The BuddyPress Community Builder theme is highly flexible. Here is an exhaustive list of the feature of community builder organized in multiple section.

General features:-

  • Highly flexible
  • Easily customizable with the live customizer
  • Lightweight, small memory, and query foot print make your site fly.
  • SEO Optimized:- We planned structure and outlining.
  • Responsive
  • Translatable
  • Modern
  • Includes easy to use page builder(optional)

The layout features:-

Community Builder provides two layout styles and three layouts out of the box.

  • Layout Style
    • Boxed
    • or fluid layout style
  • Global Layout
    • Single Column
    • Two Column Right Sidebar
    • Two Column Left Sidebar
  • Section Layout :– Override Layout for a specific section
  • Archive page layout control
  • Home page layout control
  • 404-page layout control
  • Search page layout control
  • Single Page Layout control
  • Single Post Layout control
  • Header, Footer, Sidebar can be hidden per post/page.
  • BuddyPress Members directory layout control
  • BuddyPress User profile page layout control
  • BuddyPress Groups directory layout control
  • BuddyPress Group create a page layout
  • BuddyPress Single Group page Layout control
  • BuddyPress Blog directory layout
  • BuddyPress Create blog page layout
  • BuddyPress Registration/Activation page Layout control
  • 10+ Site header layout
  • Multiple off-canvas menu panels with complete display control.


  • 500+ google fonts to use
  • Flexible typography controls to create stunning typography.
  • See the Typography panel for all the available sections/options.


  • Complete control over article meta using our innovative use of article meta shortcode.
  • Article meta controls available for single/archive page
  • Multiple posts list display type. You can use a Masonry grid or standard layout
  • Masonry Grid can be used on the home page, archive page, search page, etc.
  • The great-looking comment section


In this section, we list the options/features other than what we already covered in the layout section.

  • Activity list display control.
  • Autolodable activity(Autoloading can be enabled or disabled)
  • Activities per page control.
  • Flexible members list to display. Masonry, equal height grid, or horizontal layout can be used
  • Members per page, members per row (if using a grid) can be controlled
  • Member types support
  • Member type ajax filtering in the member’s directory
  • Item list Avatar Size can be changed from live customizer
  • Default User avatar can be set
  • Default User header background can be set(User can change them)
  • Extra nav links can be enabled and easily added to members profile navigation
  • Flexible Group lists display. Use Masonry, equal height, or standard list
  • Groups per page, groups per row control
  • Group type support
  • Group types ajax filtering the group’s directory
  • Default group avatar, group header background can be set
  • Extra group nav links can be enabled and easily added via the WordPress menu
  • Flexible Blogs display. Use masonry, equal height, standard list
  • Blog per page, blogs per row control
  • Directory excerpt length control
  • Single Group/User display name customization (font-family, font-size, color, etc.)
  • Yoast SEO compatibility for BuddyPress enabled (If WordPress SEO plugin is active)
  • The registration page can show the content added by you via the page editor.
  • Single Group Info page to display group info.
  • Closeable notices
  • Friends search Box on User->friends page
  • Group search box on User->Groups
  • Disabled settings->Profile Field Visibility( Users can update from edit profile page)
  • Added Requested Friendship page on the User->Friends to allow viewing all the members whom the user has requested friendship but they have yet not responded.

Site Styling:-

You can style every single detail of your site using the Styling panel.

Page Builder:-

The Community Builder theme comes with Maximus Page Builder( Optional, Based on Divi Builder). Please see the Maximus documentation for all the features it provides.


  • Theme Styles:- These are an extension of color scheme and allow you to control color, layout and all config.
  • Font awesome can be loaded from bootstrap CDN or disabled completely
  • Google Fonts can be disabled completely.
  • Custom scripts(analytics etc.) can be added in header/footer
  • Custom styles can be added
  • Fully Stylable login page

Plugin Compatibility:-

The theme should be automatically compatible with most of the plugins/widgets. We do add enhancements for some major plugins to make them look good. Please check the list of compatible plugins here.