BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier Plugin Update

Thank you all for your positive feedback on this plugin and liking it. I had written it initially on the request of one of our member Emanuel and from the download logs I see it generated enough interest :). The initial plugin had some bug and that's why this post is here.

BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier plugin emulates the facebook style notification for the comments made on user updates. It will show the notification to a user in following scenario.

  • When a user has an update and someone else comments on it(it could be any activity stream item)
  • When a user comments on someoneโ€™s update and other users also comment on that update, all the users are notified

Well, these two features were present from the very beginning. The current updated fixes a couple of Issues:-

  • Remove notification for users if the activity item is deleted. thanks to @kat_uk for pointing to the issue
  • Fix notification for Single Blog post view
  • Fix conflict with BuddyPress 1.3 trunk(yes, It will work with 1.3 trunk now).


Download & Installation:-


Note:- It will not clear the notification for forum post activity item in the current release. That means If someone comments on forum post in activity stream, It will not be able to clear notification for that.

Hope you will like it. Please do let me know your feedback and feature suggestion in comments.

94 Responses to BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier Plugin Update

  • This is definitely one of my favorite plugins! It would be great if users were able to turn the notifications off, though. If someone makes a lot of comments, they can get quite a few notifications!

  • I am going to announce on Buddypress forum that Baresh uses someone alse work in fact the work of Stephane Caron
    and inform Stephane to jesus an you eaven get payed …FAIL big one!

    • who the hell are you . I don't use code from anyone, so I don't care. Please think before writing anything like this. and have guts to use real email address as well as the name?
      Any such flaming comments will not be approved in future and you can go and do what you want, I don't give a damn, cause I don't use anyones code. Go and do whatever you want.

    • and If you are talking about the http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/ PrettyPhoto javascript, you should really check the license. That is Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. and allows in commercial work! At least have an understanding of license before acting like troll! And make sure to check the prrety Photo plugin / any other plugin which uses js from other users, they are credited on each and every post/plugin as the license requires.

  • hey Brajesh!
    dont feed the troll!

    anyway, i'm here to thank you for this useful plugin and tell you that i got an error haha
    well there's no an error, is a problem when i'm translating the plugin to spanish (yes, i speak spanish that explains my bad english :P)

    it'd be helpfully if you can illuminate my life with your wisdom

    my problem is that english grammar and spanish grammar are not exactly the same, example,
    there's an alert that says:
    "john commented on *your* post"
    "john comento *tu* publicacion"
    everything is ok 'cause the grammar are the same. but when the alert says:
    "john commented on *mary's* post" i got the error, because in spanish it'd say:
    "john comento la publicacion de *mary*" grammar are differente T_T and i can't fix it.

    please help ๐Ÿ™

    • Hi Dumas,
      Thanks for the comment.
      sorry, I took a little longer to reply.
      I am sorry for the trouble with translation. I should have put better string in translation.

      Please allow me to update it tonight and It will allow you to translate correctly. I am putting all the strings in one places(as a sentence), so that will resolve the issue.


  • Great work Brajesh. Donโ€™t listen to those negative comments they just jealous.

  • Hi Brajesh, is there a way to allow users to disable notifications? Because notifications are sent to everyone who comments on an item, some people are swamped with notifications. Thanks!

    • Hi Karl,
      Sorry, I could not put it in the current update(1.0.3). Will put it in another update.

  • I'm not able to get this to work for some reason. I'm using bp Version 1.2.8 so I'm not sure if that is the issue but it is throwing no errors. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jeff,
      sorry, your comment was lost and I could not reply it. Hope you got the updated version of the plugin which works.

  • Hey Brajesh,
    Any idea when you'll have a fix for this?
    "Note:- It will not clear the notification for forum post activity item in the current release. That means If someone comments on forum post in activity stream, It will not be able to clear notification for that."
    I've got about 20 of these I'm unable to clear.

  • Hi,

    This plugin looks awesome. Does it work with WP 3.1 and BP 1.2.8?

  • I would also like to see this plugin patched. Once unclear-able notifications build up, the plugin becomes essentially useless. Sorting through multiple uncleared notifications is a pain for end users, not to mention confusing. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello Brajesh,

    Does this require 1.2.8 and does it really need to be WPMS?

    We are using 1.2.7 and I'm not seeing notifications on regular blog posts by multiple authors (not multisite blogs).



