Welcome to BuddyPress User Badges Role Based Badges Guide:-

Role Based Badges:-

Role based badges are the badges which are associate with a Role i.e. administrator, editor, author etc. All user with role will automatically get the associated badge with the role and This will show these badges on frontend.

How to add Role Based Badge:-

Under Users > Badges tab in admin. When user click on this submenu of user section. Under Roles badges there is a list of roles section with a form attach to it. After clicking on role a new form will open and badge detail can be added.

Click on Role Badges tabs. A following list of role screen will open


Now click any role you want to add badge. A following form will show.


Fields Info:-

  • Is Active: If checked only then this custom badge will be available to assign and show on fronend. Site admin can disable any custom badge just unchecked this option and it will remove form all places.
  • Description: Description field will tell us about the badge. Enter the short description of the badge.
  • Link: Link is for linking badge to the url. This link will attach with the badge image.
  • Image*: Image field also required while creating a custom badge. User can modify it later as well.

Assigning Role Based Badges To Users:-

These badges will automatically attached with the users based on roles and reflect on frontend listing.

Frontend View: