Cosmic Buddy Rc2:Try the Updated cosmic buddy theme for buddypress now

I am glad to present today another updated version of Cosmic buddy theme.

This is a major update and contains a lot of fixes/features enhancement.

Features Added/Enhanced

  • Global Unified search support
  • Enhanced Login form using the jquery tools overlay
  • Post thumbnail support
  • Better Comments
  • Support for BP-Gallery
  • Support for Bp Flickr Plugin
  • Support for Branded Login Plugin
  • Support for Username availability check plugin
  • Plugin template for Group
  • Some enhancement in formatting of text
  • Single wp support
  • Fixed registration page bug(which showed blog details form even if blog creation was disabled)
  • Fixed top menu, Register Link will not show if registration is disabled
  • Fixed time display of forum topic
  • Page template for Blogs
  • Fixed Left menu issue for blog create page
  • Random members error on profile fixed
  • And around 20 other small fixes/enhancements

one screenshot of login overlay

GoΒ  ahead, download it, test it and let me know the further enhancements


Updated: October 6, 2010

Most recent update: https://buddydev.com/http//buddydev.com/public-download/cosmicbuddy-1.1.rc2%20update%201.zip

The above update fixes issue with two deprecated functions in groups-lopp.php and groups's invite code.

Installation and Usage

Please read these posts for Installation and Usage



Where to report The bug:

If you find bugs and want to help in making cosmic buddy better, please report bugs here


Plans for future

In recent future, I will be updating theme for better activity listing. This is on my list of todos. Also, We will rewrite the theme for Bp 1.3 to remove the bloating of codes which happened for Bp 1.2 support /upgrade. So the cosmic buddy for bp 1.3 will be completely rewritten keeping the same look and feel but coded for better performance. Also I am working on the documentation to show you how to create child themes of cosmic buddy and how to extend it.Β Β  So let us hope for the best.

Looking forward to hear from you all.



PS: If you support my work, please do join BpDev.

163 Responses to Cosmic Buddy Rc2:Try the Updated cosmic buddy theme for buddypress now

  • Brajesh,

    thanks for this wonderfull update!

    iΒ΄m playing with it right now,

    really nice and fancy the "login overlay",

    I will post again when I have some stuff to show you,

    best regards,


    • Thanks for the comment Ahmed
      Looking forward to the feedback πŸ™‚

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Thanks for the upgrade! We will get to work today and post our findings.


    • Thanks for the comment AJ
      Looking forward to the feedback πŸ™‚

  • Wow!!! It's looking very good. Everything is now ok. And I like this very much. Plz say me how is my website bookmania.in ? ?

    • Thanks for the comment Soubhik
      Checked your site, It looks nice πŸ™‚ btw you may improve the yellow color a little.

  • thanks for the update, im currently getting some errors still in the activity. The old version did the same thing and haven't found a fix for it yet.

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home2/mpthrche/public_html/sitename/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-activity/bp-activity-templatetags.php on line 806

    This is displayed while in a users profile and viewing their activity.

    • Are you using cosmic Buddy addon pack(specially the sitewide activity widget from addon pack).
      This error is solved in Cosmic Buddy rc2.If you are you using child theme of cosmic buddy, then please update the calls to




      This is the function I have added to cosmicbuddy to solve the error.

  • Hello Brajesh,
    Is the above mentioned updated download same as you suggested me in the forum at https://buddydev.com/forums/topic/issues-with-cosmic-buddy-theme

    Thank You.

  • @soubhiksb007
    Which plugin is that at your site when mouse is pointed over some member his/her info is displayed?
    By the way nice site πŸ™‚

  • Ohh my i REALLY need some help!!

    I have not done anything with this site in ages and the whole thing apparently went to shit.. Everything is broken, the site, the galleries.. It all is broken and I have made NO code changes!

    I have never had this happen in my life with a theme or plugin where it just dies for no reason.

    Basically I went to the site and there was a fatal error.. I managed to fix the error by removing the plugins and reactivating one by one.. I can now see my site, but the entire site design is missing (all of the settings I had are gone) and there are loads of spam users.

    I went in to remove the spam users and I can't do that because I now get this error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method BP_Gallery_Gallery::dele_gallery_for_user() in /home/cape/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/bp-gallery.php on line 338

    My home page is wonky because the slider is entirely gone and all of the work I put into making the gallery look even a little decent is destroyed.

