BuddyPress Sitewide Activity Widget updates

There has been a lot of silence here recently and I had taken the much undeserved break for last couple of weeks. Now, I feel we need something to break the silence again and be back to the actual business, i.e writing plugins/codes.

So, here is the first thing in the series of updates coming this week. I have updated Sitewide activity widget and included all the features which were requested on the original release post.


  • Posting from widget
  • Activity list can be restricted to logged in users activity when a user is logged in
  • Blog admins can use the widget on their blog and It will show blog admins activity only.
  • Show/hide avatar
  • Show/hide feed link
  • Show/hide the activity filters tab(the links that appear at the top and allows to filter the activity).
  • Include only specific components activity in the sitewide activity widget(e.g include only profile/blog activities).
  • Exclude only specific components activity from the sitewide activity widget(e.g exclude group activities from the activity list).
  • Localization support

I hope, I was able to meet some expectations if not all.

An front-end view with bp-default theme.

Minimum requirement:- BuddyPress

Download Link: https://buddydev.com/plugins/buddypress-sitewide-activity-widget/

How to install:- Just like any normal plugin. you may want to see this original post for more details.

One point to note is, the option "Show my activity" is there for blog admins to restrict this widget to show their activity only. This should not be used in conjunction with the "Show logged in users activity". Also, now there is a css file included with the widget, you may disable loading of the css file by adding the following code to your functions.php/bp-custom.php

Please test this plugin and let me know if it works for yo or not, once I get a few confirmations, I will commit it to the official wp repository.

Looking forward to your feedback.

PS: My sincere apology to you if you left the comment here within last 2-3 weeks and did not get a prompt reply. Fortunately things are normal now and I will be replying all the comments within 24 hours.

171 Responses to BuddyPress Sitewide Activity Widget updates

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  • Thanks for this lovin the update to
    can i ask how i would show the update (above the post form) at all
    keep up the great work


    • Hi Alex, thanks for the comment.
      You will need to edit the plugin a little.

      Please move line 393-394 i.e


      to the end of the swa-wrap div, i.e to line 433(just after the last endif).

      Hope that helps.

  • This is awesome, just what I needed. I downloaded a plugin with the same name from WordPress.org but I think it must have been an older version since it had virtually none of these options.

    The only little thing I was that there is no filter for "Activities". In the options for the widget it looks like you can include "activities" as a filter but only blogs, groups and profile appears even if you don't tick any include filter boxes or tick all of the include filter boxes.

    Also it would perhaps be nice to have an "All" filter or simply clear filters so that you can get all the activities you have chosen to include without having to reload the page.

    • Hi Lars,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Yes, the wordpress.org plugin is old, I am just in need to get a few feedback here before updating this plugin on wp repo.

      You are right about activity, actually activity filter should be removed from there(the checkboxes), It does not have any effect.
      Agreed about the all and clear filter, will be putting by weekend before updating to the wp repo.

      Except activity filter, you can make an inclusion/exclusion between the other filters, try checking only group/profile filters in the include. It should show only those filters and their activity.


      • I just installed the widget on my site today and it doesn't have an All/Clear button that I can find. Has that been implemented yet? Also, I'm wanting to add another filter since I'm using the Buddypress Follow plugin ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/buddypress-followers/ ) that lets people see activity of users that they are following. It's available on the activity page, but not as an option in the widget.

        • Hi Philip,
          yes, the all/clear button is missing in the update. I am working to get it another update by sunday, and That will include it.

          I will check with the follower plugin before releasing the next update on sunday and fix if anything is required(Though, we are fetching the data/component names from activity table and it sounds a little bit strange to me).


  • Great Plugin Brajesh,
    Just what we needed ^5

  • Joe #

    Hello Brajesh Singh, great job. I installed your plugin but I can not find the features winodw to change the options, is that a bug? I am using bp

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Did you download the widget from my above post or have you downloaded from the wordpress repository.
      I have not updated this plugin on the wordpress repository yet, so please download it from here and activate for now. It should work.
      Let me know if you still get issues.


  • Joe #

    You are great Brajesh. I have one more issue,

    I checked List My Activity Only: No
    checked Limit to Logged In user's activity: Yes

    but when I log out, widget is still showing to non members!
    any idea what is wrong?

    Thank You

  • Gia #

    Is there any chance to limit the number of characters per post/activity and eliminate images? For instance, limit characters to 100 and disallow images that might be attached to blog posts?

    As it stands now, even with just displaying three entries per page, the length of the entries makes the layout of my site look a little awkward. If I were able to limit the number of characters and eliminate images (not the avatar, I mean blog post images), I could still offer a good idea of what each post/activity/group entry is about without taking up so much space.

