BP Gallery: Update Status

Hi All,
Hope you all are doing well as always.  As promised earlier, the gallery had to be released in the last week of October, but I could not make that. Sorry for that. This post is here to keep you updated about the gallery.

Other than what we already have in gallery currently, the new release will have the following enhancement/additional features:-

  • Delete Audio from Play List
  • Delete Video from Playlist
  • Comment on video playlist page
  • Comment on audio playlist page(When a video is played, the comments are loaded for that video/audio and user can comment further)
  • Square Thumbnails support
  • Original Image can be preserved now(Choice is made by site admins)
  • You can create any number of thumbnails(using media meta)
  • Fix for the upload space showing incorrectly in single user WordPress
  • Alternative uploader for html5/non flash based device
  • New filters for allowing size limitations based on roles/individual user
  • Gallery API to create new Media types easily with gallery(*say pdf documents and so on)
  • Gallery API to attach gallery to any other component
  • Group Admin Can enable/disable gallery tab(using group extension for this, we may have issues on some install)
  • Post to Activity can be automated/or posted as done now
  • All the widgets are re-written for better compatibility
  • Improved shortcodes
  • Embedding of gallery media in other places possible.
  • Improved My galleries page to list the group galleries too
  • Fixing css conflict with wordpress gallery
  • Upload from Anywhere(* this is still not fully functional)
  • Reading meta from Audio
  • Reading meta from Video
  • Improved privacy(fixing the bugs)
  • Adding External media(currently youtube/flickr supported but I have small issues with playing youtube videos in flowoplayer and also youtub tos does not allow playing it in another player, so just thinking about more options. )
  • Tagging(no face recognition in core though you will be able to tag a portion of image using the Notes/annotation script, the plugin for automatic face detection with OpenCV will come later)
  • Code simplification for uploading
  • Removed the notice plugin
  • A lot of documentation for gallery is coming to allow you do many more things
  • Still working on on the following:-
    • Standalone Galleries
    • Sharing of media among the galleries(may be group and personal)
    • RSS feed for the media items
    • Rating (will be a plugin itself)
    • Decoupling the uploader completely
    • Decoupling the video player/audio player completely
    • RTSP Support(* may not be able to complete it in this release)
    • Remote Storage(* may not be available in 1.0 release)
    • Upload By email(this feature may come with this version, not too sure about it)
    • Better Caching
    • Some template changes(for column etc)
    • Lightbox viewer plugin for galleries(on profile/groups etc)

There are a few things which I could not work in this release like nested galleries, FFMpeg support(though It will be coming this month if my local linux sever works, I have put the appropriate filters to make it work as external plugin with gallery).

The major change is in the change of structure for gallery code. It is organized now.  The new gallery will have many more capability for developers who want to customize it/extend it without changing the core gallery files. You can do almost everything with it. Also, the new gallery is much faster than the older one with the code updates.

Release date: I am still working on it and have missed last weeks deadline, there are a few features which I feel they must go in this release but have got some troubles implementing them. So the release I plan to do anytime soon(In a week time from now, may be this Sunday, may not be, will depend on the features implemented). Please allow me a few more days until I am satisfied with the changes. yes, I am trying to buy I a little more time here.

If any of you have got Phillip's TinyMCe plugin for bp-gallery, please point me as his site is down at the moment and the plugin with me is very old one. I will try to enhance and put the plugin to allow embedding the media/gallery embed in the post editor. Please be a little bit more patient(I know you all have been enough patient), this gallery release is the last time I am missing deadlines, no further plugin/theme deadline will be missed after this. The aim of this new site design that you see is to enhance my own productivity and timing.

And last thing, To all my Indian subcontinent friends viewing this page, wish you all a very very happy and prosperous Diwali, though I will be missing home for the first time in several years on this Diwali but Looking forward to it 🙂

73 Responses to BP Gallery: Update Status

  • Brajesh, you have always been ambitious about committing to a release coupled with ambitious about the feature set in the release and the two are not always compatible. Most of us who have done any kind of software development know and understand that.

    You are doing a great job and as always I, along with others, are looking forward to this plugin. A gallery of some sort is the plugin that holds up numerous site launches.

    And, thank you for extending our subscription until gallery is released in a final, usable form.

    Happy Diwali!

    • Roy, Thank you for the comment. I am trying all my best to put it very soon.

      Thanks and happy Diwali , well just to let you know, It's festival of lights 🙂

  • Brajesh,

    That's a HUGE upgrade! I can't wait to try it out!

    I have bp-gallery-tinymce 1.0, with file date of 03/28/10 – do you want that? How should send it to you?


  • Sounds great, i'm looking forward to this update, because i want to go live with a social site….

  • @all,
    Ok, I am glad Now I can confirm the time for release. Last few days were hectic, so just concentrated on work than doing anything else. Gallery will be available for testing on a demo site by Thursday morning and based on your feedbacks(say anything goes wrong), I will put the fix and make gallery available for download by the same day evening and If evening.

    Thank you all.

    • Testing on a demo site is a great idea. Same testing site as before?

      • HI Mercime,
        Thanks for the comment. No, It will have a different demo(on a different url) but I will make sure to backup all the database/images from the older demo to this one for convenience 🙂


  • @brajesh – yes, I was wondering, hoping for something not inappropriate for an outsider to bestow on someone – thanks for clearing it up.

    BTE, looking forward to Thursday – putting an alarm in my calendar!

  • Brajesh,

    How about geo-tagging media?

    • Hi Greg,
      No geo-tagging in this release. May be in future but could not find time for this in the current release.


      • For the future this will be a nice feature, but for now a stable release is the most important thing 😉

  • HI from Germany !

    AND…… you still working ? Start the Test today ? I still wait …..

    Thank you so much !


    • Hi Frank,
      I am still working at it and Now hoping to put a demo by late night today(In PST). let us hope for the best.


      • Will this be a public test ???

        • Yes, It will be a public test site available initially for everyone.

  • COOL – i still wait for the test site ……..

    and then – DOWNLOAD !!!! Yeappyyyyy

  • What is the test site address? wpknight.com?

    • No, wpknight.com has outdated demo with rc3. I have not posted the demo yet Roy.

  • I a ready to test with wp3.1, can I?

  • Whoop! Guess what! Buddypress won't work on 3.1! So, I guess bp-gallery won't work either! Boo-hoo!

    • Exactly, this version will not work with anything other than bp 1.2.6(will not work with bp even). So, with current wordpress trunk(3.1) you won't be able to test it as bp 1.2.6 does not work well with that. It will work with wp 3.0.1 though.

  • That´s not fair ROYDEAN !

    Brian took a lot of work for the BP Gallery !

  • Any idea when it will be ready?
    I need this plugin updated 🙂

    • HI Stefano,
      I am putting all my efforts for last few days on this and yesterday I got some weird issues with video player/activity stream handling. That's what has stopped it now. I am still working on it and will be posting a link as soon as I get over these two issues. I will be here for at least next 10 hours. Will post back as soon as I get over the issues.

      It is a much delayed and anticipated release, and I fear creating trouble, so not posting a link for the intermediate demo.

  • I have some problem with video on WordPress MU 2.9.2.

    • Please Upgrade to wpms 3.0.1. The current version (rc4 update 4.1 is supported for wp 3.0.1+bp and the upcoming version will work with bp 1.2.6+wp 3.0.1 not the prior version.

  • We all still waiting – where is the link to TEST ???

  • Any word on the update? I thought it was testing yesterday?

  • No word about the UPADTE ?

    We all still waiting and nothing happends !

    Brajesh – what´s going on ? You still ready for the big TEST ?

    • Frank,
      Just replied to your mail. The current version is not yet ready. I have got some serious issues with activity and a few other things. It does not seem to be possible today. i am putting all my efforts on it and If I am able to fix it today, I will post the link,otherwise I will post the update after fixing the things.


  • 🙁 and for all the other users.

    I think we are all unhappy, because you said on thursday late in the evening, then we wait and nothing happends,

    would be nice if you make a timetable on your side, so all other usere can see how far you are……

    • Hi Frank,
      I am sorry. Please let the gallery come for once and I will have time table for everything. No further delays.
      for the time being, here is an interesting thing to read On Matt's blog http://ma.tt/2010/11/one-point-oh/
      I am facing almost the same syndrome for now and once, It is over. The things will be come normal.


  • Don't let us members pressure you Brajesh. You provide awesome service with top-notch plugins and code snips for a really low price. If you need a few more days or even another week to get it right, we all understand.

    • ^ what he said. Shut up frank.

      • Hi Ray,
        Please let us maintain harmony. No grudges with Frank, the mistake was mine. I will do everything to not repeat these things in future.

        Thank you for the understanding and patience.

    • Hi Greg,
      Thanks for the understanding. damn , I got these couple of issues and this got delayed again. putting all my efforts on it for now. let us see.


  • Just read the post and comments. Damn! My mouth is watering and my fingers are poised!
    But please Brajesh, don't forget to sleep!

  • Hi Brajesh, what's the status ????

    • Hi,
      Currently writing the js for media tagging. It will be available day after tomorrow.

  • Hi, any news???