    I am really frustrated with this and at my wits end.. PLEASE help.

    Here is the link

    • Lindsay
      Please upgrade to Rc4 update 3. The bug was long solved with update 2 but you seem to be running gallery rc4 update 1 or below.

      Have you upgraded your Buddypress?
      Nothing will be messed by gallery , please make sure if you have custom changes in your theme, you do not overwrite them by upgrading your theme.

      • Also remember to backup the structure.css from bp-gallery since you have a lot of mods there. If you plan to upgrade cosmicbuddy take some care and test it on dev since your site has css mods and those will be lost if you upgrade.

  • Hi Brajesh:

    Thank you so much for the timely upgrade and RC2 version. I have uploaded it on a fresh install of WordPress 3.0 and latest version of Buddypress. It seems to work beautifully. I just can't get the blog link to work though, neither with a page under "Blog" template, nor a post.

    Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks so much.


    p.s. when I installed WP 3.0, the software asked me to delete blog.php (it said it was depricated). Would this have anything to do with it?

    • hi Vida
      Sorry for getting back a little late. Are you using wp 3.0 in Multisite mode or single site mode ?

  • Hi Brajesh:

    Once again, thanks so much for this theme.

    The logos somehow don't upload using theme option πŸ™ The logo spots keep appearing empty no matter what. Worked well before!!

    • hi Vida
      Thanks for posting the issue. Is it with wp 3.0 ? I will test it and post an update tonight(9th June) if there is a bug.


  • Hi … So glad this is now working well (I had to leave it when you first started it) and I am now using it again.

    The only problem I can see is at the bottom left, it says

    From Our Blogs
    * No New Posts Found

    Any reason for this please?

    • I cant seem to reply to anyone on their activity either like I can on the default theme 😐

      • hi
        Thanks for the comments.
        I am not sure about blog comments, Have you blog tracking enabled ?

        yes, the activity stream is not threaded and does not allow to directly reply to an activity item. This is on my menu for the next update.

  • Am running in WordPress 2.9.2 No MU version but the ordinary one. And currently i Use the default theme of Buddypress, And when i try to Install Cosmic theme, it gets installed, but when i activate it, BAMN, WHite Page, and white page for the whole site from the point. Then i have to go to my files, and rename or delete the plugin directory for my site to run :(. Kindly tell me what to do πŸ™‚

    • hi Kishore,
      Do you have Buddypress backward compatibility or bp-template pack installed ? try disabling them. If possible, please provide me the error log, that will give the clue.

  • First, thank you very much Brajesh Singh, for making a very good free Buddy Press theme with so much promise.

    Would you please recommend which Captcha plugin works properly for Cosmic Buddy, especially for new member signup.

    Thank you.

    • hi yocalif
      Thanks for the comment.

      I have not tried any captcha plugin with cb, but I think Si Captcha is the best one out there. Do you have problems using Si captcha with cosmic Buddy?

  • Hi Brajesh:
    Thank you so much for all the support. I love this theme. I have stopped using WP 3.0, so that is not an issue now. But I have a few little things that can't get to work.

    1) The blog link still leads to no post or page

    2) I would like to direct my users to another post of page after they login and not the homepage. I am using the "welcome pack" plugin to send them there. But it doesn't work. I very much would like to direct them to either their profile or a news page. Can I do that?

    3) the side bar gets very much messed up on a BP Gallery page for members.

    I am using Cosmicbuddy RC2 and the latest version of Buddypress.

    Thank you SO much for all the help.

    • hi Vida

      1.Please follow this tutorial for making the blog link work. I hope, It should help

      2. Please use my plugin redirect to profile, It will redirect users to their profile on login.

      3. which version of Bp-gallery you are using with cosmic Buddy, please let me know, I will do my best to fix that(Are you using the gallery template packed with bp-gallery or the one which are bundled with cosmicbuddy?)

      • Hi Brajesh:

        Thanks so much for prompt response πŸ™‚

        1) the blog link now works, but not with pages, but with posts. That's totally fine πŸ™‚

        2) I used the redirect plugin and it works great. thank you.

        3) I have been using BP album, as I was not aware of your gallery plugin. BP album moves the sidebar on member's profile when "blogs" function is disabled. So, if there are fewer tabs on the header, then BP album moves the sidebar to the other side.

