Disable Auto Group joining In BuddyPress

This is a small tip to help you disable auto group joining for BuddyPress public groups. Yes, It will allow your users to post to public group forums without joining the group.

If you are using BuddyPress 1.2.9, you can put this line in bp-custom.php

Isn't it easy and cool.

Oh yes, and if you don't want to do it manually, you can use my plugin Rescue me from groups.

Hope you will like it. Since I am busy working on a couple of plugins, I won't be able to publish any new plugin till Monday. So, Here I promise to provide one tip a day till then 🙂

10 Responses to Disable Auto Group joining In BuddyPress

  • Thanks Brajesh. Good tip indeed 🙂

  • Looking Good. I know where to exactly use this.. 🙂

    Thanks for tips always.

  • Hi Brajesh, im having some trouble with mine. It disables the autojoin when creating a new topic, but it still autojoins the member when replying to the post.

  • the plugin doesn't work for me. alternatively, adding the code in bp-custom only disables the autojoin for starting a new topic. the autojoin for replying to a post is still active. any help?

    • Hi Tommy,
      are you using it from the github trunk?

      With bp 1.2.8, you don't even need this, just put this line in bp-custom.php

      [sourcecode language="php"]

      That should do it.

      • I did try it that way too. However, it only disables the autojoin on the "post new topic" page. the autojoin on the "reply to post" page still works.

        any suggestions for that?

        • Oh nevermind. I figured it out, there needs to be a space between the opening AWESOME! Thanks for the great simple code Brajesh!!! Will this still work with bp 1.5?

  • I cannot make this work in BP 1.6. Any idea?

  • Hi, this code seem not working anymore in 1.6.2, same as the above user define('BP_DISABLE_AUTO_GROUP_JOIN',true); disable creating a new topic, butmember replying to the post still auto join the group.

    Any new code? Thanks