BuddyDev Username Availability Checker plugin got superpowers

It has been 5 years (and a few months) since we first released BuddyDev Username Availability Checker plugin. Today, We are releasing an update to this plugin that works with WordPress with/without BuddyPress. The username availability checker plugin is not dependent on BuddyPress anymore.


  • Check for username availability in WordPress Admin New User screen
  • Check for username availability on WordPress standard registration page
  • Check for availability on BuddyPress registration page.
  • Compatible with BuddyPress Ajax registration plugin.
  • 100% BuddyPress compatible
  • localizable


WordPress registration page

WordPress registration page

WordPress Dashboard Add New User screen

Add new user screen

BuddyPress Registration page

BuddyPress registration page

With BuddyPress Ajax registration plugin

Ajax registration page error message

Ajax registration success Message:-

Ajax registration success message


Download & Installation:-


Hope you have good time using the plugin. Enjoy.


6 Responses to BuddyDev Username Availability Checker plugin got superpowers

  • It is a pity does not work with SimpleModal Login (wordpress) 🙁

  • There's an issue with invalid usernames. If I put "admin" as the username, the error message is "Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed" instead of something like 'cant use that name'.

    • Hi Shawn,
      I am sorry for the inconvenience. Which version of the plugin are you using? Is it 1.1.1?
      When I type admin, I see this message "This usename is taken, please choose another one."

      Can you please provide more details about your setup(WordPress, is it multisite, using BuddyPress and from which page do you see this message )

      Thank you

  • Hello,
    The plugin does not support checking Uppercase letters. How to solve this?