After enabling a Profile Type in BuddyBoss you have to add a new profile type.

Step 1: Please login to the dashboard and visit BuddyBoss->Profile Types->Add New.

Step 2: Click on Add New to create a new profile type

Here is a screenshot showing the Profile Type Permissions.

1. You can control the visibility of profile type by using Member Directory permissions.

2. Profile Field allows users to self-select as this profile type from the “Profile Type” profile field dropdown

3.BuddyBoss Member Type Pro  allows you to auto-assigned to WordPress roles (includes existing users)

4. Associated Avatar allows you to override the member avatar. This is by default disable you have to enable it from settings-> Member Types->Miscellaneous

5. Associated Cover Image allows changing the member default cover image. This option is by default disable you have to enable it from settings.


Please update the instructions for this screenshot(Pending)