    Other than that, WOW! What a great plugin!

    • Hi Gia,
      I appreciate your suggestions. They are really good and I will try to accomplish in next update.

      Limiting charactes in teh activity content,showing hiding activity content is coming for sure in next update.

      • Hi, any news about the limiting characters and activity content control ?

        • Hi,
          No I could not implement that but with bp 1.5, it is already part of the BuddyPress core(Not exactly the limit but the bp core truncates longer posts).

        • bp-activity-filter.php
          line 249


  • Hi Brajesh after installing your widget when i click on the "view" or "delete" link on the updates it give following error: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/csenitrr/public_html/wp-content/themes/abstract/functions.php:26) in /home/csenitrr/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890 Please help me

    • After searching in your site i got it solved by removing space at the end in function.php

      • Thanks Sushil for the comment. Glad to know you got the solution:)

  • Great plugin.

    I, like Joe, would like it to hide from non-members. So only logged-in members can see it.

    • Hi Tadgh,
      Currently the plugin allows you to show the sitewide activity if the user is not logged in. I will put an option to hide the widget if you want in next update. Currently you can do it by editing the widget. Currently, you can put the following code on line 60 and It will hide the widget.


      Hope that helps.

  • RoL #

    Thank you very much for this great plugin. It is possible to include in the filters tab, the activity of the bbPress forums ?

    Sorry for my bad English ..:)

    • Hi Rol,
      Sorry for missing your comment earlier.

      No, It depends whether bbpress forums posts are added to the activity or not. this plugin fetches the components from activity, so if bbpress forum posts are added to activity, They will be shown, otherwise they won't be.

  • Brajesh,

    I'm working on a new theme integration for our site and I would like to use the activity widget on the front page, but the widget side bar is more narrow than normal and creates some very bad formatting issues with the activity widget. I've tried some things with the CSS, but can't seem to make it work…

    Would you mind looking at this image and seeing what I could do?



    • Brajesh,

      Ok, I spent a pile of time on this today and was able to get it close to where I want it…

      Two questions with regard to the plugin:

      1. Even though I'm telling the filter "ACTIVITY" to display it does not… I only see Group and Profile.

      2. It seems as though reply's to profile updates are not counted with regard to displaying them, so if there are a number of replies to a content the widget can get quite long even though you only specify "X", or in my case "3" to display… Replies either should be counted in the mix or excluded from the posting in the widget…

      3. I would like to get a 1pix solid border between updates as a separator, but can't figure out where to put it… should be simple to find, but I'm missing it…


      See Picture of this:

      • Hi,
        I am sorry I could not get back earlier today.

        1. Activity filter is ambiguous there, It will have not effect(as all things this widget show is actually activity), I will be removing the activity from widget options in next updated.

        2. You are right, the inner comments on a reply are not count, I will check if I can make it work(though I am not very sure at the moment).

        3. For border, please use the following css code

        ul.site-wide-stream > li {border-bottom:1px solid #ccc;}
        ul.site-wide-stream > li:last-child {border-bottom:none;}

        I will be updating this widget today/tomorrow to have the reset/clear button and solve a few issues.


  • Hi Brajesh !

    About this plugin:
    1. Awesome , Awesome , Awesome
    2. Extremely Versatile

    I'm trying to use this plugin in combination of Buddypress Sidebar , and I'm amazed with its versatility , every page sidebar can be configure with the plugin to have different activity stream group , Fantastic ….

    # I also want to have this widget hidden from guests , it will be only for logged-in users …. but the code you provided
    when I put this in line no. 60, its returning an error … may be I'm doing something wrong ..
    Please try to combine it in your next update …
    One Request :
    will it be possible to incorporate "activity stream update notifier" the below linked plugins functionality in this plugin ?
    If So then Probably this plugin would be one of the complete Plugin among all of free plugins available for wordpress.

    • Thanks for the comment Anindya.
      It seems you are putting the code but that is not getting parsed correctly. I will include it in next update(we will have all the plugins updated just after bp 1.2.6 is out).

      I checked the ajax notifier and I am sure, we can make it work. Will post with the next version of the plugin.


  • Brajesh, Great Stuff!

    1. How can I only display Status Updates?
    It would be great to be able to remove some of the options as many
    aren't necessary and can clutter up the Activity Feed.

