Buddydev Contact Problems

Hi all

This is just to notify all those who used the contact form on buddydev.com to send messages and did not get a reply.

Due to some changes in mail server settings last month(we had some trouble with host and got it sorted last month), the mails were not forwarded properly and I did not see the messages. Today, when I logged to the mail server and checked back, man! there are a lot of mails from all of you.

I have just updated the settings properly to forward the messages and I wished to inform you that yes, your messages are there. Sorry for the ignorance on my part. I am going to reply all those messages today itself.

Thanks again for all your patience.




btw, if anyone of you do not get a replay within 12 hours, please feel free to PM me @sbrajesh here and That message will be delivered for sure.

2 Responses to Buddydev Contact Problems

  • I have sent you a PM and a Contact Form msg and have not received a reply from either.

    I was thinking my questions may seem intrusive or not fair, however I need a service like Buddydev, I want to be a customer yet I want to know there is some ok level of responsiveness, so far there has been no response after 4 days.

    • sorry, the message was not delivered.
      I sent you back a PM yesterday.