        No worries. I have ditched BP album and will be using your BP gallery soon.

        Thank you so much.

        • hi Vida
          Thanks for the comment.
          I am glad the things are working now.

          well, for gallery I did not mean that you should use bp-gallery. Since I developed bp-gallery so I have packed the theme with its template. You can use it with the other plugin too, but in that case you may have to modify the template files to blend with cosmicbuddy structure.

  • How to post thumbnail

  • How do I using slideshow?
    β€’ Make 1 of the posts/slides, remain permanent and always come back to that post after rotating? I.E. a welcome post, and image, I always want it to be the first thing seen by the viewer, then rotate image/posts, then return to the welcome image/post.

    β€’ Increase the number of posts/images to more than three?

  • Hello Brajesh, there is a problem in the group pages. It dont show the admin bar and footer and showing: "function BP_Group_Extension::widget_display() must be over-ridden in a sub-class." You can see here : http://bookmania.in/groups/biology/ Plesase reply soon.


    • hi Soubhik
      the problem is one of the plugins you are using which uses group extension api.

      Which of the plugin you are using, try disabling the plugins which affect group behavior and you will know the culprit.

  • Hi Brajesh:

    WordPress 3.0 is out. I am using WordPress MU right now with buddypress. Would you recommend using WP 3.0 right now? I tried upgrading. But lost the logo with Cosmic buddy and I still don't know what else would be unstable.

    Should we all wait for Cosmicbuddy for WP 3.0?

    Thanks so much;

    • hi Vida
      There is no problem is using wp 3.0, please make sure to upgrade your .htaccess, wp-content/blogs.php(should be removed)(I mean follow the instructions properly, other wise Images will not appear).

  • HI, is the Template for the Blog page missing in the RC? I tried folllowing http://stylebp.com/docs/cosmicbuddy/using-blog-page, but there is only a "links" template showing in the template dropdown…

    • I don't see the blog template in my attributes area. Where is it?

  • Sorry, found it…please delete my last comment!!!

  • How do I make cosmic buddy theme the default theme, even when a new user creates his account and blog? Now a user has to go in and manually select cosmic buddy, but I want CB to be the theme everyone starts with.

    • I have the same problem, when a user registers, the blog has no theme at all. How to have everyone use the CB theme as default, without option to change or override it?

  • I get this where I used the widget, and on profile pages:

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-activity/bp-activity-templatetags.php on line 806

    I'm using WordPress 3.0 and Buddypress and I have the CB Addon sitewidge activity widget.

  • The problem was resolved once I posted a new blog. I guess it wasn't working because my website didn't have any activities. Disregard!

    • Thanks for pointing this issue. yes, it comes when there are no activities. will fix them in next release.

  • Hello Brajesh:

    I just upgraded my buddypress to its latest version "Version". It all went great with cosmic buddy theme and no conflicts, except for "bp wire plugin". I don't seem to be able to activate this one, so I had to delete it.

    Is there something I am doing?

    I very much appreciate you letting me know. All else seems to be fine. Awesome work. Thank you πŸ™‚


    • Ok, so I had buddypress backward compatibility plugin installed and activated prior to activating your bp-wire plugin. The two caused conflict together.

      I deactivated buddypress backward compatibility plugin and bp-wire plugin decided to work. Problem solved so far. Thanks so much again.


      • Hi Vida,
        Please use bp-wire standalone version from the downloads section of this site. the bp-wire with cosmicbuddy is depreciated in favor of the other plugin. That will work without back compact.

  • After many days writing to you. Yes, I want to display ads in the all pages of this theme from Activity to Members, Friend list etc. But there are no widget area in this theme. So how can I place ads in the activity or profile or friend list pages?

    • Soubhik,
      I did not get any message(seems you used contact form which is not functional at the moment, better you should have Pmed me).

      Except sidebar which is completely widgetized and can have different slots depending on the current component, the internal pages have not widgetized area in content, so you will have to manually edit and put the ads.

  • Zen #

    The Cosmic Buddy theme is the best I've seen so far. When I log in as admin – how do I get to my WP dashboard to update widgets etc? I don't see anywhere to do it so I've been physically typing the URL (with wp-admin) in to get there. Other themes I've tried have a slider menu that allows you to click and go to any of the big administrative pages.
    Keep it coming!