    2. Can image & video thumbnails be shown in activity?


  • Hi Brajesh !
    I am once again here with an issue ……

    I'm using the Blogs-mu Theme …
    When I activate this plugin , my themes activity is not dispaying correctly …
    the exact issue is with the reply in the activity …

    when I click on the reply , I shows a blank space with no reply post field ….

    and any comment having replies , the replies are not displayed in place it shows empty ….

    Please help !!! , I would like to use this plugin very much , its would be an awesome addition to my community (which is live but still in a testing process, haven't invited people yet πŸ˜› )

  • Gia #

    Still loving the plugin but I do have a question…

    I've implemented a sitewide language change (.mo/.po) so that "Blogs" now reads as "Diaries" within my site. However, this plugin doesn't seem to be hooking into the change and I can't find where to change it in the plugin itself. I've tried adding define lines within the plugin code, but that hasn't worked.

    I need to change the "Blogs" heading and the following line: "wrote a new blog post"

    Any advice?

  • Hi, I would like to translate "Favorite" and "Remove Favorite".
    I tried simply changing those two text in in the php file, but if I do that, the widget disappears.

  • Hello,

    I'am currently working in a BuddyPress project and installed your Acitivity Plugin. It looks great, just had 1 problem, maybe you already saw and know the best way to fix it.

    "div class="swa-pagination""
    "ul class="site-wide-stream swa-activity-list""

    Have an Div, "<div id="clear"…" and it is the problem. It is using an large space of the page, and I don't know why.


    • Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Please check using firebug, most probably you have a class .clear in your theme's css too, or check if the div is getting some inherited margin/padding from one of your themes class. You can check it using firefox/firebug.

      hope, that will give a clue.


  • What a great plugin, thanks! About tweatstream, I have this and I see this plugin supports it. I notice however when I have the show form selected It brings up the tweet counter but when I type the character count stays at 140. Also, I have to manually type #twitter to actually have the post sent over to twitter. Thanks

  • Another great plugin, Brajesh!

    Just an idea.. If we culd easily define an alternative Title when seleting 'Limit My Activity Only'. The actual title would then change based on whether the user is anonymous or logged in πŸ™‚

    • Good idea Greg,
      And update is coming this weekend and will allow that πŸ™‚


  • Hi, THANKS for the plugin, it is amazing!

    One question, why does my sitewide activity not change when I change the parameters? I'm using:

    php the_widget('BP_SWA_Widget',
    array( 'title' => __('Atividade recente','swa'),
    'max_items' => 15,
    'per_page' => 5,
    'is_personal' => false,
    'is_blog_admin_activity' => false,
    'show_avatar' => false,
    'show_feed_link' => false,
    'show_post_form' => false,
    'allow_reply' => false,
    'show_activity_filters' => true,
    'included_components' => false,
    'excluded_components' => false ))

    But it displays default…
    the website is http://www.sermao.com.br if you want to see it live!


  • Thank you Brajesh for taking the time to update this awesome plugin and releasing it for free! The only caveat I've encountered so far is the Reply link, which Anindya Ray mentioned above. When clicking on a the Reply link from the the first comment and its subsequent replies (child comments?), nothing really happens. For example, if I click on the first comment reply, it'll just skip to the next comment. If I click the Reply link from reply of another reply, it just skips to the next comment. Ideally, it'd display another textfield to enter a reply FB-style, but it would also work if it those reply links could direct to the original post on the poster's profile. Right now, I can just hide the Reply link via CSS, but I was wondering what your plans were for that. Thanks again!

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the comment. sorry for taking time to reply this post, was just busy with other plugin. will check and update this plugin by weekend with a few more options πŸ™‚


      • Nice =) Keep up the awesome work!!

        • Hello, hello again =) Just wanted to know if you're planning on updating that reply feature for this plugin. I've got it set up at http://avenuek9.com/ (without replies), so just to let you know… I totally dig this widget! Also, not sure if you've used this plugin yet (http://buddypress.org/community/groups/rs-buddypress-activity-refresh/) but it's pretty sweet… unfortunately incompatible with the sitewide activity widget *hint hint* =P Kidding. I'm just glad you put your stuff out there for free.

        • Hi Mike,
          follow for your last post. I have added that feature and have done some testing . Just not released yet publicly. Will publish tonight.
          Sure will look for integration with this widget in today's release πŸ™‚

  • Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply/update!

    • Hi Mike,
      Just updated it. Please have a look here

      though I checked RS activity refresh plugin but could not made that work with this plugin as that will need some mod in Rs widget. Still, I am hopeful for next update.


