Community Builder

Changelog(Pro version)


29th June, 2021

  • Adds support for BuddyPress 8.0 compatibility.
  • Includes support for BuddyPress Invite(introduced in 8.0).
  • Includes support for BuddyPress signup fields(introduced in 8.0)


22nd May, 2021

  • Added support for RTMedia uploads in activity comments


14th April, 2021

  • Fixes compatibility with plugins using bootstrap popup.
  • Fixes compatibility with font awesome 5( we are registering now with font-awesome-4 handle).


16th December, 2020

  • Fixed issue with BuddyPress 7.0.0 throwing notices for member types/group types count on directories groups.
  • Tested with WordPress 5.6 for compatibility.


12th August, 2020

  • Fixed issue with BuddyPress Docs not listing all groups.
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5 for compatibility.


7th July, 2020

  • Fix pagination issue for friends list.


6th May, 2020

  • Fix JavaScript error on messages page when activity is disabled(caused due to auto suggestions dependency)


24th April, 2020

  • Added compatibility with BuddyPress Activity Shortcode plugin.
  • Added compatibility with BuddyMeet plugin.
  • Improved button icons for BuddyPress Moderation Tools.


20th April, 2020

  • Fixed tabs in members/groups directory.
  • Fixed greedy nav handle being invisible occasionally.
  • Fixed greedy nav drop down styling for mmebers/groups directory tabs.


16th April, 2020

  • Show site title on login page if login logo is not specified.
  • Fixed greedy nav handle color(when button color is overridden).
  • Fix members per page(for group members) & members/groups per row.
  • Fix display of profile field data on profile & member directory.


11th April, 2020

  • Fix activity delete issue.
  • Added better compatibility with Activity Plus Reloaded


26th Feb, 2020

  • Allow Customizing login page via customizer.
  • Add custom page header size support for each post type as well as archive page.
  • Auto Enable Legacy template pack on Theme activation
  • Fix Activity readmore setting and excerpt length.
  • Fix issue with BuddyPress emoji plugin for public message(mention)
  • Fix Cover being disabled on theme activation.
  • Fix Links showing cover image/change avatar when they were disabled.
  • Add tooltip for recent users list.
  • Better support for MediaPress(1.4.8+)
  • Added support for Events Manager
  • Added support for WP Ulike
  • Added support for BuddyCircles
  • Added support for User Contact Form
  • Added support for BuddyPress Anonymous Activity
  • Added support for BuddyPress Branded Login
  • Better Integration with BuddyPress Poke
  • Better Integration with BuddyPress Moderation Tools
  • Better Breadcrumb(with breadcrumb trails plugin)


14th Feb, 2020

  • Fix mobile logo
  • Better breadcrumb
  • Fix issue with BuddyPress emoji plugin for public message(mention)
  • Added Theme info page
  • Added theme screenshot


6th Feb, 2020

  • Add setting to disable Login/register from header
  • Fix header on mobile sites
  • Better GamiPress support.
  • Update screenshot
  • Fix top header background color.
  • Add support for disabling activity read more
  • Add option to limit activity excerpt length.