    • Hi zen,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Are you on Single user wp. On single User wp, It will not show the Blog Dashboard link(I will update it in next release). Nor would other themes do that on single user wordpress(If you are talking about buddypress admin bar).

      Please do let me know if you are on wordpress 3.0 Multisite or wpmu.


      • Zen #

        Hi – it's WP 3.0 multi-user. The test site is at http://health2health.com/smallworld. I can give you admin if that helps.
        Thanks for responding so quickly! It's really appreciated because I really like cosmic buddy.

  • I am having trouble with getting users to create a account. I keep getting redirected to the home page. I am using WP 3 with BP 1.2 plugin and Cosmic Buddy RC2. I have tried both the welcome plug-in and the log-in. Am I missing a step or…. Thanks for a great theme!

    • Hi frcala,
      You need to allow new user registrations.
      Please login to wp-admin and then go to settings->general and check the button "any one can register" and save.

      It should allow registration then.

  • I've just uploaded your theme and when I'm going to activate it this come up: The plugin has no real 'header'.

    I'm new at buddypress but old-timer with wordpress.
    Using now WP 3.0.1

    And I'm just wondering if there is any plugins that I need to get for the theme?

    • Hi Frankie,
      It seems you are uploading it to wrong directory.

      Please upload it to wp-content/themes directory and then activate it. Make sure buddypress is active and working before activating this theme.

  • Hi Brajesh!
    Thanks for the done work! An excellent theme!
    I have a question about jQuery login box. I need to change the text in it. In what file I can find it? Thankful in advance!

    • Hi Bogdan,
      Thanks for the comment.
      the login box id defined in functions.php(you can see it in cosmicbuddy/functions.php line no.173, "cb_include_login_box")

      Hope that helps.

      • Hi Brajesh!

        Thanks a lot! Your answer was very helpful for me!

        But I have another problem…. Maybe you know this problem and can help me . I have an error in http://mysite.com/members/nickname/groups/

        Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_groups_random_selection() in /mysite.com/www/wp-content/themes/cosmicbuddy/members/single/groups/group-loop.php on line 57

        In line 57 I have

        Do you know how to solve this problem?
        Thankful in advance for your help!

        PS I'm use WP 3.0.1(multisite) +BP + Cosmic Buddy Rc2

  • Hi,

    I love the Cosmic Buddy theme – GREAT JOB!

    While logged into the Admin area, I cannot seem to find the slideshow widget mentioned in your documentation. Is there something special I need to do in order to find it?

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thanks again

  • Hi,
    I am using your theme cosmic Buddy and so far going good but even after uploading the logo and welome messages – I still see my domain name appearing on the left corner. How to get rid of it ?

    Please check at http://www.dparekh.com/bp3


  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for this beautiful template.

    But i have a little problem : i don't see the register page when i click on "create an account".

    Help me please !!!


  • Does this theme allow threaded replies/comments in the status updates for users? If so, how do I activate it?

    • Hi Roland,
      No, the threaded reply is not available in current theme for the status message.

  • Hi singh,

    is there a release on chat-like fb on your theme?

    • Hi Jade,
      I guess you got one in bp-chat, but that is still in beta.

  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function bpchat_logout_user() in /home/ll268507/public_html/ar_tongkil/wp-content/plugins/bp-chat/bp-chat.php

    I got this error. πŸ™

    • Please re upload the bp-chat plugin in binary mode and It will work.

  • Hey Man you really do a nice work with this free theme. I have though something to say about Browser compatibility. I installed this theme and it works great with firefox and even the IE but the chrome has some layout distortions. for example the upper menu looks really crappy. this is the link ti the img
    the other things are really great and the theme looks really nice

  • I just installed this theme but I can't see my adminbar. If I click preview source, the code for adminbar isn't showing anywhere in the footer.

  • My buddypress version is Version 1.2.7. Does it have anything to do with it?

  • Hey, no worries now… I got it fixed. Found my bp-custom.php where it didn't allow my adminbar.

    Sorry for the trouble!

    Nice theme by the way. I love it!