      • Oh man, that would be freakin fantastic if those two plugins could work together. In the mean time, this update works just as anticipated =) I've updated it on my live site, so you can see it if you log in =) On another note, though, I can't seem to get this plugin running simultaneously with your Activity Comment Notifier plugin. It spits out this message "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bp_activity_format_notifications() (previously declared in /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-activity.php:574) in /wp-content/plugins/bp-activity-comment-notifier/ac-notify.php on line 111. Maybe an easy fix? =) Not a huge issue, but just one that I noticed when I tested it out. Thank you so much again!

        • Hi Mike,
          Thanks for the comment.
          It seems you are running an older version of BuddyPress. That function was dropped in recent versions and I exploited that to create the plugin. If you will upgrade to 1.2.7, the error will be gone.

        • Ah, dang it! I'm running BP 1.3 (trunk) right now, but I know it's still pretty rough around the edges. I'll probably try and update to the latest trunk maybe some time next week on my dev server. Hopefully, it'll get rid of two other (non-plugin-related) errors I'm getting. Anywho, have an awesome weekend and thanks again for the reply!

  • Hey Brajesh. How can we add a facebook like button to the sitewide activities widget?
    right next to the favorites button?

    • Hi Gayatri,
      sorry for my delayed reply. If you know how to put the like button, just hook it to the action "bp_activity_entry_meta" and it will be there.

  • Is there any way to limit the character length of activity? This would be hugely helpful

    Great plug thought!

    • Hi Nancy,
      do you mean restricting while posting or while showing the content. For limiting the content while showing, I believe it has been incorporated in buddypress 1.3 trunk, so will naturally come when bp 1.3 is out.

  • Hi Brajesh

    I am trying to filter by blog or by keyword as I would like to retrieve activity about a certain topic on my network.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you for your reply in advance.


  • Hey, I saw some one asked about limiting the activity content character lenght – did you find a way to do this? If so would you mind sharing, or if it has been added to the plugin I will have a look, does the plugin do this now? Thank you.

  • Sorry brajesh, didn't see nancy's post. So kinda asked the same question twice. While we wait for the new buddypress, do you not have a temp solution?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the plugin.

    I have one small problem: I can't select which group or wire I am posting to..

    Is there any option to select? Because I haven't found it yet..

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi

    I am trying to filter activity by BP Group and show it on another network blog…

    Is this feature possible and/or coming soon???

    Thank you for making plugins that actually work!



    • Hi Johnny,
      do you want to separate the activity for all groups together or just for a particular group ? I hope both is possible. Please let me know and will get back to you with the mods.

  • Hi

    I would like to be able to list activity with the following filters:
    Member Id
    Group id
    Forum id

    That way we can filter the output of your plugin to be specific to the network blog it is running on.

    Your competition is this which still does not filter the output of the activity. It simply lists blogs, or lists groups…

    Bowe Codes

    This plugin could help highlight BP social activity from the main install and provide relevant activity on network blogs!


  • Wonderful plug-in. Adding the ability to post from the widget has doubled the number of user updates on my site. Fantastic.

    Question: Have you considered adding a "Load More" button at the bottom of the widget? I find that the pages feature can be easily overlooked and also is not functioning correctly on my site (if I filter for one thing, like Updates, clicking on another page cancels out the filter and the widget reports ALL activity until I reload the page). But, even if I fix this problem, I'd still advocate for a "Load More" button in a future update – it seems more intuitive and also mirrors the vanilla activity page quite nicely.

    Again, great job with this plug-in πŸ™‚

  • Hi Brajesh,

    When viewing the SWA Widget on the homepage, it displays everyone’s recent activity, which is what I want. However, when I am viewing someones profile page, the SWA Widget only displays that particular persons activity.

    Is there a way to still display everyone’s activity even if you are viewing someones profile page?

  • I don't see that the character length has an option anywhere for limiting. Is there a way to manually set how long the character length display is at? Say to limit it to maybe an excerpt?


  • I've been playing with this plugin for a little while now and noticed that when I go to the second page of activity it includes things I explicitly told it to exclude (I'm excluding Profile activities because I don't want to fill it with new registrations, but if I change pages, those show up).

    Also, I'm wanting to hard-code this into the sidebar of child themes, however when I do this it always shows all activities and never follows the options I set for include/exclude.

    Do you have any advice on how to accomplish this as a hard-coded option into a theme so that I can be sure that all of my user's have it on their sites with the correct options set without having to manually add it to the site's sidebar for each one?

  • Umm…
    Unfortunately, this widget does not work with WP3.2.1 + BP1.2.9.
    When clicking 'Reply', the page is reloaded and no reply box there.

