BuddyPress Message Privacy Plugin update

We have updated the BuddyPress message privacy plugin. This is one of the most used plugin for stopping BuddyPress message spam and giving users full control over their message privacy.

The new updates cleans the code and adds better support for translations. The text domain has changed to 'buddypress-message-privacy'  and the new translation files should be named as 'buddypress-message-privacy-YourLocale.mo' ( e.g buddypress-message-privacy-en_US.mo or buddypress-message-privacy-en_GB.mo etc).

Also, you no longer need to keep the copy of translated file in the wp-content/plugins/buddypress-message-privacy/languages directory. You can keep a copy in your wp-content/languages/plugins directory instead. If you have a custom languages directory ( set via  WP_LANG_DIR in your wp-config.php), then it will check into WP_LANG_DIR/plugins/buddypress-message-privacy-YourLocale.php

For language codes(locales), please see this page on WordPress.org.

Thank you for using the BuddyPress Message Privacy plugin and we hope you have a good time building your spam free social network.

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