  • hi Brajesh. I am using the cosmicbuddy theme. It's really a nice theme. thanks a lot for it.
    Whenever a user updates his status it shows some type of error. like " Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at installtion-path/wp-content/themes/cosmicbuddy_true/_inc/ajax.php:142) in installtion-path/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/plugins/wpmp_switcher/wpmp_switcher.php on line 506

    • Thanks Pratyusa for the comment.
      That behavior is strange. Line 142 is inside a function which does status updates and should not cause the above issue, as the function is called by ajax, not directly at the wordpress loading.

  • I deactivated the wordpress-mobile-pack plugin and everything works fine. But I want to use some good mobile sensing plugin. So that the website will be handy in mobile also. Can u suggest any?

    • Try wordpress mobile edition by Alex King or MobilePress. Hope it works.

      • Does this theme supports commenting on status/blog posts/activities etc? Actually I am missing this in my setup. So if this theme supports then plz guide me how to re-enable it.

        Thanks and Regards.

        • Hi Pratyusa,
          No, It does not support child comment. I am working on an update should be available in the last week of feb, will have all those options+wordpress 3.0 Custom menu and a few more features which we lost for buddypress 1.2

  • Just another question (I'm sure I'll have many;-)). We've got buddypress on a subdomain, separate from our main site – separate wordpress install, separate database, etc. I notice that since installing your theme, the site is running quite slow. Could be a coincidence, but just wanted to get your opinion. Here's the site: http://community.howtomakeadesignerhandbag.com . Thanks

    • Hi Ramona,
      The theme should not cause any loss of speed. yes, The BuddyPress install will run slower than a wordpress normal install, as BP is a major plugin and needs some extra resources.

  • Hey! Will this theme work with S2 member?
    And can I customize the colors and background?

    • I guess It should. Please try and let me know if you find any trouble. I will be glad to help.


  • Hey Brajesh.

    I need some help.
    I'm using Cosmic Buddy on one of my sites, but I'm completely at a loss as to how to change the default menu items.
    I'm trying to use the WordPress 3.0 menus, because my client wants a blend of categories, pages and buddypress components in the menu.
    How do I change your default navigation items?

    • Hi Gayatri,
      This theme does not uses wordpress 3.0 custom menu at the moment, so you will have to do it manually. Please create a child theme, copy header.php and make the changes you want.

      That's the only way we have until another update.

      • Hey.
        Do you think you can point me in the right direction as to where I can get an article on creating custom navigation menu for the header?

  • Hey!
    Also. I love this theme, but for the life of me I can't seem to find the widgets in the widget section!
    I can't find the cosmic buddy slideshow widgets, etc.
    please help!

  • Hey. Ok.
    So Copy the header.php into a child theme and then how do I enable the custom menu?
    I'm a little new to buddypress and wordpress : )
    And I will be testing s2 member in the next couple of days, will let you know how it goes !

  • Fantastic theme, love it, but unfortunatley without the activity stream + allowing users to reply/comment to each other makes it difficult to use this for a niche social netxork. looking forward to an updated version.

    • Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for the comment. yes, the next version will contain all those features.

  • Hey !!
    So I created a default theme.
    Created a new header.php file and used the tutorial to enable the custom menu.
    However it completely through the site out of wack!
    I lost all style elements.
    What do i do?

  • OK . I redid everything!

    And I didn't lose the styling from the parent theme.
    but I still have the old nav menu and the not the new one which I should have since i changed the header.php file to
    β€˜primary’,'fallback_cb’=> ” ) ); ?>

  • Hey.
    I did everything
    The Top Main Navigation Menu is now available in the Apearance section, but It's still pulling the old header.
    I don't know why.

    Is there any other code that goes in the header.php file for the child theme?

    Anything I need to retain from your main theme header.php file?

  • I also didn't add any parameters to the code.
    Do I need to?

  • I wonder if it's pulling the menu from the Bp-core.
    What's in the current menu are all buddypress components.

  • hey Brajesh , great news … is the next version cosmicbuddy Demo? when are you anticiptating the release? 3rd march? many thanks Brajesh, your generosity allows newbies like me to learn faster, thanks

    • I am waiting to update for BP 1.3. Let us hope for the first week of March.

  • I want to update my CB theme from RC1 to RC2. Please help

    • Hi Pratyusa,
      You can simply do that by overriding the Cosmic Buddy theme. Do you get any error ?

  • Hello, I really like the look of this theme and some of the plugins on here too!What I am wondering though, it says highly customizable, I cannot find anywhere if it is possible to customize font colours/background colours at all? Just to make it more personal.
    Other than that it looks great!