  • I added the following css to the widgets so that 'Reply' button will not be shown on the widget for the time being.

    div.swa-activity-meta a.acomment-reply { display: none; }

    I hope the widget will be updated to meet the new WP and BP design.

    Thanks in adnvace!

    • Hi There,
      yes It got broken with 1.2.9. Updating today for compatibility.

      Thanks for posting the bug and your patience πŸ™‚

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I tried the but it does not work.

    When I click the reply, whose url is supposed to be "?ac=3/#ac-form-3" for example, the page is reloaded to http://example.com/?ac=3/#ac-form-3, and I have to click again the reply for "?ac=3/#ac-form-3".
    When I clicked the other reply button, "?ac=2/#ac-form-2" for example, after the page reloading, the page once again reloaded to the url of http://example.com/?ac=2/#ac-form-2.

    I am sorry to say that the plugin is not yet fixed.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    I have been testing your for some time, and I found one more thing that I cannot post twice. I have to reload the page where the widget is put, in order to post the second update right after posting the first one.

    • Hi Chestnut,
      It was a javascript error. I have been updating the plugins for 1.5. Will be doing a post with updates today.

      • Thanks, Brajesh

        Will it take some more time for the release?
        I am looking forward to using the new version soon.

  • Using v. of your plugin and bp 1.5 beta 3 (5097) wp 3.2.1
    Fantastic plugin, many thanks.
    Just a query which is not urgent but would be thrilled with a reply.
    Is there any way to crop or thumbnail embedded content or even just import the link (rather than the content of the link) into your widget ?
    At the moment your plugin, indeed all sitewide/network plugins, bring in the content itself which might be quite large.
    Thus if a blog has imported a Flickr photo, the widget brings in that content into (squeezes it into) the sidebar of the bp page.
    I am sure this must have cropped up before. If not it is likely to in the future as it is now so easy to embed from a huge variety of sources.
    plugin superb, nonetheless.

    • Hi Valentine,
      Thank you for the comment and testing the plugin.
      Though we don't have control over what is being shown(and their size). There may be option to filter out html, that may solve the issue but will be a degradation. what do you think ?

  • Also, reply button works very well for updates

    but does not appear to work for posts returning "Please do not leave the comment area blank" when test has been inputted.

    • Hi Valentine
      Thanks for the comment.
      The text "Please do not leave the comment area blank" is a notice which shows when users don't enter anything. So, it will no show the comment link.

  • when TEXT has been inputted.

  • First, thanks for the quick reply.

    Sorry,i did not make myself clear.

    When replying to a Post AND having inputted text and then clicking the "Post" button the text in the box is not acknowledged rather the notice appears β€œPlease do not leave the comment area blank”.

    However when replying to an Update AND having inputted text the widget accepts the text and behaves as i presume it should.

  • ok. this does not happen in bp-default theme so its at my end.


    Clicking "Favorite" in bp-default theme reloads page and goes to "Page not found"

  • I'm guessing comments are either held for moderation, or I forgot to submit my comment. πŸ™‚

    This may partly be a duplicate post, but I also forgot to add what versions of WordPress and Buddypress I'm using.

    WordPress – Version 3.2.1
    Buddypress – Version 1.5

    The issue: I'm dying to use your widget, but when I activate it, it never appears in the Widget Control Panel. I've tried deactivating all my plugins, but still no luck. I've installed the plugin both manually and through the "Add Plugin" feature of wordpress.

    Any idea's?!

  • I am now, and it works perfectly.

    Just curious, why wasn't this available on WordPress.org or Buddypress.org? They are hosting older versions of your wonderful plugin last time I checked.


    • Hi Jimmy,
      Thank you for confirming. I will do it today. I find it a little bit inconvenient to update the wprepo(which is svn) from my git repos.
      I will try to do that in future and keep it updated on the official plugin repo.

  • Unfortunately I had to deactivate after the most recent update as I was receiving the following error:

    "Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_is_user() in /home/pgnew/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-sitewide-activity-widget/bp-sitewide-activity.php on line 405"

    I did not update BuddyPress to version 1.5 because I want to be sure all the bugs are out first. Is this why I'm receiving the error? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Thank you. That fixed it! πŸ™‚

  • Hi. Still loving the widget, but I'm allowing users to post videos in their streams (from Youtube, etc.), and in the widget I don't get thumbnails, but full size (playable, which is pretty cool), cut-off images.

    Here's a screenshot: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/94/clipboard01jj.jpg/

    So I need to figure out how to get this image as a thumbnail, as it does with BP Gallery. Any ideas, please?

