While using Maximus Builder, a certain kind of thinking will help a lot.

  • Think of your whole page divided into one or more logical sections
  • Think of each of these sections having one or more rows of content
  • Think of each of these rows as column grids

If you can think of a page in that way, You can easily relate them to Maximus Builder controls.

  1. The logical section of the page can be created with Maximus Sections.
  2. The Rows can be created with the Maximu Row controls
  3. The column(s) and be created with columns/Modules control.


Sections logically divide a page into multiple sections. For example, a page may have 3 sections, say a Slider, a blog section and some widgets section at the bottom. In Maximus editor, A Section can be added by clocking on any of the following button.


  • Standard section:- These are normal section and you will be using them a lot.
  • Fullwidth Section:- These section do not have any left/right margin and expand to the fullwidth of the page. Only limited number of modules are available for this. The fullwidth section does not have rows control. They act as single full width container for modules.
  • Speciality section:- These are prebuilt sections with complex layout.
  • Add From Library:- If you have a section saved into library, you can reuse them in the page. Use this link to add sections from your library.

In the editor, you will see a section have the following action controls


  • Hamburger Menu is for settings. Clicking on it will open the setting panel for the
  • The second icon is for duplicating the section. Clicking on it will duplicate the section
  • the cross icon is destructive. clicking on it will delete the section without asking for any further confirmation.


Rows are rows. They simply divide the Section into one or more horizontal rows. Each row can contain one or more columns. You will see the following link inside a standard section to add a row


once you click Add Row, you will see a screen like this


Here you can either select the number of columns a row will have(Can be modified later) or select a pre saved row from the library.

Row action buttons:-


  • Hamburger Menu:- Row settings
  • 2nd icon is for duplicating row.
  • The third icon is used to modify the number of columns the row will have.
  • Cross icon is destructive. It will delete the row without asking for any further confirmation.