Community Builder

Changelog(Free Version)


1st March, 2020

  • Auto Enable Legacy template pack on Theme activation
  • Fix Cover being disabled on theme activation.
  • Fix Links showing cover image/change avatar when they were disabled.
  • Add tooltip for recent users list.
  • Better support for MediaPress(1.4.8+)
  • Added support for Events Manager
  • Added support for WP Ulike
  • Added support for BuddyCircles
  • Added support for User Contact Form
  • Added support for BuddyPress Anonymous Activity
  • Added support for BuddyPress Branded Login
  • Better Integration with BuddyPress Poke
  • Better Integration with BuddyPress Moderation Tools
  • Better Breadcrumb(with breadcrumb trails plugin)


14th Feb, 2020

  • Fix header on mobile sites
  • Fix mobile logo not appearing
  • Better GamiPress support.
  • Update screenshot
  • Fix top header background color.
  • Better breadcrumb


27th Jan, 2020

  • Initial release