    • Hi
      by customizable I mean you have plenty of widget enable sidebar/areas and a few custom features mostly not found in the bp theme. To change color and background etc, the best way is to create a child theme and change that in css.

  • Thanks for your quick reply!
    I tried installing it yesterday but it came up with a fatal error and had to remove the folders via FTP in order to get back in my Dashboard. Is your theme not compatible with Single User WP? I was thinking of upgrading anyway and if that is the reason it gave me a fatal error then I def will. Cheers!

    • Hi Marjolinj,
      This theme is compatible with single wp. have you the buddypress backward compatibility or buddypress template pack plugin enabled. If yes, please disable theme and It will work. If those are not installed, can you please tell me what error you got ?


  • Hi Brajesh, Yes that def worked, thanks! (I had the template pack plugin)
    I will attempt to create a child theme, it doesn't look too complicated. πŸ™‚
    I cannot get my activity feed to work, although that seems to be a problem with any theme i've tried, apart from the default buddypress theme. I've tried adding a new page called activity in my pages, but it automatically names it /activity-2 so I cannot choose this in my reading settings as obviously this is the wrong directory for the activity feed! The activity feed is not automatically set in the static pages either.
    As I am setting up a new website and there is no content yet, I will probably delete the lot and start over with MU as I think this will be more suitable to my social network anyway, hopefully this will solve the problem as I've probably messed up some settings along hte way. I'm pretty sure I am going to be using your theme as I love the look, I will keep you updated if I do and give you a link when it's all finished!
    Marjolijn (pronounced Maroline) πŸ™‚

  • Hello again!
    Have started from scratch and re-installed wordpress from scratch and installed MU.
    The first thing I did was install and activate Cosmic Buddy and it gives me a fatal error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_page_title() in /home/driversz/public_html/wp-content/themes/cosmicbuddy/header.php on line 5
    I have not installed any plugins yet so I can't be a conflict there..
    I am just going to go ahead and go back to default for now and install the plugins and configure the site and I hope you could come back to me what this fatal error is?
    Cheers Brajesh, keep up the good work!

  • Wow, great theme!
    How do i change the Cosmic Buddy Logo to my own logo?
    what is the name of the file to replace and where is it?

    • Hi Will,
      you can change logo from Appearance->Theme options.
      hope that helps.

  • hi Brajesh,

    is there any way to add some small function to functions.php, so that when user press one of profile navigation menus, it would automatically jump to the first place in navigation (bp-nav, left column in profile)?


    • Hi James,
      I don't think that is possible at the moment. As It will need to identify the ids for currently selected item. Further, It may be done(hopefully) via javascript, not via php. Just sniff the currently selected element from menu and use jQuery scrollTo plugin to scroll accordingly.

  • cant comment on activities……any new release???

    • Hi Sammy,
      Not in this month but an update with some design fixing and a lot of changes in code is coming in the 1st or second week of April. I am going to support all the major plugins in next update of cosmicbuddy.

  • Hi Brajesh, really love the theme! However, I can't get replies working on my site? I tried adding the PHP for the reply function but nothing… any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Edit: removed the email.

    • Hi Jamie,
      Thanks for the comment. Please wait for a couple of more days. I have been working on a update and I hope to put it in next 3-4 days. That will allow to reply in the activity and fix a few more design/code issues.


  • I've put Cosmic Buddy theme but in the top navigation does not work properly, for BLOG leads to http://domain.com/BP_HOME_BLOG_SLUG, while Members, Groups, Forums and Blogs every click leads to the front page of my web site http://domain.com/, I've tried with http://domain.com/members and http://domain.com/members/ but I can not keep pointing to the front page, what should I do? or there is a way of setting / I install it wrong?

  • installed theme… tried registering new user. No registration errors show up in your theme… leaving me wondering why I can't register.

  • Hi Brajesh

    I hope you were able to finish your update for the comment on activites issue, if you did can you point us in a direction where to download the update from?

    I finished my website and just realize that i cant reply on a activities which makes a matter more difficult and urgently need this sorted as i dont want to load another template and do work again

    Looking forward to hear from you

  • Hello Brajesh,

    Good day. First, I will say that I really appreciate your work especially for us that don't know much on coding or php.