  • Thank you for a great plugin!
    However, I think I found a bug.

    When users are logged out, the activity stream is still displayed, even if "Limit to Logged In user's activity" is checked.
    Even activity for private groups is displayed!

    I run WP 3.2.1 and BP 1.5.1

    • Hi Joe,
      By design, It is currently doing that. when a user is logged out, It should show the sitewide activity.

      Are you using any caching plugin, because when the user has logged out, it should not show his/her private activities.

  • Thanks for the quick response. I am not using a caching plugin. I just realized that the activity stream of private groups is shown in the built-in activity stream too, so it has nothing to do with your plugin. I will report it on the general bp forums.

  • Can you please help me how to show the status update in home page from all user in a buddypress site?

    • If you want to show that via this plugin. Make sure to select the "profile" component only. If you want it differently please do let me know. The BuddyPress activity loop is what you will need to use.

  • I too would like to know if its possible to do what slips111 suggested on Nov. 5.

    Love the plugin!

  • hai Brijesh..First of all,i would like to thank you for all the wonderful plugins in this site..It would be much better the functionality of this plugin is limited to friend's activity alone.If you can tell me the changes to make in php,it would be very helpful.

  • How would i go about changing the name 'bbpress' to 'forums'?

  • aaa #

    Users are unable to post status updates. Not even the admin.
    There is no "POST" button, and if a user types the "ENTER" button it only makes a new line in the status update box, but does not allow the user to post it.

  • is this work in wordpress + buddypress?

    • Hi Sith,
      I have tested it with BP and wpms 3.3.1 and It is working fine for me.

  • post form doesnt work with simple wordpress buddypress πŸ™

    • Hi Sith,
      I just tested with wordpress ms 3.3.1 and Bp, the version of this plugin does works and allows posting(I was using default theme).Can you please provide more details about your wordpress/BuddyPress version ?

  • I'm using the latest version, WordPress 3.3.1 and bp

    When I try to update my status, the plugin shows me this: "Please enter some content to post".

  • Hi,

    I'm using BP 1.5, WP 3.3.1, and Version – when I drag the widget to the sidebar location in Magazine theme, nothing happens when I click to get the drop down for settings. So I'm seeing 100 posts on the site.

  • P.S. This also happens on Profile Widget for Blogs.

  • Hi,

    My sitewide activity plugin has been working fine for months and has stopped working, I updated some of my plugins earlier- could this have caused?

    There is a script error on the page when the widget is included that stops anything after it displaying.

    Any help much appreciated as I'd like to include on homepage again..


  • Hello Everybody.

    Users on my site are unable to Reply to a previous comment.

    They can reply to an activity post, but they cannot "Reply" to somebody else's "Reply."

    Has anybody seen this before? Would appreciate any insight you can offer. Thank you.


    • Following up to mention that the page seems to "jump" a bit as if it's trying to make room for the form from which the user can post their reply, but the form doesn't appear.

  • What would be the simplest way of just showing new posts in the list?

  • I'd like to make a few mods to the plugin, but I've scanned three files (bp-sitewaide-activity.php, post-form.php, and swa.js) and haven't been able to find any code that actually controls the OUTPUT that I could edit.

    I want to do two things:

    1. Hide the "Reply" and "Favorite" buttons — I just want a simple summary of activity. I can't imagine why anyone would want to reply or favorite items in an activity log.

    2. Make the widget title (I called it "Recent Activity") link to the /activity/ page. The reason I'm using the widget to put the activity in the sidebar is because I don't want to waste main menu space with a link to the Activity page — but providing a link to that page from the widget makes perfect sense.

    If you can tell me what file to edit I'd greatly appreciate it.


    • Hi Randy,
      sorry could not help earlier.
      1. for linking you can edit line 83 of bp-sitewide-activity.php.
      2. for hiding reply, please use css instead. That will be easy. But if you want, you can do so on line 345 of the same file.


  • Is there any way to just show the current activity – without showing images or content? New posts are making the sidebar very long – while newly registered members make it short, so there's no way to select a good number of posts to show because the length of posts always makes the widget act differently. So: an option to not show content would be a great addition.

  • Also – favorite leads to "Page not found" as mentioned above.

  • I am no CSS expert but the follow code removes the reply and fav buttons that do not work only in the sidebar and not in Buddypress internal pages

    div.swa-activity-meta .fav{display:none}
    #addyoursidebardiv .acomment-options a{display:none}
    #addyoursidebardiv .fav a{display:none}
    #addyoursidebardiv .unfav a{display:none}

    • Hi Terry,
      The reply button does work and I have removed the favorite button in my last update. Please upgrade and let me know if it does or not ?

