CB Group Blog: A child theme of Cosmic Buddy for group Blogs

I had many of you asking for the ways to make cosmic buddy theme work with the group blog. So, here is "CB Group Blog" a child theme of cosmic buddy to use with the group blogs.

What It Is:-

This is a theme which should be used with Group Blog Plugin.

How to Use:-

  • That's it. From the next time a group blog is created, this theme will be activated automatically, giving a seamless look for group and group blog.

The current theme is 2 columned, so I miss the area for widgets, if you think the same and want a 3 column theme which will allow you to add widgets, please do let me know in comments.


Also, I will like to clarify regarding the comments you all left last week. I am sorry for not being able to reply them in time, some personal problems caused me  a lot of tiredness and was unable to reply the comments. From today onwards, I promise to reply in time.

9 Responses to CB Group Blog: A child theme of Cosmic Buddy for group Blogs

  • Something is wrong here – if I click on a post in the groupblog the page shows up without any formatting. Doesn´t seem to finde the css file

    I have cosmicbuddy in the buddybress/themes folder and CB Group blogs in the wp-content/themes folder – maybe that is wrong?

    • Got it to work – both themes have to be in the wpcontent/themes folder

  • How come when I change profile images, I get errors?

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Just checking if you had a rough timeline for when you think your BP Ajax Chat plugin will be ready?

    • hi Paul
      Thanks for the comment. I am sorry for the delayed chat. I had some issues in getting it work as I want it to, and then came the redesign of this site.

      I will post tomorrow about the time I will be completing that, but I guess it will be anytime after 15th as I am planning to update this site by 15th first.

  • hello!
    i have uploded the theme to the folder wp-content/themes, but have got a error "Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template."
    How i can repair this problem?

    • Hi Irina,
      you will need to have Cosmic Buddy theme installed in order to make it work. Do you have cosmic buddy in your wp-content/themes directory. This is a child theme, so if the parent theme is not present, you will get the above error.

      Hope that helps.

  • HI brajesh, reading ur website from 2 days , its very nice,
    i m new to buddypress but very old to WordPress lol.
    i liked ur BP-Nicey theme, but can you plz tell me how did u got this kind of sidebar to it. is there any plugin for it? plz tell me the link for it,
    this picture shows what i want. http://www.ioin.net/images/152bp_nicey_profile.png

    thanx bro. 🙂

  • hi Brajesh,

    i've installed cosmic buddy + cb child theme + the group blog plugin.

    i have many errors on my site:

    If you use the main cosmic buddy theme
    the blog posts don’t appear on its homepage
    widgets appear on the blog

    if I use the child group blog theme:
    I get the issue that is mentioned above – being a member of other groups ruins the CSS somehow.
    widgets don’t appear in the blog

    If I use a non buddypress template, I can manage a blog, without having its posts appearing in other groups:
    can add widgets
    Posts appear on their blog and its homepage
    This blog’s activity is not attached to the rest of the site (groups etc…)