    Secondly, I downloaded the Rc2 of the Cosmic buddy and I am have lots of problem implementing it.

    My site id http://www.wimbid.com

    1. the first problem is that the registration link on the Home page is not working.

    2. When I open the home at first, None of the widgets appears on the page But when you login you see the Widgets appears. Do know why it is happening.

    3. When login, The (My Account) menu-bar above the screen is scattered with the Sub-menu appearing above the other widgets.

    Please help me out. You can also send your email so that I can email the images of the screens i am talking about.


    • Hi Ubong,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Just checked your site. The problem is BuddyPress private community plugin is not configured correctly. I disabled it(using the Credentials from the PM you sent), and Register page is working as well as the widgets.

      Please make sure to configure the private community when you enable it again.

      Hope that helps.


  • Hello Rajesh,

    Today i installed Cosmic Buddy, but the slideshow doesn't work. I followed the instructions and enter the image url in the posts in a custom field β€œslide-imageβ€œ, but it don't work! my site is http://historiaabierta.org… can you help me?

    • Hi Jairo,
      Just checked your site. I see bp-default activated there and the cb-slide in the sidebar. For me, the cb slides seems to be working there.

      • Now i activated the Cosmic Buddy Theme, and it works perfect, but the Slideshow still doesn't work… curiously, it works in other themes like BP Columns or in the default BP theme… what could it be?

  • this link doesn't work


    i really need your help.Blog link doesn't work

    • Hi Vivek,
      sorry, that site is under development again.
      For now, please go to Pages->New and select "Blog Template" from the template menu. Give that page a slug as "blog" and publish. It will work.

  • Hi brajesh…

    this is wat i get after downloading and activating the new cosmic buddy with reply feature

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bp_dtheme_ajax_querystring() (previously declared in /home/socialba/public_html/baze/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:20) in /home/socialba/public_html/baze/wp-content/themes/sbrajesh-cosmicbuddy-09beae2/_inc/ajax.php on line 63

    plz help

  • I am using the Cosmic Buddy theme (version 1.1 RC2) on my BP site at http://networkmarketingunderground.com running WP3.2.1 and BP 1.3. This NOT a multisite but a simple WP install with BP.

    I love the theme but my blog posts are not accessible using the "Blog" item on the menu. I created a page called "Blog" and in the Settings->Reading Settings assigned my Static Post Page to appear on "Blog"

    Please help. I looked around at the forums and could not find the answer and I could not post either? I signed up currently as a free member wanting to try this theme out before I go for the PRO version of Cosmic Buddy PRO.

    • Hi Andrian,
      Thanks for the comment.

      1. Please go to pages->Edit and edit the blog page.
      From the page template section on edit page, select Blog Page.
      Now save and check your site.

      And just to note, cosmic buddy and cosmic buddy pro are very different theme, you don't need to upgrade to cosmic buddy pro(if you liked cosmic buddy).

  • Hi Brajesh – its been a couple of months since i played with your cosmic buddy theme and due to your quick reponses to previous questions and quality of plugins i've now become a premium member πŸ™‚

    i would like a little guidence, i dont expect you give give me indetail steps as im sure my question is very elementary:

    1. im now using a premium wordpress theme (from elsewhere) with Buddypress Plugin
    2. this is a default buddypress plugin but i keep the style from the main theme,
    3. i do however love the profile layout you created in CB rather than the default BD profile page i have at present (you can see at (expatriateparty-dot-com),

    finally my question

    how do i get the same profile page layout you have in CB without losing the rest of my site style.

    many thanks Brajesh for your support and hard work.


  • ps. i refer to cosmic buddy – not cosmic buddy pro

  • Hi Brajesh , please ignore my request, i've found it better to use your Mag Classic theme πŸ™‚ its looking and feeling fantastic! πŸ™‚ thanks

  • Hi Brajesh, thanks for the great theme! I have activated it. Everything works well, except slideshow on welcome-section. I followed the instructions and enter the image url in the posts in a custom field β€œslide-imageβ€œ, but it don’t work! I tried also to use S3 Slide show + the widget, but it still doesn't work. But, if bp-default is activated, slideshow and S3 Slide show work well. What is the problem? Could you please help me?