    • Hi Justin,
      sorry for the late reply.
      No this plugin does not require wordpress multisite. I have tested it with BuddyPress 1.2.8, so not so sure about 1.2.7. have you tried the updated version ?

  • Love this function – is it possible to include notifications for when someone "likes" or "favorites" a post, not just comments?

    • Amendment: I forgot that my site's ability to "like" activity posts is a result of the BP Like plugin (http://bplike.wordpress.com/), so it's probably a bit much to ask if your plugin will talk to THAT plugin (would be cool, though).

      My question still stands with regards to notifying when users mark one of your activitys/posts as a "favorite."

  • Hi!
    This is a very usefull plugin!
    just one question: how can i traslate notifications?
    I tried to open ac-notify.php but i couldnโ€™t find anything!

    Thakโ€™s a lot


  • I like this plugin but it is not translatable for a multilingual site.. there are only few notification messages, so why are they hard coded?.. I would appreciate an apdate thank you so much

    • sorry to disappoint but the way the message is generated leaves not much flexibility. It is translatable, but the grammar/syntax may not be correct for languages other than english.

  • Will this work for a regular installation of wordpress, or if not has anyone attempted this?

  • This plugin has good potential but it is not taking the user to the right place it is taking them to 'page not found' for this reason. For example the comment would be at http://mysite.com/members/username/activity/activitynumber but the notification takes you to http://mysite.com/activity/p/activitynumber/ is there any way to fix this? It is extremely important as I am running a social networking site with buddypress that I am expecting a large amount of members. Please help!

  • Nevermind.. I fixed the problem in the url and permalink structure. Works beautifully! Thank you.

  • I'm currently experiencing difficulties with the this plugin when define( 'BP_USE_WP_ADMIN_BAR', true); is set. Reverting back to the older BP toolbar fixes the problem. When the new adminbar is enabled, the notification exists (the number beside"notification" is updated), but the dropdown underneath the Notification menu is empty (shows no text, but does drop down a level to indicate that there is an entry there). Is this plugin compatible with the new adminbar? Thank you.

    • Is anyone else experiencing this issue? It would seem to me that with the emergence of the new wpadminbar as the toolbar on your blog in WP 3.3, even when you are using the buddybar as your toolbar on the buddypress activated domain, that most devs would want to enable the new WP toolbar in order to mesh the experience of jumping from the buddypress frontend to a blog dashboard.

      • Hi,
        Thank you for reporting and sorry for my delayed reply. I was a little busy recently setting up new office.

        I have updated it and version 1.0.5 is compatible with both the buddypress/wordpress 3.3 admin bar.
        Hope that helps.

        • It helps immensely. I'm trying it out now. Just wanted to express my thanks by becoming a paying member of your site first.


        • Works like a dream.

        • Thank you. Highly appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dude this is a core social feature BuddyPress didn't include :S I was about to switch to J-Cow when I found your plugin to be a life saver!! >.> you're my hero!

  • am am having a problem with the plugin. it doesn't redirect to the right place. takes them to a bot found page. any ideas on how to deal with this. i have been using this plugin for a while on other sites but on my new site it doesn't seem to work well.

    • Hi White,
      The url seems correct to me. Is it happening for comments on all type of activity or just a particular type(say forum post comment etc ?)

  • yeah for all activity comment notifications, that url leads to all my blog posts, anytime anyone comments and you are notified, the link leads you to http://www.exampe.com/activity/p/181/ all the time. it doesn't matter user or activity. and and the resulting page is a list of all posts.

    • that is my 4o4 page. i changed my theme to the default… still the same thing. i changed my permalinks and all that still the same thing..

  • Im proud of your for making this plugin. but im just here to tell you that Ive uploaded this plugin, and it simply does not work. Im commenting on comments on the activity page. Nothing. wassup with that?

  • Dear Mr Singh,
    Does this work on the latest version of wordpress & buddypress? I couldn't get it to work. The Notification tab already exit before the plugin is setup but there is no notification on Activity updates. Please advise.


    • Can you please help me by providing the details of your installation. I had tested it with bp 1.5.4 and It was working properly.
      My apologies for the delayed reply.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Very glad to hear from you.

    The plugins/versions are
    >>WordPress 3.3.2
    >>BuddyPress 1.5.5
    >>BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier 1.0.5
    >>BuddyPress Live Notification 1.0.1

    How I tested this was by posting messages or uploading photos under the Group activity and getting other users to comment on it. There weren't any notifications on the admin bar though I get email notifications. I use a custom template but have tried with default buddypress theme as well to no avail.

