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Hi All,

: Just changed the database to remote host. It seems to be working. Now before upgrade waiting for DNS propagation. We will have a downtime of around 2 hours after the DNS propagates(at least on My system and I am able to access the new host by name.)

It's the festive seasons here in India and I am sure you all are having a good time enjoying life and working on your social networks.

Some of you may be knowing that I was in the process of redesigning Buddydev.com but never got enough time to complete that. Last few weeks proved good for me and I got a chance to get back to work. It was one of the reason I could not spend enough time here on answering comment/plugin updates. I am sure, you might have noticed my recent little activity here. So, today, I thought, I must let you all know the status of our work.

The newΒ  siteΒ  design is almost ready and I plan to put the new interface by Monday(11th October).Β  Currently we have a few major issues at buddydev.com, the most important is different versions of plugins are scattered through the forums and blog posts making it uneasy for our users, so the new interface handles it in an elegant way. Another major change will be visibility/readability of posts. And of course, we will have docs section of each plugin with this update. Another major change is using group/external integrated bbpress forum in some unique way, group forum will act as the archive of forum posts related to a plugin while we will be using the external bbpress as we do currently.

In the new design, using wordpress custom post type, I have done my best to organize the things and It will certainly help is organizing the things. The good news is, while working on the new buddydev I wrote around 4-5 new plugins, these are

  • Associate existing forum to groups:- will allow you to asociate any existing forum to group or change one group forum to another group forum
  • Easy mark spammer, an ajax based mark spammer plugin
  • Store email to DB:- Allows you to store the contact messages in database, It should be useful for those whose server do not send mails properly(buddydev.com has long trouble with contact form)
  • Membership Plugin:- Highly flexible membership plugin for creating a membership based site(I have rewrote the one I use On Buddydev.com with a lot of new enhancements)

and a few more.

I am still not sure which of them I am going to release on the Monday, but this month the remaining 20 days are going to be fun as I will be releasing atleast 10 new plugins).

Further, The BP-Gallery and Bp-Chat will have major updates this month, Bp-gallery will be stable by month end and chat will be sooner than that. Once our new site design is up, you can see the daily changes and updated status for each and every plugin from the plugin page itself.

Happy social networking and please make sure to check on Monday evening for the new update and new plugins.

26 Responses to Coming Updates

  • Hi Brajesh. Thanks for the update. I've been doing some site upgrades myself but not to the extent of releasing new plugins like you will, LOL.

    Looking forward to the new look and plugins, thank you πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Mercime,
      Just a little bit hesitating of downtime. Let us hope for this sunday πŸ™‚

      I look forward to your site upgrades too πŸ™‚

  • This all sounds terrific, Brajesh! Looking forward to seeing it all roll out…

    Good luck!

  • Looking forward towards the Bp-Chat plugin. Hope it is like friends chat like facebook.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Just trying to judge time again… will you be making some of the plugins available this weekend or tabling everything to the coming Monday? Thanks.

    • Will publish 1-2 plugins tomorrow as I will be pushing updates for site on sunday night when there will be low traffic. I am still hesitating of the changes as they suggested moving host could cause a downtime of upto 72 hours.

  • Hi, I notice that


    isn't up…

    This is my first time here…wishing you well with the upgrade…looking forward to stopping by…


  • Hi Brajesh !
    Congrats to this new look and feel .
    Its awesome.

    • Hi Anindya,
      Thanks for the comment. I am glad you liked it. There are some small glitches still left but I am almost done with the major changes πŸ™‚

  • What will be the enhancements to BP- Gallery?

  • Joe #

    Hello, this is regarding the discussion om forum BP Chat,

    Do you see any JavaScript error on the page while logged in ? Can you link me to your site here or just Pm me, I will be glad to check and find a solution. "

    The JavaScript error I get is the following,
    Message: 'attr(…)' is null or not an object
    Line: 82
    Char: 6
    Code: 0
    URI: http://Home/wp-content/plugins/bp-chat/bp-chat/js/bchat.js?ver=3.0.1

    Just thought I'd sharing it,
    Thank You

    • HI Joe,
      Thanks for sharing the details.
      are you using bp-chat from forum post(alpha) or beta 1. Please let me know, and also please let me know the browser you are using as most js errors are related to browsers.


  • Joe #

    Hello I tried on both versions (1.0 Alpha,1.0 beta). In case of a browser issue, well bp-chat does not load on neither of the following browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox), I got the error down on the page of IE. Both WordPress and buddypress are updated in this caase.

    Then I got curious and installed a brand new wordpress "Test Site" with only buddypress and bp-chat enabled, the error was gone on IE, the only browser that did not load the chat was, google chrome.

    So I don't know if there is an interference of plugins, hope I helped. Let me know if you had any other comments.


  • Joe #

    just to clarify by not loading I mean, the chat bar shows bot no logged in users are displayed.

  • @brajesh

    Hi Brahjesh, I hope you are well and the site is stabilizing for you… just checking on a couple of the stated issues with beta-chat plugin. I have the same admin lockup of menus. Will you have a patch for that any time soon?

    Thanks for your work.

    • Hi Joseph,
      I was busy with updating gallery for release so could not concentrate on chat. It seems gallery may be delayed by 3 days, if that happens I will post chat update today. But still not sure.

    • Ok, I have fixed it. let me see If I can do a few more mods before updating. It is coming for sure now.

  • Brajesh,

    Thanks, I'm "chomping at the bit" to try all three of the new releases: BP_Gallery, BP-Chat, and Activity Stream Widget…

  • Hi Brahjesh, when will the update (stable version) for bp-gallery be published ?

    • Hi,
      The new version is scheduled for 4th Nov(tomorrow), but I am still working on it and the things are turning out to be more and more engrossing than I thought.

      I am making a post today and will be posting the detail soon with a couple of hours about it.

      • Ok, thanks for quick answering ! I look forward the post and the new version πŸ˜‰

  • Any one know when the final version will be available?


    • Hi Phoung,
      Which of the plugins you are looking for a final version ?

  • I'm using the BP-Chat plugin. And it says two things. One, that two people are online when they're not. And two, there's no enter button to talk to them. I can type, but there's no way to actually chat with them. πŸ™

    • yes, the online list has a bug, we will have the update in a couple of days or may be next week.
      If you can not send message , then there is a conflict. is there any chance you are using buddystream ?