This section helps with configuring the WordPress Ban Registration Domain.

Accessing Menu:-

If you are on multisite, the menu can be accessed from Network Admin->Settings-> Ban registration Domain link

On non multisite WordPress site, you can access the menu from Dashoard->Settings->Ban Registration Domain as shown below


Plugin Options:-

On Ban registration plugin, you will see two boxes as shown below:-


The first allows restricting the emails, domains and extensions while the second text box allows you to update the error message shown to the banned user.

Restricting Registration setting:-

In the first box at plugin options screen, please add one entry at each line. There is no comma used.  Please do not add any comma. Make sure

  •  There is only one entry at each line as shown in the screenshot
  • There is no comma used(It is a common mistake, this plugin uses new line as separator and not the comma )
  • Add as many entries as you want. There is no limitations and you can add as many emails, domains,extensions as you want.

Click update and you will done.  That’s all.

Here are 2 screenshots showing it in action:-

WordPress registratio Screen:-


BuddyPress registration screen:-