    • Hi,
      Currently writing the js for media tagging. It will be available day after tomorrow. A few more things to workout today/tomorrow(like upload from anywhere) but nothing significant is left except the javascript for media tagging.

  • Looking forward – seems, that this release fills huge gaps in the buddypress plugin world!
    Thanks for the nice work you've already done.

  • Hi, please let us Know how far you are…

    Thank you


    • Hi Frank,
      We will have a gallery version by tomorrow evening PST.
      That release will contain core gallery,tagging etc and 2 templates(mainly for video player).

      I will be putting the addons for gallery(like rating etc) after tomorrow's release.


  • YES ! Let´s go on …….

  • BTW, I miss the micro information about how long ago a comment or message was posted. Single day just does not give the activity information needed to see if someone is online.

    • Hi Roy,
      you are right. I will be updating the site this week with fixes and put the timestamps in comments. 🙂

  • Hi Brajesh,
    I need to ask you something about the update of this plugin.
    Can you tell me if it will be possible:

    – to upload mp4 and wmv video files?
    The plugin works well with FLV files, while with others (mp4, avi, wmv) we can't see anything.

    – and if there will be a button like in the gallery for each photo or video?


    • Hi Stefano,
      Yes, uploading will be allowed or you can allow any other types too using a filter.

      The problem is flowplayer does not allow mov/wmv file playing, so I have moved the video player and audio player to template files. That will allow to swiitch the video player to any player you like and allow any files.

      I will be posting more about it(I am hopeful to ship two templates with flowplayer and one other player ) after today's release.


      • ahh and regarding like button, no addon in today's release but one will come by the weekend for rating/liking.

  • Huhu – hi from germany …..

    Sounds good – you start today your release … WOW – i hope that´s would work.

    Question, within the upddate , all my pictures from my users/members ( over 1700 ) are save ???
    When i start the update ? Yes, i know i make a backup of my datas before, but i hope i don´t need the backup….

    I never need to use my backups, and i don´t know if it works (i mean the backups of data-base, and ftp backup)

  • "One more thing" is definitely the time-killer that extends releases beyond deadlines 🙂

    Thing is, there are many changes in the BuddyPress plugin and default theme from 1.2.5 to 1.2.6, including the generic button not being generic class anymore 🙂 Then there's even talk of BP 1.2.7 before BP 1.3 which will bring in other changes, gadzooks.

    So, one more thing Brajesh, thank you.

    • Hi Mercime,
      yes, you are absolutely right, That one more things leads to more time and the more time we take there comes the risk of more expectation 🙂
      haha, the generic button is not generic anymore! lol
      Yeh, I too saw a few tickets with 1.2.7 milestone in the track, so that seems coming soon 🙂 Thanks for the comment and I am looking forward to your feedback for this version too(Have published the unfinished demo and will be working to finish it today :))


  • Hi All,
    Please have a look at the forum post for demo.

    Please make sure to test the features and let me know your feedback in the forum. There are a couple of things still unfinished. I am leaving for now, will complete them(already mentions in the forum post) and the publish gallery as download.


  • Sorry Brajesh, when you say
    "The problem is flowplayer does not allow mov / wmv files playing, I know I have Moved the video player and audio player to template files. That will allow to switch the player-to-any video player you like and allow any files. "

    Do you mean you're looking for an alternative to flowplayer or in a couple of days there will be a system that will allow to upload and watching vmw and mov videos?

    and by the weekend there will be a system for rating/liking for each video and photo?
    I ask you because I have to go live with a new site next week and I need to know if there will be these two features.


  • I just saw this blog post. I guess I should have added this blog to my feed reader earlier. I'm excited to see this update. I've been wondering when the next one would come. I'm ready to add a few more features. Only problem is that I have to go back and figure out the things I modified to the other release. I guess I should have kept better notes.

    I'm looking forward to the full release.

  • Please, leave a message for the Update.
    Should i upload the folder with ftp and overwrite the old folder ?
    Or better, del. the old folder and upload the new ?

    Please give a step by step instruction.

  • Brajesh,

    Is their the ability to limit the amount of storage space each user gets?

    This looks very nice.

  • It's friday evening now, please some words about the release…

  • Any word on the release?

  • Any chance of a coherent set of instructions as to:
    1. what the current status is
    2. exactly how to install/upgrade?

    I've tried to read through that tread and for anyone late to the discussion it's a mess. I see mention of test sites, beta, migration script, add-ons!!!!! I just want to know if there's an updated version, and if there is how to upgrade and ideally i'd like to know that before my subscription runs out.

    Sorry for the rant, I do appreciate the hard work you do, but it does always seem difficult to pin down where to find things on here.

  • ok now I found the page, sorry.