Community Builder

Recommended Plugins

I hope you are enjoying creating your community with Community Builder so far.

Here is a list of plugins we recommend.

  • Css/JS caching & Minifier:- Community Builder does not come with minified assets.  Even though the theme is built for speed, we have assumed that you will be using a css minifier to combine assets. You will get a bad Google Site speed score if your assets are not minified & combined(also it is not a good idea). Installing a css/js minification plugin like Autoptimize(or any alternative you choose) will improve your score significantly. We have achieved even 100% on some of our sites using community builder(You should normally get between 90- 100%).
  • Page Builder:- If you need a page builder, we recommend Elementor.
  • Social Networking:- We recommend BuddyPress wholeheartedly