      Your css is good enough for hiding the buttons using css though πŸ™‚

  • @all,
    Sorry, It was my mistake. I had removed the favorite link and uploaded to github.com on 27th October but missed to put an archive file here. I was wondering why so many of you are complaining regarding the favorite link. Finally Just saw my mistake today.
    My sincere apologies for the same.

    I have put an update archive here too.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi,
    Is their anyway I can modify the Sitewide activity widget to show extended profile updates.


    • Hi Manoj,
      sorry for delayed reply.
      It already displays the xprofile updates. Just make sure to check the widget settings and see if you have included/excluded it or not?

  • Is there a plugin that controls sidewide activity,like display only friends and follwer's activity like in facebook?

  • H. I have added the widget to mysidebar but its not showing up on my site.

    • Hi Jerry,
      Please help me to help you by providing the version information for your wordpress/BuddyPress.

  • My users are unable to reply from the widget. when they click the reply button it just reloads the page before they are able to enter the reply. They are forced to go to the users profile to post replies. Once they do that it shows up fine on the widget, but I would like for them to be able to reply directly from the widget.

  • I just installed the lastest version of this plugin on my WP 3.4.2 with BuddyPress 1.6.1 site and when I activate the plugin and add the widget to my site, I see the following code inside the widget:


    It looks like the criteria I checked off inside the widget options.

    • Hi Rolando,
      Please update to version 1.1.5.
      I have updated it with the fix.


  • To remove the plugins CSS file, you need to use:

    add_filter( 'swa_load_css', 'disable_swa_css', 10, 1);

    and not the apply_filters function.

    • Thank you Jabre.
      you are correct about that πŸ™‚
      Just fixed it and now we can instead use __return_false instead of disable_css.

  • I have the same problem Valentine: reply buttom: Please do not leave the comment area blank.

    After writer text yes!

    What happen?

  • Discovery whats the problem: conflicty whith plugin: Buddypress Jquery Activity Stream Widget

    • Thank you for noticing. I am not sure what to do at the moment. Will take a look at both these plugins and let you know if It can be fixed on our end.

  • Hey there!

    I wonder if you can help me! I am only wanting to show forum replies in an activity widget, is this possible with this widget? I would to be able to achieve it with this one! I am using buddypress 1.5.5 that is why I am using this version over a newer one!


    • Hi Carvill, you can make a test in bp-sitewide-activity.php around line 348
      like "if bp_get_activity_type() == 'new_forum_post'

      Hope that can help you

      • Hi there, I have found the following on line 354 –

        Is this what I am looking for? I appear to get an error when I try to change this.
        Thanks for helping!!!

        • (note : my plugin version is, my test is not working with current version)

        • I am also using

        • So you should replace with

          it worked for me with similar test. Good luck !

        • oops code not working here…
          you replace with
          ?php if ( is_user_logged_in() && bp_activity_can_comment() && (bp_get_activity_type() == 'new_forum_post')) : ?

        • Sorry for my complete ignorance here but I cannot get it working, my lack of experience is showing here!

          What exactly am I changing in the code to this …

          ?php if ( is_user_logged_in() && bp_activity_can_comment() && (bp_get_activity_type() == β€˜new_forum_post’)) : ?

          Would you like to exchange emails if it is it easier?

        • give me your email

        • Hey sorry I have been out of the loop for a few days!

          Here it is: capichebrand@gmail.com

          Thanks alot!!

  • hi, I get the error below, could anyone check please (?):

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in …\wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-activity\bp-activity-classes.php on line 572 and defined in …\wp-includes\wp-db.php on line 990

    Brajesh, I have one similar connected question. I tried to add a simple bp_has_activities… loop to my widget in Activity Directory, everything is working +- fine, but when I try to comment on activities, which are represented in both loops, I get an error "Please do not leave the comment area blank.". Could you please tell, how did you solved this issue in your plugin?


    • Hi James,
      I have updated this plugin. Can you please check version 1.1.7 from WordPress.org repo?

      For your second issue, the problem is there are two post forms on the activity directory and you are not using any custom js. BuddyPress theme's js check for the post form and finds the first form with empty content so gives you that message. It won't be happening on any other page(except profile activity of course).

      • hi, I updated my BP from 1.7 trunk to 1.7.2, but looks like with your update 1.1.7 error is still there, only now it's : "..Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in …\wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-activity\bp-activity-classes.php on line 562..".

        Let's leave a second issue, it's only specific to what I'm trying to achieve.