    Please advice on debugging the issue

    • Thank you for the comment Relcol.
      The problem was with live notification plugin. I have updated it now and It should work fine. Please upgrade the live notification plugin to v 1.0.2


  • Is it possible to show a live notification when a user likes a picture or comment?

    • Hi Anthony,
      The live notifications take buddypress notifications and show it live.

      If the liking of photo or commenting on photo generates a normal notification, then the live notification will be shown automatically.


  • Thanks Brajesh. On a new installation with buddypress theme and custom theme, the plugins work perfectly fine. But on my existing installation with the same themes, I couldn't get it to work all. I tired to deactivate some of the other plugins and that doesn't seem to work either. Is there anyway to debug the issue? Thanks

  • Hi, Brajesh

    I'm having the same problem as white above. Notifications of comments appear on the admin bar, but when I follow the links I get a 404, which is why I'm guessing that the notifications also aren't clearing but are piling up.

    WP 3.3.2
    BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier 1.0.5
    BuddyPress 1.5.5

    I hope you can help!

    • Hi Stephen,
      If the notifications are appearing but not getting deleted, can you disable this plugin and check if other plugins are allowing to clear the notification ?

      • Thanks for getting back to me! I'm using a number of your plugins and would love to get this right!

        I've disabled the plugin and the notifications have cleared from the admin bar.

        Thanks again.

        • Morning! Any thoughts, anyone? Thank you!

        • Hi Stephen,
          There was a bug in the comment notifier plugin causing 404 issue when the activity page slug was different than 'activity'.
          have fixed it in 1.0.6.
          Can you please give it a try

          Hope it fixes the issue. Please let me know if it works for you or not?

        • Hi, Brajesh! All working now – BRILLIANT! Notifications lead to activity and clear from the bar.

          Fabulous – thanks so much!

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I'm having complications getting the admin bar to show there is a notification. With Live Notifications on, I do get the growl popup, but there are still issues with the admin bar reflecting that there was a comment made. It just says "Notifications" without any number when Live Notifications are on; nothing shown with it off. I don't have any other plugins enabled, aside from those 2 except for bbPress and BuddyPress and I even switched to the default theme to see if the issue still occurs, and it still does.

    On another note, do you intend on adding PHP 5.4 fixes to your plugins? They've been releasing updates to this version since early March, so it's pretty steady by now. The BP Core team is even addressing some of these issues (http://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4191).

    Thanks for any help.

    • Hi,
      which version you are using.
      I just tested 1.0.5 with the WordPress admin bar and It worked fine for me.

      About the php 5.4 and the notice issue, I will certainly update it for that. Thanks for pointing.

  • Hi,

    I just noticed that the notification work on comments update on a activity under "All Members" tab but not under individual groups.
    Any suggestions on debugging, pls. I tried firebug but didn't throw any relevant exceptions.


  • Hi Brijesh,

    Thanks again for the new release. I have updated it but couldn't get it to work. If you don't mind, could you please drop me a line to relacolt@gmail.com & I can send you the link to my website for you to have a look.

    Appreciate your help

  • How are you Brijesh,

    I seem to having the same problem as relacol. No activity action is showing up as a notification. @mentions seem to work perfectly. But likes, comment reply etc aren't working at all. Can you tell me sir where i went wrong?.

    Also Sir, Im trying to download your most updated versions. But instead of a zip file, im getting a php file labeled ac-notify.php I really need you assistance please.

  • Brajesh,

    Thanks again for the plugin. I thought I might bring up a question in this thread as it comes up in my search for this idea. I'm in search of a Activity Log/ Post-Comment Notification plugin for a multisite. It has become a little tough managing user submitted drafts and comments across a multisite just with email notifications. So I've been looking for a a wp-admin toolbar notification plugin that signals when there is a new draft or new comment waiting moderation on any(admin) sites sitewide. Something like the standard wp comment notification alert. Then thinking of this, maybe a facebook style activity log of all these admin side notifications wp & bp included for the backend would be a nice too.

    So if anyone has seen something like this or if you Brajesh might consider building a plugin like this that would be really cool to have.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Any update on the issue that I and Mr.Showcase are facing is highly appreciated. All the users of my site have disappeared due to the lack of the notification on group updates/comments & for someone to check for any notifications, they need to go in to all the individual groups to find out. Pleaese advice.

  • As of Buddypress 1.6, the Activity Comment Notifier no longer functions properly on our site.

