BuddyPress User Circles – Let users create lists of users

BuddyCircles:- The BuddyPress User Circles plugin enables users on BuddyPress sites to create lists of users. These lists are termed as circles of users. A user can create one or more circles(or lists). If you are a site admin who needs to allow users to create lists of other users, BuddyCircles will help you.


  • Unlimited lists of BuddyPress users
  • Restrictions for who can create the user lists
  • Circle/User list privacy.
  • Configurable profile tab( as top level tab or integrate inside the friends component)
  • Notifications
  • Completely customizable behaviour via admin settings

BuddyPress User Circles can integrate with the friends component or you can use it as a separate component. The user lists can have privacies. Currently supported privacies are Public, Members Only, Friends Only. In other words, users can create private or public or friends only visible circles.

The plugin also enables users to filter activity stream by their circle. If your user want to see the activities from aperticular circle, they can easily do it.



BuddyCircles enables BuddyPress users to create circles of user. It is most beneficial when you want to allow user to organize other users into various lists.

Some use cases:-

  • BuddyPress Based Dating site:- Use lists of users to keep track of prospects.
  • Sports Community:- Keep multiple list of favorite players/coaches and filter activity stream based on that.
  • Internal network:- Let users organize users like Collegue, Seniors and so on..
  • Any other site that wants to let user keep list of users.

The circle is like Google plus circle for BuddyPress or Twitter Lists(More like twitter lists).

Download & Docs:-


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