        • Hi James,
          It is not a bug in sitewide activity. It is an issue with BuddyPress's get_recorded_components() method of BP_Activity_Activity class.

          As I see, It is fixed in 1.8 trunk but not in 1.7. It is just a notice and It won't affect much, so you can go ahead with it(When you will disable the WP_DEBUG on production, It will go away for now).

  • Love the idea of the plugin but youtube videos and pics distort the widget and i had to uninstall…can you help this is an integral part of my site.

    • Hi Countryazhell,
      Thank you.
      You can use some css to fix that. If you can point me to your site, I will be happy to put those css for you πŸ™‚

      • Awesooooooome!www.jpcsolutions.com/portfolio/azeverything6

        What information do you need from me?

        • Try putting this line in css

          [sourcecode language="css"]
          .swa-activity-inner img {max-width:100%;}


          that should stop the distortion of widgets.

        • Thanks for the help Brajesh!

          Works with all media EXCEPT video links….
          Any ideas?

  • Works with all media EXCEPT video links….
    Any ideas?

    • Hi,
      You may want to put this in the css
      [sourcecode language="css"]
      .swa-activity-inner iframe {
      height: auto !important;
      width: auto !important;


      but it won't help much. I have checked on your site and I see that the youtube videos are embedded using iframe method. They should have been responsive automatically. I don't know why the width/height is used.

      • Thanks! My dev got it figured out!
        Is there anyway to remove time stamp?

        • Neva mind…I se that would take link away

        • No Problem,
          Glad you solved it finally πŸ™‚

          Thank you for taking time to reply back.

  • Hi there,

    this plugin is awesom but I have a problem with the "List my activity only" functionality (I want to show only admins' updates). It seems not to work properly because the widget shows the activity of all the users. Here are my settings:

    Limit to Logged In user's activity: No

    List My Activity Only: Yes

    Show Avatar: Yes

    Show Feed Link: Yes

    Show Activity Content: Yes

    Show Post Form No

    Show Activity Filters: No

    Include only following Filters: Activity

    Exclude following Components activity: (none)

    What am I missing? Thanks a lot!


    • Hi Marco,
      Thank you for letting me know.
      I think something might be missing on my end. Will be testing the latest version tomorrow and will let you know.


  • Hey Brajesh,

    greatjob, thank you very much for plugin!

    My problem is, that starting forum topics will be shown at activity widget, but no further replys πŸ™ Is there any possibility to change that?


  • And it would be awesome if widget plugin can show news of private groups, but if i read it well it's impossible, cause it's an issue of activity stream..?

    • You are right about that. At the moment, the activity stream is not designed in that way to handle the private activities for users properly everywhere(other than profile/individual group page).

  • Hi Brajesh,

    thanks so much for this plugin… πŸ™‚

    one question: how can i do this: A activity link is clicked, but it jumps not to the related post – it loads the article or bbpress-topic and then i must scroll to the related post… how can i fix this, when i click a link, that it jumps to the postet activity?

  • Hello! Long time fan, was hoping to find out if this will be updated for BP 1.8.1?

    • Hi Justin,
      Thank you for the comment.
      It is tested to work with BuddyPress 1.8.1. If you notice any issue, please do let me know.


  • Thanks for the great plugin. I have one small issue that I am trying to solve with CSS. Only in Chrome am I seeing a bullet for each activity list item. It appears to the left of the member name in the top right hand corner of the member avatar. This list item bullet does not display in IE or Firefox, only Chrome.
    Any ideas on a CSS fix?

  • I seem to not be able to use the attached files feature and post feature through the widget. The buttons are unclickable. I have BP 1.9.1 Please advise

    • Hi Wesley,
      Are you using BuddyPress activity plus plugin? That does not seem to be compatible with this one.

  • I noticed something strange when using this plugin.
    In the activiy when a user adds a photo, it writes the users username in the text.
    But if the same user change their profile picture or something else, it writes the users buddypress name.

  • Ben #

    Awesome Plugin, Brajesh…. But will you update it? The Activity-Filters in the widget doesn't work for me with Buddypress 1.9.2…

    thanks for reply… πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ben,
      Thank you. will test today and put an update πŸ™‚

      • Ben #

        Thank you Brajesh… πŸ™‚

  • Brajesh, the plugin displays duplicate bbpress entries upon revisions of the forum topic. It only does this bbpress, not normal posts. Can you address? Also, a couple of years ago, I signed up for premium support but you didn't reply to any of my support requests. I would be willing to do it again if you could assure me that you would provide the support you advertise.