    Brajesh, have you encountered this incompatibility yourself?

    This plugin is truly vital to a BP site, and I really hope to patch 1.6 compatibility if at all possible.

    Looking forward to hearing from you on this.


  • For some reason this plugin is no longer working for me…any thoughts on why? Any known plugins that would interfere with it working?

    • Is it the same problem as you mentioned in the forum. If that is the case, please upload via ftp and activate. That should make it work.

      • Yes same issue sorry for double posting….just hoping to get a fix…still having the issue.

  • Hi there, this plugin is not working, please help me out. I also had a try on https://buddydev.com/buddypress/buddypress-user-notifications-widget-plugin/

    • Can you please provide a little more details on the issue. How did you test the plugin?

  • What a great plugin! It's little additions like this to my site that help make it all the more user-friendly and professional. Thank you for your great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Does BuddyPress 1.7+ have this function inside it now?

  • I need Help Brajesh. I want to Disable the the Admin Bar in the Front End. and i have added my own top bar which have Username and Log out and right side Search bar in the top bar.

    I want to add your notification area on my top bar. As i disable the default admin bar , your notification block also goes away.

    Please help.

    • Hi Rajiv,
      Please try to use the notifications widget plugin to add the notifications back or you can call 'bp_adminbar_notifications_menu' for showing notifications. Please take a look at this method in bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php.

  • Hi Brajesh!

    Another request on the implementation of bp-like! And although I don't expect you to do this work, I would be grateful, if you could give some comment on where to hookup/start with the implementation of this function!
    I would then have a look at it, if you mean this would be possible!

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Brajesh, awesome plugin.
    Could you help me? I am using your plugins translated to portuguese-BR. But there's a string that is strange in our language.

    Let's say that steve commented on a post that he made and I commented that post too.
    Then it appears to me something like: "Steve also commented on steve's post".

    There's a way to add something like if the person who commented is the same who posted it returns: "Steve also commented his post"??

    Thank you

    • Hi Roger,
      My apologies for replying after 3 months.
      Your idea is very nice. I will certainly implement it in next 2-3 days.

  • Brajesh, this plugin no longer seems to work. Can it be updated to work with BP 1.9. Looks like moving the notifications into its own component BP broke a few things here.

    • I too would be super happy to see this plugin work again!

      • Hi Prometheus, Anton
        I have updated this plugin today. Can you please try it and let me know if that works for you or not?

        Thank you

        • You are something, aren't you! Works great! ๐Ÿ™‚ Some minor issues with my sv_SE.mo/po files but that could be my fault too.

        • Oops, ignore my localisation problems above, those where with the Live notifications plugin (which otherwise works great together with this update btw! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey, I have looked around a good amount but can't seem to find much on making growl notifications clickable. I found your post here https://buddydev.com/uncategorized/introducing-buddypress-live-notification-plugin-a-facebook-like-notification-plugin-for-buddypress/ where you refer to the modifying the bpln_get_notification_messages function. I am not sure how to do this. Could you please be a little more specific. in the .php file. And I am guessing I am giving some kind of return command like this? https://css-tricks.com/snippets/jquery/make-entire-div-clickable/ Am I on the correct path. Thanks.

  • this plugin is not working for me… can i have support?

    • Hi Emanuele,
      Which version of WordPress BuddyPress are you using? What is the problem you are facing,. can you please provide more details?

      Thank you

      • well, wordpress version is 4.1.1 , and buddypress is the latest: 2.2.3 , i use 2 plugin for custom notify : yours (buddypress-activity-comment-notifier) and BP Group Activities Notifier , the problem is that when a user reply or comment in a post , the user that receive the reply not receive a live notification.

        sorry for my bad english

        • I am sorry but I don't understand what do you mean by live notification. Does the user sees notification after refreshing page?

          This plugin does not add live notification, Please check my other plugin, BP Live Notification to have that functionality.

      • I explain, I would like to see me when someone replies to a comment in a post wordpress

      • I explain, I would like to see a notification when someone replies to a comment in a post wordpress

  • WP: 4.2.2
    BP: 2.3.1

    Hey guys, thanks for this plugin. I've had it working fine, but have recently upgraded BP. Yesterday one of the users commented on a BP status I wrote. Today when I've logged in I don't appear to have any notification of the user commenting on my BP status.

    Any thoughts? Happy to assist debugging if you can point me in the right direction.

    Kind Regards, Matt