BuddyPress Ajax Registration Plugin is responsive now

We got a lot of request for making BuddyPress Ajax registration plugin responsive and mobile friendly. So, This week, I have updated the plugin to be more flexible and responsive.


  • For the modal window we have moved from jQuery Modal to Magnific popup
  • Improved the code to make it work with BuddyPress 1.9 & WordPress/ WordPress Multisite 3.8.1

There were a few issues on multisite. In recent times, It seems some multisite behavior has changed and using wp_signon was not logging in user when the user is not member of the current site. So, I have porvided an option in the admin where you can choose the use role.


Registration box:-

Registration Box

Responsive registration modal

Responsive Registration modal


When there is an error

An on success, the user is shown this message before being logged in:-

Hope this release helps you to build more responsive sites with ease 🙂Signup Complete



Please do let me know your thoughts/suggestions in the comment below.

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