    • Hi Julius,
      Thank you for the comment. We are testing it today and will get back to you with details/solution.
      Appreciate your patience and using this theme πŸ™‚

  • Hi, im try to usin cosmic buddy but I have a prob. Only appear one widget on sidebar. If I put more than one the second widget (plugin) dont appear or appear under the other sidebar(homepage-first-section section. Do you have any sollution. I already try to make a new sidebar but its the same prob.

  • Hi! I just upgraded to Buddypress 1.5 and then the Blog link suddenly did not work. I'm not sure if it's related to Buddypress but maybe an issue of theme incompatibility. I'm also missing the member settings page. Please help.

    I'm using latest WP, single site

  • btw, the "From our Blog section" works and displays single post. only the blog link from the menu which is not working…

    Thanks again for this free wonderful theme.

  • sorry again to bother you but I was successful with the last comment. For some reason the blog.php is missing in my template files. But the member setting section is still not working for me. my buddypress is installed in a subdir.

    • Hi Liza,
      which version of Cosmic Buddy You are using and can you please provide me the wordpress/BuddyPress version ? I can check and will provide a fix if needed.


    • Sorry, I see it now.
      You are using BuddyPress 1.5.
      Please wait for 2-3 days. We are working on an update and will have it by the weekend.

      • Hi! Brajesh. Sorry for my late response and thank you so much for your assistance. You've been very nice to us!

        Anyways, the only problem I have now is the new Forum link from the member's page. It's still giving a blank page though I've already placed the forums folder and forums.php in wp-content/themes/cosmicbuddy/members/single/forums as suggested in http://codex.buddypress.org/releases/version-1-5/ fixes for blank members forum.

        Can you check if there's an update on this? As always, Thank you!!!

        • Hi! brajesh. I just checked the latest files but it doesn't have update on forums from the member's link. Do you have an estimated time for that?

          Thank you so much.

  • Hi. Years ago i chose Cosmic buddy as the theme of my site. Thanks!!!
    Tell us please, where we will see a new version of the your theme with support of BuddyPress 1.5.
    It's very important to me.
    Thanks a lot.

  • It works. But some pages are not πŸ™‚
    1. I did not look reasons yet, but not working pages:
    -profile forum
    -profile settings
    with no apache log waring, errors πŸ™

    2. one log string: File does not exist: /wp-content/themes/cosmicbuddy/_inc/images/white-grad-1.gif

  • Brajesh, is there the roadmap of your theme "Cosmic Buddy"? I have not saw any changes last update, no new features πŸ™ Am i blind?
    In any case, my wishes are:
    1. My dream: No fixed width. Modern monitors so wide
    2. Ready profile pages for some plugin: album, gifts, events, etc. Cosmic Buddy page layout is different when default πŸ™

    and more. Not working:
    3. Profile Friends: modes Newest, Alphabetically are no any changes
    4. Profile Groups: modes Recently Joined, Most Popular, Administrator Of, Moderator Of, Alphabetically: Page Not Found

    Thans a lot!! πŸ™‚

    • Dmitry,
      I agree with that and sorry for that.
      Can you please create a ticket on github with the features you think should be there and should be fixed.
      I will appreciate your time and will do my level best to include/update.

      As of the roadmap is concerned, initially cosmicbuddy was released for bp 1.1 and bp 1.2 broke everything. So, after that, I did not puch much work in this theme. I understand It needs some major changes, will appreciate your input on github, as we can easily track the changes/updates there.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    On profile page, How can I display profile info (gender, city, country etc)under an avatar as can be seen in CosmicBuddy second screenshot?

    • Please use xprofile_get_field_data in members/single/member-header.php

  • Tickets are created: https://github.com/sbrajesh/cosmicbuddy/issues
    One patch for profile settings page attached.
    There will be others.

  • Hi Brajesg,

    is there any fast way to display profile navigation (bp_get_displayed_user_nav) in two or three columns, not one?

    thank you!

  • sorry for "Brajesg" πŸ™‚

  • Hi Brajesh, I created a child theme of cosmic buddy and have noticed that if I am logged in as a member using buddypress and I view a members profile, my avatar appears on their profile along with the associated profile buttons. Also when I login to the site, when your avatar appears near the login in the nav bar, it displays a full path to the users name. When I swith to the cosmic buddy theme the same issues persists so it isn't a result of the child theme. Do you know of these issues and will there be a fix? thanks

  • Does it work with ecommerce plugin like woocommerce?