there you will see the options for allowing different image sizes(height, width etc).

      For B, Yes, I am planning that, may be It may come before stable, it is not in Rc yet. Thanks for pointing that feature 🙂

      • Hello Brajesh,
        is it right, that a group-member is not allowed to add a group-gallery?
        ( only the group-admin?)

        And for my further question "image-size":
        I can not find, where I can open ( and see ) the small, middle and big images in my gallery ( only one size ).

        Thank you very much

        • Do You have mysql Strict mode enabled. I see, there are no slugs for media in table, so all the media is linked back to gallery, that's why you are not able to see individual media. Please let me know, do you have mysql strict mode enabled or is there any mysql specific configuration active on your server.

  • I bought the subscription and love the gallery. Have it here: http://www.ReadySnapGo.com. But one thing would be great. Many users are on iPhones, SmartPhones and such and don't have Flash. A great feature would be an alternative upload (web based) like on Flickr and other places. Any plans on that?

    • hi Petey
      Thanks for the suggestion. It will certainly come in future 🙂

      Thanks for becoming a member here.

  • ggg #

    Please can you make the gallery display mobile friendly because of Iphones & android phones viewing it?

  • Any idea when rating or voting on an image or video is going to be released. It would really help with my community.

    BTW…GREAT plugin.

    • hi peschelnet
      Thanks for the comment. These two features are not going to be the part of bp-gallery core. It will come as extra plugin to keep the core clean.

      Expect these plugins as separate component around mid of the next month.

      • What is the status of these 2 features will be released as a plugins?

  • Hello Brajesh,

    Can you please tell me how one would limit the gallery widget to only show images from the current group?


  • Hi Brajesh, gallery appears to be down after 1.2.6 upgrade. Tried uninstall install. Any ideas?

    • Hi Mark,
      I have not tested it with Bp 1.2.6 but It should work. I will be testing it will bp 1.2.6 tonight. I had mailed you that you might have lost "gallery" directory in upgrade, please do let me know if moving "gallery" to the theme helped or not.

  • I would suggest hold off upgrade to BP 1.2.6 as I am holding off for now. There have been a magnitude of changes to core including changes in bp-default theme.

    • Hi Mercime,
      I completely agree with you about the changes in bp 1.2.6. There has been numerous improvements and some may make the plugins non functional. I am going to test each and every plugin in next couple of days 🙂
      Thanks for linking to the diff 🙂

  • HI,
    I can't figure out how to upload photos to a group if I'm not the admin for that group. Am I missing a setting somewhere to allow group members to upload?

    • Hi Cameron,
      Please note, the admin of the group must create some gallery before the users can upload. In case of group, the users can not create the gallery. Is there a gallery created for the group ?

  • HI Brajesh,

    Thank you for your response. I'm aware that only the admin can create galleries and I'm ok with that. What I have noticed is that
    1.the "upload" button is almost hidden for users
    2. when you use the pretty-gallery plug in users no longer can access the 'upload' button. The screen fades away when you click on the gallery and you are shown the first photo. I would love to see a user friendly way for users to be able to upload to group galleries!

    thanks for all your work, If you could respond, I'd be very interested to her your answer.

    • Hi Cameron,
      Thanks for the reply. I was a little bit overwhelmed yesterday so could not reply back.
      2. yes, that is an issue when enabling Pretty Gallery for gallery home page.

      here is a solution for the upload issue
      replace the content of your theme/gallery/groups/home.php with that and users should be able to upload. If still the issue persist, please create a topic in the forums.


  • Hi Brajesh

    I cant seem to get BP Gallery (bp-gallery-1.0.9) working with buddypress (Version 1.2.9). I do get the Gallery slug in the nav bar. Also in the user nav bar i do get the 3 options of My Gallery, Create Gallery, Upload. But If a user or admin clicks on any of the above links nothing happens.

    Any pointers? Thanks in advance.

    W Kazi

    • Hi Waseem,
      seems you will need to move "gallery" folder from bp-gallery to your current theme. Please move that to current theme and try again. If the problem persists, please let me know in the forum.


  • Won't activate for me. Gives the following error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class BPUnifiedsearch in D:\myitforum\myitforum\wwwroot\myitforumwp\wp-content\plugins\bp-global-unified-search\bp-global-unified-search.php on line 17

    • HI Rod,
      I am sorry but I don't think BP Gallery has anything to do with it. It is coming from Bp Global Unified search. Please make sure to delete the plugin and re upload it. Hopefully that should fix it.

  • Sry I'm using the buddyboss theme and still using buddypress 1.5.7 (Until the update for buddyboss comes out in the next week), and there doesn't seem to be any conflicts with any other plugins installed.

    Thanks Kali

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Great plugin!

    One quick question. I see that you're thinking about including tagging on photos.
    I use the plugin and I don't see an option for that.
    Did I miss it?

    • Hi Kat,
      Not Yet. But yes, I have coded it and will release anytime soon. I have yet to setup my mind on whether it should go in core or not.